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30+ Farmers Market Must-Haves to Find in June

Are you looking for something in particular at your local farmers market during the month of June?

The good news is that you can probably find what you are looking for. As a produce grower and farmers market vendor in my local community, I can tell you that it is possible to grow all of these things I’m about to list for harvest and sale in the month of June. 

Take it from me, though. Sometimes it’s not easy. I’ll get more into that part at the end of this. First, I want to introduce you to what’s possible and very commonly found for sale at your local farmers market. 

In this post:

  • 30+ Must-Haves you should be able to find at your local Farmers Market 
  • What to buy at the farmers market in June
  • Why buying local is important to your community.

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farmers market must haves

First Part of June

In most places, the first of June is still cool enough to keep some of these cool weather veggies fresh. I have grown in some seasons where the weather goes from Winter to Spring and that’s not easy.

So, be aware of this fact and of how the weather has been when you go searching at your local Farmers Market. Even so, here are some common goodies to find in early June when the weather patterns are normal.

Asparagus – Sold as half pound or full pound bunches. 

Here’s a great asparagus recipe for you

Broccoli – Sold by the head.

Cabbage – Also sold by the head

Cauliflower – Can purchase at the Farmers Market by the head.

Kale – In May, I sold baby kale in quart-sized baggies. Pruning them helps new healthy leaves grow back, often bigger and better. Dinosaur kale is sold by the bunch or in Gallon size bags.

Lettuce – Sold in Gallon size bags or by the head, depending on variety. 

All Salad Greens – Sold in Gallon Size bags.

Peas – Can be sold by the pound. 

New Potatoes – Sold by the pound.

Radishes – I sell these as a bunch of 6 nice sized radishes. Also, I like growing the first crop in full sun and then several crops through the season in the shade. 

Spinach – Sold in Gallon size bags. 

Swiss Chard – Sold by the bunch. 

Mid June

Beets – Sold by the bunch. 

Carrots – Also by the bunch. 

Celery – Also by the bunch. 

Cucumbers – Sold per Cucumber. 

Garlic – By the bunch. Can also find garlic scapes.

Leeks – By the bunch. 

Late June

Summer Squash – By the pound or per squash.

White Turnips – Sold by the bunch.

Zucchini – Sold by the pound or per zucchini.

Sweet Corn – Sold by the dozen or half dozen.


Gooseberries (Mid June) – Sold by the pound.

Strawberries (Early to Mid June) – Sold by the quart.

Rhubarb (Early June) – Bunched and sold together.

Blueberries (Late June) – Sold by the pound. 

Greenhouse/Hoophouse Grown

Tomatoes – Generally sold by the pound. 

Peppers – I sell peppers by the pound or per pepper. 

Other “Plus” Products

Canned Jams + Jellies

Eggs – Sold by the dozen or half dozen. 

Dehydrated Produce/Meats – Sold by the pound. 

Fresh Meat – Sold by the pound. 

Baked Items – Sold by the item. 

Crafts – Sold by the item. 

Dairy-Made Items/Cheeses – Sold by the pound or item. 

farmers market must haves

What to Consider

At the Farmers Market, especially in the early season, one much be aware of the weather during the growing season. 

Also, be considerate of how much something is priced. Definitely ask why but remember that there is a story behind every carrot. Every potato. Every bar of lotion. Every jar of honey. 

If you get to know the farmers who set up to sell their goods at the farmers market, I think you’ll find more than just a shopping experience. Here’s some lasting reasons why you should buy local at the farmers market. 

Why Buying Local at the Farmers Market is Best

Why should you bother supporting the local farmer’s market? Shopping at the super market is so much more convenient and often cheaper. 

Here’s a few popular reasons why people do so:

  • They can meet real farmers who grow their food.
  • And ask them how the food is grown or produced.
  • Then, a relationship is constructed between the farmer and the customer. 

I feel like it’s important for everyone to know a farmer’s story. It’s hardly ever easy. And at the farmers market, that story can be told if you just take the time to ask and listen. 

~ Much Love ~


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Val - Corn, Beans, Pigs & Kids

Tuesday 29th of May 2018

Love this! I hope you do a similar blog post for each month the rest of the season!

Mindy Young

Tuesday 29th of May 2018

Thank you, Val! I plan to, for sure!! :)

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