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23 Heartfelt Gifts for the Wonderful Teacher in Your Life

Are you looking for ideas for heartfelt gifts for the wonderful teacher?

Heartfelt gifts for the wonderful teacher should definitely be on your list. Teachers do so much for our kids and for us as parents or grandparents. They work so hard to make sure our kids are getting the best education possible. And when it comes time to thank them, this gift guide should help you decide on a unique gift that will come straight from the heart.

In this post, I’m going to share:

– 23 heartfelt gifts for the wonderful teacher in your life
– Links to purchase these products to make for easier shopping on you.
– Ideas to get you started.

Think of this guide as a simple starting spot for some inspiration when it comes to heartfelt gifts for the wonderful teacher. Are you ready to see the list? Let’s dive in.

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23 Heartfelt Gifts for the Teacher in your Life

1. Encouraging Stamps

23 Heartfelt Gifts for the Teacher in your Life

Help the teachers give kids more encouragement with these awesome encouraging stamps. These are high quality durable stamps that also auto re-inks and can make over 30,000 impressions! That’s a lot of stamping.

All this stamping helps to make learning more fun with homework grading, classroom prizes and just because.

Plus, each design is so professional looking and great for storing. The ink is oil based – safe for kids, which is also great.

23 Heartfelt Gifts for the Teacher in your Life

2. Frixion Erasable Pens

This next one is so simple but fun. I use these erasable pens myself when I do my planning or write in my planner because you can erase them!

Yes! They are erasable, retractable and also refillable. The ink is gel ink with fun colors. You can also keep these pens organized in the reusable pen pouch that comes with it.

But the main highlight of these pens is that they can be erased if you make a mistake. I’m constantly making mistakes but no worries! With these pens, the ink erases magically without a trace or ruining the page so you can just start again.

And if you like the idea of erasables, you can keep searching FriXion for their markers, highlighters and other types of fun utensils.

23 Heartfelt Gifts for the Teacher in your Life

3. Pocket Prayers

It’s true that a teacher’s job is often a difficult one. Sometimes anxiety, frustration and exhaustion become the norm.

So, for those in need of some peace and renewal, this Pocket Prayers for Teachers booklet can be a saving grace. It contains 40 scriptures and guided prayers written especially for teachers.

For the teacher who encourages and inspires students – This can be the perfect gift to give back.

23 Heartfelt Gifts for the Teacher in your Life

4. Coloring Books

Teachers are naturally creative but they don’t often have much time during the school year. Creativity relieves stress so help your teacher relieve their’s by giving the gift of coloring.

There are loads of coloring books out there but I found a couple of them specifically for teachers.

Here’s another coloring book for the teacher who has a tough class to get through every day.

Don’t forget the coloring pencils!

The next gift is something tasty for their sweet tooth.

5. Swedish Tea Ring

Growing up, we didn’t have a lot of money. But I did have a talented Mom who was known for her Swedish Tea Rings.

So, during the holidays, she would get orders for fresh Tea Rings. And while she made those, she would also make some for us to give to our teachers as gifts. I’m pretty sure that the teachers loved our tea rings as much as anything else they received.

I wanted to include my little tutorial for making the Swedish tea ring in this gift guide. It is guaranteed to be a huge hit and perfect for any occasion.

6. Gift Cards

There’s no better gift than being able to get what you need right away.

Teachers don’t often have a little extra time to go pick up something for their classroom if they run out of it. They are stuck when they do and have to make the special trip.

However, a gift card to their favorite place would allow them to simply order what they need right in their classroom. There’s millions of products store wide, so they are sure to find what they need.

7. Wooden Hourglass and Desk Organizations

23 Heartfelt Gifts for the Teacher in your Life

If you’re looking for a gift that no other teacher has, I think this one might be it.

It’s a creative gift that you just can’t stop looking at in wonder. It’s decorative for organizing a teacher’s desk. And useful for keeping time.

The hourglass timer contents contain exquisite colorful sea sand. So, not only is it a fun gift but a useful one as well.

