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About Farm Fit Living | Rural Lifestyle Balance

You’re Overwhelmed. It’s about to drive you crazy.

About” doesn’t even cut it, right? You’re already there. 

You’re pulling your hair out because you set goals you say you can’t achieve. And maybe you’re worried about money, time and just know knowing what to do, so your health suffers. You shut down.

What you really want is to just want to fit it all in. You want to live a life that YOU OWN. 

Do you need some encouragement to keep going and not give up when the going gets tough? 

Finding a fulfilled life ain’t easy. I mean, there is work, activities, family, and hobbies all rolled into one hectic daily schedule. Plus, I know you want to be healthy but maybe you don’t know how or have time or money.

So, it sounds like you need someone to help you discover the rural living tips you need to fit everything together and move toward a happy and fulfilled rural life.

Hey, I’ve got you covered! 


Hey there! My name is Mindy Young.

And I hear what you’re saying. I know because I’ve been there. Years ago, I was stuck in situations where I didn’t feel like I owned anything about my life at all. 

I was in a job that owned my entire schedule. 

I was a new mom. 

Our growing farm needed so much attention. 

I remember feeling like I was pulled in so many directions. Everyone needed me everywhere and sometimes I was on my own. I tried dropping some things but it didn’t make me happy. 

Now, my passion is helping rural people, like you, discover a fulfilled rural life one step at a time. You’re here because you’re feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled in your life. 

My ultimate goal is to help and inspire you to create the life you dream of by learning to “fit” in:

  • Managing a farmstead, homestead with livestock, crops, bees and more.
  • Daily wellness routine you need to feel your best. 
  • Business or Income to help sustain the life you want to create for yourself.
  • Fun and family rural lifestyle tips. 

All-in-all, I want you to be able to live and work where and how you want without the worry! And I understand that fitting all the things in can be a real struggle. But I have a wonderful time-block sheet that has helped me SO MUCH. I no longer struggle because I have control of my time. 

Get the Free Time Block Focus Sheet that has Changed My Life Here. 

I STILL struggle from time to time – I’m not even going to lie. Life happens. And I don’t believe real balance is sustainable but I’m here to teach you how to adjust and adapt. It’s about FULFILLMENT. It’s about learning to manage these three things:

  • Knowledge
  • Time
  • Money

Finally, the goal is to reach a life where you feel fulfilled, whole and satisfied, not worried, bitter and wishing you were somewhere else. Leading a fulfilled life means to create the life you want to live and to START living the way you want to. Now, how does that sound? 

I speak from experience & knowledge.

I want to give you a little more background about my experience. Because my own adult life began as a jumbled mess of long work hours and unreachable dreams. I struggled. True story.

First of all, I gained experience working 50-60 hours per week teaching about agriculture, business and rural community development. While at home, my husband and I were working on building our own family farm from the ground up. The rest of our free time was spent raising our daughter Mylee, finding time to be healthy, and volunteering in our community and industry.

For nearly 6.5 years, I struggled to balance long work hours and commute, a growing farmstead, running a household and family, and staying healthy. In my search for happiness and satisfaction in life, I learned a lot about give and take. How to fit in the most important things that really matter and throw out the rest. 

And my ultimate goal was to be able to “work from home” while raising my kids at home. I longed and dreamed to be able to create that life for myself. I just wanted to be happy.  

But it was hard. I suffered mentally after quitting my job and adjusting to life at home with two kids and a farm. And many people told me working from home couldn’t be sustainable with little ones. That I would burn out after so many early mornings and long nights after long days. 

And they were not wrong. I did struggle so many times. And there were many many times I wanted to quit. There were so many ups and downs and “ah-ha” moments during that time in my life. I learned how important faith, mental health and positivity is to reaching my ultimate goal. 

Here’s what I know: I’m not alone. I see you struggling to make friends. I see you posting about your struggles on social. And I see you on my blog and listening to my podcast looking for information that will help you to overcome problems you’re facing.

And you know what? There are many others out there who feel the way we do. They’ve been told there’s no way they can live and work where they want. They can’t start a business from their hobbies. They can’t raise goats or a garden. And worst of all: They believe they can’t afford the time or energy to making it all work long-term.

I want to tell you right now that there is a way. That doesn’t have to be you! Please know that you can find a way to create THAT life for yourself where you grow and enjoy your own food, feel healthy, create an income for yourself and enjoy the life that comes with it. That fulfilled life.

You can fit all of that into ONE amazing life. 

Each week, I share my own experiences, triumphs, and mistakes with you: A person who is longing to simply live and work the way you want without all the worry. I want to encourage you to find your fulfilled life. Because if I can find it, what’s stopping you?

On the other hand, I also want to leave you educated about what really happens out here in the country.  I refuse to glamorize country life. And I intend to share my failures and triumphs with you because both are important milestones for growing, learning and finding desired balance in your life.

Survey Question: What’s Your #1 Biggest Challenge to Rural Living?

Your Guide to a Fulfilled Life…Without the Worry.

I created Farm Fit Living as your guide to finding and living a fulfilled and purposeful rural life. It’s more than just a rural living web site. Each word has it’s own special part of the brand:

  • Farm: Knowledge about farm, garden and beekeeping practices you yearn to learn. 
  • Fit: This refers to so many different aspects. But it all comes down to fitting in schedules, budget and knowledge needed to create fulfillment for you. Also mind and body fitness is essential to your longevity. 
  • Living: This is a Lifestyle Platform. I aim to help you create the kind of life you will be satisfied with – Taking action and enjoying your life.

