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Big Love

Two different dogs and two different lives. One of them guards the livestock while the other is simply just a pet. But they love each other.

This is big love, we’re talking about!

Si is a Great Pyrenees who weighs almost 150 pounds. He lives outside full time and wouldn’t have it any other way. He has a dangerous job dealing with coyotes and mountain lions while guarding the livestock. But, his bark is much worse than his bite. At least Sage thinks so.

Sage is a 25 pound miniature beagle who has so much love to give. She’s so small but her heart is so big. She lives indoors with us and sleeps in our bed. She’s the best lap dog when I’ve had a long hard day and just need a friend. While she loves to make us feel good, Sage is into being ferocious, too. She loves to chase bunny rabbits, of which we have a large city around our farm.

Sage often is in trouble when chasing rabbits because of where the rabbits take her. The creek is a common place for rabbits to hang out, so Sage’s nose follows in a zone down into the mud. Dirty dog!

IMG_0330We don’t like it when Sage goes down to the creek because the highway is right on the other side. This could increase the chance of Sage getting ran over if she were to cross the creek and chase a bunny smell onto the highway. It’s just us showing our big love for Sage and we don’t want her to get hurt. Of course, she finds a way to sneak away to the creek when we aren’t looking.

Also, this means she will need a bath before she even thinks about jumping into our bed!

At the end of the day when the work and chores are finished, everyone is fed and happy. I took these photos on a beautiful 60 degree evening in March. The sun is setting in the background presenting the most perfect back light for the pictures.

Si StretchingIn this photo, Si is stretching after taking a little doggie nap waiting for Sage to come home from the creek. Sage looks at him in admiration. Who knew these different dogs could be such good friends.

Much Big Love,



Sunday 15th of March 2015

They are the cutest!

Farm Fit Mama

Tuesday 17th of March 2015

Thanks, Marina! They are crazy but I love them.

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