8. Aromatherapy Candles

23 Heartfelt Gifts for the Teacher in your Life

Is your favorite teacher a candle lover? Well, any teacher would love these aromatherapy candles!

After a hard day’s work, it’s just nice to sit down to grade papers with a calming fragrance next to you. This gift set contains four fragrances: Violet, Lavender, Cider and Spring Fresh.

They are made with natural soy wax, which burns evenly and produces no black smoke, resulting in a calming effect for up to 75 hours. Aromatherapy creates mood enhancing atmospheres, stress relief and relaxation.

And here’s another little gift to help with stress, too.

9. Owl Pots for Little Plants or Succulents

23 Heartfelt Gifts for the Teacher in your Life

For the teacher who gardens or even wants to garden, check out these little owl pots. Owls are symbols for wise ones. Teachers are definitely wise!

These little mini ceramic planter pots can hold succulents or simple little single flowers. They are beautifully glazed and painted elegantly. These pots can also be set outside in any weather.

Not a gardener? These owls would still be so cute on a teacher’s desk as a pencil holder, candy or other items.

10. Cookie Mix in a Jar

This is what you’ve been looking for. Right here.

Teachers don’t have a ton of time right before the holidays, let’s be real. Not even enough time to bake Christmas cookies.

So, this gift will be a dream for them. Each recipe makes 2 1/2 to 3 dozen of your favorite cookies and I’ve even included one brownie recipe. Because…brownies are just amazing.

Any teacher would be thrilled to have a jar of cookie mix along with the recipe or you could give them the entire book! I also have gift tags for these cookie jars already to go.

Get the Gift Tags for these Cookie Mixes in a Jar Here

23 Heartfelt Gifts for the Teacher in your Life

11. Reward Punchcards

More incentive to accomplish big things? Here’s the answer.

With these reward cards, teachers can make projects, homework and classroom tasks much more enticing to their students. And in return, a little less stress on the teacher.

These cards can be customized per student and per reward, making it very easy to use for just about anything.

12. Beautiful Butterfly Suncatcher

23 Heartfelt Gifts for the Teacher in your Life

This God Bless Teacher butterfly sun catcher is the perfect gift for the teacher who has a room with a view.

It’s hand made with healthy materials, such as sterling silver and zircon. And when hung in the window, it’s eye appealing and exquisite. It will stand out to anyone and everyone with its beautiful design and 8 inch length.

13. Coffee Mug

23 Heartfelt Gifts for the Teacher in your Life

Teachers need to stay alert in the classroom and are known for bringing their own beverages in. Get your favorite teacher a coffee mug they will keep using because it just fits them perfectly.

There’s many many coffee mugs for teachers out in the world, but this ceramic one is very cute and fun. It’s dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean. And Microwave safe, making it easy to warm up drinks on a cold day.

Here’s another fun coffee mug for the teacher who loves music.

14. Sticky Notes & Page Marker Set

23 Heartfelt Gifts for the Teacher in your Life

This gift was made for teachers. It’s a motivational sticky note and page marker box set. They will never lose their place again.

Not only is it useful with 8 assorted colors, but it has a stylish design with a very inspirational message that will motivate any and every teacher.

The organizer part will help the teacher stay organized at their desk space. The card on the inside is also interchangable with calendars or other planners – Whatever the teacher may desire.

I also have to add that the Teacher Peach company donates profits to the Not-for Profit Teacher Peach Seeds fund that funds teacher-driven initiatives to help raise confident and creative kids.

15. 6 Flavor Coffee Gift Basket

23 Heartfelt Gifts for the Teacher in your Life

This would pair up nicely with a coffee mug or even the cookie in a jar mix ebook. It’s 6 packages of 1.5 ounces of Gourmet Holiday coffee for the coffee lovin’ teacher.

It’s packaged up in a silver gift bag with a cinching cord that the recipient of this gift can use again. Also included is a cute “to and from” card with matching envelope.

Just a fun and festive simple gift. But what if you know a teacher that doesn’t drink coffee? Well, the next one might be a better fit.

