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Farm Fit Living Services

Did you know about Farm Fit Living Services to help you find success? 

Do you need help to turn that brown thumb into a green one? Or maybe you’d like to see some positive results making  a profit with your sheep or goat herd.

We’re here to help. Farm Fit Living Services offer expert, personal and friendly consulting and help in the areas of small livestock and gardening. If you’re stuck or not finding the time to complete the tasks it takes to thrive in your hobbies or business, let us help you.

We want you to succeed. That’s why we are here. So, we’ve taken the liberty to create affordable packages we know you’ll benefit from.

Farm Fit Living Services currently offer the following consultant services:

  • Meat Goat Consultant
  • Sheep Consultant
  • Gardening Consultant

We all know that sheep and goat farming cost and profit can be difficult to achieve. We’ve been there. We also know the struggles of the garden just not producing. Anything. And we’re taking this need along with our other expertise and opening up our new consulting program to help you find that success.

Why the Farm Fit Living Services Team Wants To Help You

We care about you and your success. For a combined 17 years, our team has worked in the consulting field traveling to farms and gardens. Helping people just like you become successful in chasing their dreams. 

Not only that, but we also obtain equipment and tools for these services already. 

So, we want to combine our knowledge plus the necessary equipment to help others succeed. And we want to give back by providing services and labor to others to help them learn the skills and gain the lifestyle that we love as well. 

Below indicate the list of services in each of the packages we offer. The sheep and goat package is combined into one package. Let’s see what’s in the basic sheep and goat consultant package. 

farm fit living services

Farm Fit Living Sheep and Meat Goat Consultant Services

Farm Fit Living Services

The basic yearly package for sheep & meat goat consultant includes:

  • Annual Farm Visit
  • Up to 3 Free Fecal Samples
  • Free Famacha Testing at initial visit
  • Feet Trimming Demonstration
  • FREE Budget & Record Keeping Sheets for Vaccinations and Deworming
  • Design a Grazing Plan 
  • Quarterly Digital Newsletter
  • Bi-Annually Zoom Discussion Meetings
  • Access to Facebook Membership Group
  • Unlimited advice by phone or email on Breeding, Sheep & Goat Farm Equipment Needs, Nutrition, Grazing, Parasites, Diseases, lambing/ kidding, Budgeting etc.

2017 Basic Yearly Package: $75 Per Year. At the end of your year, you’ll receive notification to reinstate your membership for the next year. 

You must purchase the basic package before additional add ons can be added. Why? 

Because we want to get to know you and your herds before anything else. This is a personal consultation service and no two locations are alike. After purchasing the basic package, you can choose from the additional services we offer.

Additional Options you can add to the Basic Package:

  • Buck Rental: Have Kiko, Textmaster, and Boer Bucks $10 per doe or $50 minimum plus mileage.
  • Ram Rental: We have Katahdin/White Dorper/Romanov cross rams available for rental at $10 per ewe or $50 minimum plus mileage. 
  • Additional Farm Visits: $25 plus mileage
  • Fecal testing: $10 a sample
  • FAMACHA Testing Head: $5 head Minimum 10 Head. Discount for Larger flocks plus mileage.
  • Lining UP Semen AIing appointment for Does: $10 per Doe on top of cost.
  • Soil Testing Pastures & Recommendations: $10 per sample plus cost of test if already on farm visit if not mileage will be added.
  • Feet Trimming: $7 per head plus Mileage
  • Vaccinating, Banding, etc.: $7 per head plus Mileage.
  • Grooming: Contact for options
  • Transporting: Contact for Options
  • Custom Grazing Sheep or Goat on your Property: Contact for Options
  • Rental of Sheep and Goat Pasture: Contact for Options

Farm Fit Living Services

Here’s What Others Are Saying

Angela T.

~ I always feel comfortable asking Mindy for help, she’s so kind and extremely anxious to help you out. No matter how silly the question may seem.


Farm Fit Living Services


Farm Fit Living Gardening Consultant Services


Why hire our team as your home garden consultants? Because we have a combined 40 years as home gardeners. 

And we’d like to offer our services to you. 

Farm Fit Living Services

The basic yearly package for garden consultant services includes:

  • Annual Garden Visit
  • Insect ID
  • Disease ID
  • FREE Printables for planting recommendations, soil temperature, care, harvest and more.
  • Marketing Options and Rules
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Bi-Annual Zoom Discussion Meetings
  • Private Members-Only Facebook Group 
  • Unlimited advice by phone or email on all things gardening: Planting, Harvesting, Irrigation, Disease, Pest, Compost, Pruning, Weed Control, Etc.

2017 Basic Yearly Package: $75

Again, you’ll need to purchase the basic yearly package before adding on additional add-ons. This is because we want to get to know you as our preferred and valued customer before adding on any of the following additional services. 

Additional Options you can add to the Basic Gardening Consultant Service Package:

Fall Plowing: $50 plus Mileage 

Spring Tilling: $50 plus Mileage

Soil Testing & Recommendations: $10 per Sample plus cost of Test and mileage if not already at location

Fertilizer Application: $15 plus Mileage

Additional Farm Visits: $25 plus Mileage

No-Till/Cover Cropping Consulting: Contact for Options

Cover Crop Seed: Contact for Options

Rain Barrels: Contact for Options

Compost Plies: Contact for Options

Farm Fit Living Services

Farm Fit Living Services

Thank you so much for your business and for trusting us to guide you in your endeavors. If you have any other services you’re looking for pertaining to the realm of Rural Living, please contact us