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30 Day Protein Action Challenge…Accepted

If you’re wanting to get your diet and weight-loss goals back on track, the 30 day protein action challenge is for you.

Accept the 30 day protein action challenge to help you meet those nutritional lifestyle goals. By monitoring and altering your protein intake by eating protein throughout the day, you can keep track and make changes accordingly.

Protein is an essential part of everyone’s diet. It maintains muscle building and muscle strength during any stage of life.

There are numerous ways to consume protein each day. A normal person typically does not consume enough good protein in a day for the amount of work he or she does.

The 30 Day Protein Action Challenge teaches you to track the amount of protein consumed, make appropriate lifestyle changes, and see results. I’ve already signed up for this FREE challenge and I’m inviting YOU to do the same.


Why I’m Joining

Six weeks ago, I gave birth to my second child. If you have ever given birth, you know that your body feels like it’s been through a marathon. The body needs time to recover after labor no matter how much exercise you did during pregnancy.

I lifted weights all throughout my pregnancy. I also worked on the farm and chased my two-year-old daughter around. But after I had my baby, my body felt so weak. I couldn’t even get out of the hospital bed. The nurses had to help me walk five feet to the bathroom!

It has taken several weeks to regain my strength and feel like myself again.

Strength and wellness is important for living. Eating good proteins, such as beef, has helped my body bounce back after the marathon of labor.

I’m joining the protein challenge to help get my body back.

I’m also joining because I’m a huge advocate for consumption of protein. Usually in the form of meat. But, understand that meat is NOT the only way to consume good proteins.

My favorite protein source is a drink from Herbalife called Rebuild Strength. It tastes just like chocolate milk. It’s my recovery drink for after lifting and 24 grams of protein helps my muscles rebuild after a great workout.

Eating good proteins, such as beef, chicken or eggs each day has already helped me lose HALF my baby weight!

But half is not whole. I want to lose more, but I want to lose it the right way. And I’m currently sitting at a plateau wondering  what my next move will be. What is the change my body needs to keep burning?

This 30 Day Protein Challenge is the next move to get my diet back on track. A healthy diet should always be first priority because your body needs the energy for fuel.

One of my main goals for the challenge is to consume protein needed to get my post-labor body strong enough for some 5K races this summer representing  Team Beef.

30 Day Protein Action Challenge

Race Goals

I have started planning for some short races this summer for myself and my girls. Not only do I have three 5K’s planned for me, but I have a 2K and a 1 Mile kids race I will run with my older daughter Mylee.

The first race is a 5K planned for June 4th. It will also be the same race as Mylee’s kid race so we have been running together. This week, we have ran down our hill to our mail box and back, which is about 1/4 mile.

It’s fun because I chase her and then she chases me. I hope she appreciates me signing her up for races as our “quality time” together.

I hope to improve my race and running goals this summer by improving my diet and losing baby weight.

Weight Loss Goals

Along with eating good protein and training for short races, the weight will come off. In the next 30 days, I’m hoping to lose at least 10 pounds thanks to this challenge.

I’m also hoping to tone up my stretched skin from pregnancy sooner just by eating good proteins and sprinting. I will also be lifting weights at least twice a week at the gym and daily on the farm.

My goals are different than your goals. But, we all want to eat better, train harder and be fit. Farm fit or not, I hope you’ll join me in completing the Protein Action Challenge for 30 Days.

30 Day Protein Action Challenge

Won’t You Join Me?

You can join me in this challenge! Here’s a little more about it:

The Protein Action Challenge is a 30 day challenge sponsored by the Beef Check off Program

It’s FREE and you get a lot of great information including:

  1. Food Journal

  2. Protein Cheat Sheet

  3. Tips for Eating Out

  4. Informative Emails with Success Tips

  5. Accountability!!

Here’s How to Join In

So, how about that accountability? There are a few places we can connect to cheer each other on. Here they are:

Click HERE to join the 30 Day Protein Challenge

Click HERE to join me on Map My Run

Click HERE to join me on MyFitnessPal

Click HERE to join MY NEWSLETTER to Receive my TOP 5 Lean Beef Recipes!


~ Much Love ~


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