23 Heartfelt Gifts for the Teacher in your Life

16. Tea Gift Set

In case a teacher you love doesn’t drink coffee…they may or may not be a tea drinker instead. Well, here’s a cute little elegant tea gift set with five festive winter spiced tea varieties.

The flavors are:

– Rum Raisin Biscotti
– Ginger Snap
– Raspberry Ganache
– Spiced Ginger Plum
– Winter Chai

Made with the finest tea leaves, these teas come in an adorable presentation box ready to give as a gift. Again, you can pair it up with coffee mug or the Cookie Mix in a Jar.

17. Luxurious Spa Set

23 Heartfelt Gifts for the Teacher in your Life

Another aromatherapy gift that will also save a teacher some much needed time. This deluxe lavender chamomile gift set comes in a beautiful basket, making it look like it came straight from the spa.


– Shower Gel
– Bubble Bath
– Shampoo
– Handsoap
– Body Scrub
– Bath Salts
– Bath Bomb
– Eva Puff

It’s designed to nourish and de-stress making anyone who uses it feel pampered and cared for. Pair it up with the aromatherapy candles from above for a gift the stressed teacher will love.

23 Heartfelt Gifts for the Teacher in your Life

18. Teacher Angel Figurine

For the Angel in any students’ life. The teacher.

This angel teacher is premium quality, packaged in a printed box and features a ribbon for hanging. The words on the angel are painted and say: “Teachers inspire the dreams of tomorrow.”

The angel with these words is such a heartfelt and inspiring gift.

19. Teacher Pouches

23 Heartfelt Gifts for the Teacher in your Life

For the teacher who travels. These pouches are practical and great for when a teacher is away from school but on the road. Or they can be used for keeping a teacher organized during the busy school season.

These bags allow to hold:

– Pencils & Pens
– Toiletries
– Cosmetics
– Other Small Items.

You’ll get 6 little bags with this set. You can give them all to one teacher or split them up and give one to each teacher. Your choice.

23 Heartfelt Gifts for the Teacher in your Life

20. Teacher Water Bottle

Keep every teacher hydrated with one of these teacher water bottles. With one of these, your favorite teacher will stand out in a crowd. Each design is 360 degrees, cute and stylish.

You can also personalize each bottle design. The bottle itself is shatter proof, BPA-Free and Eco-Friendly. If you click over to the web site, you’ll find several designs to choose from.

21. Awesome Teacher Notebook

23 Heartfelt Gifts for the Teacher in your Life

Here’s a great teacher gift under $10. This is an extra special teacher appreciation notebook that can be used as a note keeper or journal.

It’s filled with over 50 double sided sheets of lined paper. It’s a motivational and useful gift for any teacher with the heartwarming quote on the full-color soft cover. It will remind teachers that their hard work is so appreciated.

23 Heartfelt Gifts for the Teacher in your Life

22. Engraved Pen

A pen that they can never lose is right here. They will never want to lose this one.

This is an engraved heavyweight luxury pen with a big message: Teachers affect eternity. One can never tell where their influence stops. ~ Henry Adams.” Wow.

What an inspirational gift this would make. It’s also sharp and easy to use with easy to replace in cartridges.

23. Decorative Guitar Man Pencil Holder

23 Heartfelt Gifts for the Teacher in your Life

I’ve saved the most unique gift for last, I think. This is a desktop organizer but it is really so much more.

The cool teacher would absolutely love this as well as any music teacher. It’s just cool…and useful. And so much fun.

As an organizer, it has a barrel shaped pencil holder, which is great for storing pens, pencils, rulers and other small office supply.

This guitar player figurine adds flare and fun to the teacher’s desk.

23 Heartfelt Gifts for the Teacher in your Life

23 Heartfelt Gifts for the Wonderful Teacher in Your Life

And there you have it. The 23 heartfelt gifts for the wonderful teacher in your life. Not only are these gifts heartfelt, but they are also genuine, fun and sensible gifts that not everyone might be thinking of.

Again, this is a great place to start when it comes to finding gifts for the teacher in your life. I hope this has helped you to come up with some ideas. You can use it as a road map to finding that perfect gift for the inspiring and wonderful teacher as a way of saying “thank you” for all they do for their students.