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Welcome Home to Farm Fit Living!

Hey there, Friend!

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I’m So Happy You’re Here!

Because you deserve to live your best life
just the way you want to:

Happy, healthy and full of purpose.

You’re right where you need to be.

My name is Mindy and I’m here to help. What are you looking for help in today?

My name is Mindy! I was a hard working wife and mom still trying to make ends meet in small town America. Finally, one day, I decided I was going to start living my life on my own terms.

I decided to pursue the life of a stay at home farm mom. But that wasn’t easy either. I was starting over again at ground zero. Hitting road block after road block.

Many years later, I have figured out that I can live life on my own terms no matter what anyone else says. I have learned that if we have a good mindset and work ethic, then growing our own resources, saving money, starting thriving income streams and just living life the way we want to IS possible! I want to help you to believe that you can, too.

~ You can read more about me here.