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Delicious Grilled Ribeye Steak Everyone Will Drool Over

Are you hungry for a big ol’ juicy delicious grilled ribeye right about now?

Lean beef, such as ribeye steak is an excellent source of zinc, B vitamins, iron, and protein to help our bodies move and our minds function. My family and I keep our freezer stocked with lean hamburger, steaks and roasts from steers we raise and feed on our farm.

Delicious Grilled Ribeye Steak

We have a cow-calf operation, which means we help the cows have their calves each year. The cows nurse the calves until they are nearly 7 months old. Then, the calves are old enough to be weaned.

When we wean calves, they go into a pen where we introduce them to grain and they get all the hay they want. This is called backgrounding. We feed and take care of them until they are about 700-800 pounds and then they go to the cattle market.

However, sometimes, we have a calf who is blind or smaller or there’s some reason why we feel it wouldn’t sell well at auction. We keep this calf on our farm and feed it out for our family until it’s big enough to butcher. That’s where our freezer full of yummy steaks come in.

Delicious grilled ribeye steaks are one of the lean cuts of beef. Ribeye steaks are known for being moderately rich in flavor, so they are best seasoned and grilled.

But I know you didn’t click over onto this post because beef is healthy. It’s because you want a steak! Humans are natural meat eaters and we crave steak. We NEED protein, vitamins and minerals daily and lean beef is an excellent source of these.

In this post, I will share:

* How to prepare and grill delicious ribeye steak.
* Our go-to seasoning for our steak recipes.
* More resources for grilling ideas for you.

Are you ready to endulge in mouth-watering content? Let’s start!

delicious grilled ribeye steak

Choosing the Right Steak

The right ribeye steak is totally based on what looks good to you and your taste buds. Obviously, you want to see the bright cherry red color, proper thickness and an ideal amount of marbling.

Marbling is what makes the steak super juicy when cooked. You want to have some marbling in a steak and you can always cut it off later before you eat your steak.

Now that you have your steaks, let’s get to the grill to cook up the best grilled ribeye ever.

Quick Guide to Grilling Steaks

The first thing you want to do is marinade or season your steaks. My husband Matt is a grillmaster when it comes to grilling steak tips. He uses the Head Country Championship All-Purpose seasoning, which is so delicious when seasoned on beef!

You can also soak steaks in a BBQ marinade a few hours prior to throwing them on the grill.

When your raw steaks are seasoned, it’s time to start up the grill. Whether your grill is propane gas or charcoal, both the heat-up time and the grilling time might be different. The ready time will definitely be longer for a charcoal than just turning the “on” nob on the propane gas grill.

Another tip I want to really sink into you is to watch your steak and flip them consistently. Don’t just put them on and go off to mow the lawn. This is what my mom did for years and I’ll be you can guess what happened. The steaks were way too done and crispy for our liking.

How do you like your steak done?
– Rare?
– Medium Rare?
– Medium?
– Medium Well?
– Well Done?

You can cut into your steak to check to see if your steak is done.

Another way to check your steak is with a meat thermometer.

For more great grilling tips for how to grill steak, check the related posts below for the Ultimate Grilling Guide for Steaks & Burgers.

How to Know When Your Steak is Finished

I prefer my steak to be medium well done, which is a proper temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Delicious grilled ribeye steaks are lean mean protein. Just three ounces of this lean cut is 25 grams of protein and around 170 calories. Did you know that three cups of quinoa equals 666 calories? Also, lean beef is one of the top sources of monounsaturated fat, which is a healthy fat your body needs.

But is your steak the only thing to eat on your plate?

What Do You Eat With Your Steak?

Delicious Grilled Ribeye

Pairing your steak with a side is all dependent on your palate and preferences. When pairing with a vegetable, I like to use what is in season.

For example, right now asparagus is in season and it is so fresh, crisp and delicious with steak.

Although I have a produce business, we currently do not grow asparagus. However, as of spring 2019, I have planted my first crowns of asparagus! Up until that point, Matt’s aunt produces quite a bit of it on her homestead. Therefore, we can get whatever we want from her whenever we want while it’s in season. I always look forward to asparagus season.

There are many ways to prepare asparagus. For this meal, our asparagus was seasoned olive oil, panko bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese and baked in the oven at 350 degrees until tender. Delicious!

Some other sides I love pairing up with delicious grilled ribeye steak include:

– Macaroni & Cheese
– Any steamed or baked veggie
– Homemade french fries
– Cole Slaw

What side do you love eating with your steak?

Because You Crave Steak.

You clicked on this post maybe because of the pictures of the delicious grilled ribeye. Or maybe you aren’t sure how to grill a great steak and you want to learn more.

And perhaps it’s because you LOVE the taste of beef and its health benefits. Me, too!

While I love eating beef, I’m so passionate of it’s health benefits. I have my Master’s in Beef Advocacy degree so I can advocate beef as a healthy fuel for active lifestyles.

I hope you’ve learned all you need to know about selecting a great quality steak, how to properly grill it and what to pair it up with. With grilling season coming up, stay tuned for more delicious lean beef recipe grilling ideas and recipes for the grill just for you!

~Much Love~


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