I share my story with you because I am passionate about helping you reach that point of clarity and satisfaction and fulfillment. You know: That feeling and sense  that we are all striving to find where we walk out onto the front porch and say, “I Love My Blessings.” The perfect life we want to live where we can enjoy each day God gives us.

Hence, from me, you will see lessons in hard work but plenty of play time out in the country and inside the gym. You’ll also see lessons learned, emotional stress, hard times, great experiences, triumphs and mistakes along the way. I share the goods, bads, happiness and sadness of rural and farm life. 

But the most important lesson I hope to teach you is to never stop learning. As a lifelong learner myself, I will attempt to educate you with skills, new adventures, and fun tips I experience each day in my rural life.

For me to get to know you better, please answer the following question:

Survey Question: What’s Your #1 Biggest Challenge to Rural Living?


I will help you learn more about living and working the way you want to without the worry. 

Here are the 5 main categories I will be covering:

Farmsteading & Garden Practices 

Fresh Country Eats 

Rural Living 

Wellness Tips 

Creating and Operating Backyard Businesses

Even though you might want to live simply your farm or homestead, you may still need an income. Have you considered starting a business from your land? 

Check out these 23 Backyard Business Ideas you can create from your hobbies. 

a podcast for rural women

Rural Women Inspired Podcast

Women are making an impact in their rural communities and in the country where they live. So, I’m featuring them on my podcast each week, putting them in the spotlight.

My guests answer questions that you might be asking. They open up about how they got to where they are: Low points, struggles, and resources.

I don’t always have a guest every week. On those episodes, I will have some helpful and amazing tips for you. If there is a topic you want me to cover on a special tips episode of the podcast, please contact me!

Are you ready to feel inspired? Click on a button to listen and to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or Stitcher:


Head over to the Show Notes Page to listen to every episode. 

You Deserve to Live and Work The Way You Want To Without the Worry, Fear and Overwhelm

One of my biggest struggle is managing my anxiety. I’ve struggled my entire life and I know I’m not alone. When I feel overwhelmed, I shut down. I get depressed and full of rage, which in turn becomes a panic attack.

I’ve become very self aware of this and have learned how to manage it naturally. It’s all about learning to manage my time and worry. It’s about having faith and creating the mindset that God is in control. Everything works out the way it should, no matter how we feel about it. 

A few of the things that have helped me to manage my anxiety include:

  • Becoming more creative. 
  • Keeping positivity in my head. 
  • Maintaining a healthy diet. 
  • Lots of prayer, bible study and church as my therapy. 

Here are a few resources for you:

Farm Fit Living Shop

Where I share all of my creations. Check out the free and low-cost printables that is delivered right to your email inbox.

Go To The Shop Here

Check out my list of audiobooks that have completely change my life. 

Learn with Proven Systems and Courses That Will Change Your Life

It’s been quite a journey to learning what I know. I’m dedicated to helping others learn as well.

I’m starting to share my knowledge and love of rural life with everyone. When I started trying out new skills, I was completely on my own. There was a LOT of trial and error. I wished I would have had a guide to help me.

Now that I have all of this experience in trial and error, I want to be a guide for others. I want to be YOUR guide. Let me help you to achieve your dreams. Learn from my mistakes.

I can walk you through every system and help you find success.

Let Me Help You Plan Your Next Garden The Right Way! Go Here to Learn More.

Get to Know Me Better! Here’s how to contact me:

  • Blog Comments – First of all, I’m tickled when you comment on my posts and I do my best to respond to all of them. Let me know your thoughts on my posts and how I can best help you.
  • Email – I no longer use a contact form. I was getting too many spam messages. If you would like to email me, use this one: [email protected].
  • Facebook – I respond to your comments and mentions on my Facebook Page. LIKE my Page and let’s start a conversation!
  • Twitter – Please send me messages! Follow and retweet.
  • YouTube Channel – Come over and watch us every week HERE. Don’t forget to subscribe!
  • Pinterest – Finally, check out my profile and follow my boards to help you succeed with your goals.

Finally, More About Mindy

Before you go, I want to tell you more about me. And you can read more about myself and my family HERE. You’ll find that I wear numerous hats in my own life, but mostly I’m a mommy to two beautiful girls, farm wife to Matt, and a proud beagle owner.

I am a lover of the land, farm fresh foodie and wellness coach to many by teaching them safe strength training and helping them to reach their fitness goals.

Also, I’m a believer and a teacher. And I believe anyone can find balance in their life. Hence, I will strive to educate and help everyone who desires it. I want to help you create the life you want. Just like I have done.

Because I enjoy positively educating and mentoring others.  To learn skills such as growing, harvesting and preserving healthy food. To live a balanced, healthy, and comfortable life. I strive to empower others to grow with leadership and personal goals.

Finally, I want to inspire, empower, and motivate you to get into shape, to grow your own food and to meet your spiritual goals. I will help you with the knowledge you need to balance time and money to balance work and play. Because I know you CAN do anything and everything you want to if you put your mind to it. Start creating the life you want to live and work in  today. I’m here to help you succeed.


Bonnie Gallaway

Tuesday 30th of June 2020

This sounds yummy and I am anxious to try it. Raised on a farm but a 'country squire's wife now. No animals. Too old. But your little comment about losing 40 pounds while just eating beef rang a bell with me....nursing and losing baby weight go hand in hand. If you didn't nurse, just the act of giving birth helps lose the weight. After all, a baby left your body! Enjoy your baby and farm. sounds like an ideal life. My hubby was never interested in the animals and I have too many allergies, but it's beautiful here in the forest outside of Denver. PS, my cousins in MO make K-AssBBQ sauce to sell. It's delicious. They are the directors of the competion judging for Kansas City Barbeque Society. Bunny and Rich Tuttle and have a website for their sauce.

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