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The Most Exciting Way to Tell Your Ag Story

Recounting your own ag story is as fun as it is important. 

But how do you make your story reachable to those who need to hear it?

My favorite way to tell my ag story is to use a photo. I learned more about this from nationally known photographer Rick McNary. Purchase Rick’s amazing book HERE.

I recently attended Mr. McNary’s photography session at a Farm Bureau conference, where he displayed some of his incredible pictures showcasing rural travel and rural living.

For each photo, we were all assigned to tell our own story as if the photo was ours.

Here are some examples of a few of my own pictures I’ve taken the past year.

  1.  Telling Your Ag Story

1. I have two dogs. One big Great Pyrenees and one little beagle.

Each dog has a different personality. The big dog was made to guard the farm and do so with dignity and pride. He is big and strong, but gentle. His bark is worse than his bite.

The little beagle is more timid and is the family pet. She lives indoors. She loves to sniff and hunt around for rabbits, but looks up to the big dog as her protector. She’s an excellent listener as she stares back with her big brown eyes.

The two dogs enjoy each other’s company, despite their differences. They enjoy scavenging the farm and pastures for rodents and rabbits. After a long day, it’s time to rest and they do so together.

The great Pyrenees enjoys a big stretch as the little one looks on.

Telling Your Ag Story

2. This is about a farm girl’s trip to the city.

After eating a big meal, the family goes for a walk along the vast Missouri River.

The little one is in awe of the quick moving ripples.

They finally arrive near the Amelia Earhart Bridge. A symbol of the girl’s hometown.

She’s proud of her landmarks and showcases them with one big pose.

Telling your ag story

3. This chicken is inspecting the eggs in the boxes. She’s attempting to start to peck open an egg to get to the yolk.

Eggs are healthy protein foods laid by chickens.

And eaten by chickens if given the chance.

This chicken is an egg eater. An egg eating chicken is a very undesirable thing to have on any farmstead. It can be prevented by diligence, but the only cure for this habit is death.

Sad, but true.

What’s your ag story? 

Look at my photos and tell me your story in the comments or on social media. 

I believe this is an incredible way to relate a personal story to the photo in a way other non-ag people could understand.

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~ Much Love ~


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