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Are You Ready for a Fun Health and Fitness Challenge that will Change Your Life?

10 Week
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Jump Start

So much life changing energy, routines and accountability.
You won’t even know it’s a challenge.

Does this sound familiar to you?

You have a goal to be healthier this year and to achieve great things. You do really well with it the first few weeks of January.

But then, you begin to feel tired of it. You’re giving into distractions and temptations. You feel your goals going down the drain. You’re about to give up.

You feel lost and guilty for wanting to give it all up. What could you do to turn it all around and find success?

Hey there! I’m Mindy and I’ve been there, too!

I’m a Millennial farmer, Mama to 2 little girls and I’ve struggled with my health goals.

Are you tired of feeling tired, unmotivated and just plain done with not making your goals happen?

Me, too.

I’ve been there so many times. So many times, I’ve made goals to feel healthier. They include:

– Weight Loss
– Drinking More Water
– Getting so many steps
– Eating More Vegetables

Year after year, I’ve had so many good intentions. And so many years, I’ve had trouble keeping up with my goals on my own.


Well, I’ve found that I need accountability. I need a buddy and someone to talk through it with. Otherwise, I overthink it all and let it go to my head.

Along with that, I’ve learned that mental health is just as important for success in physical health.

Finally, a little competition has never hurt. I love a good competition and it helps me to stay accountable.

All of these important points: Accountability, mental health and competition are what makes this challenge difference than other challenges you might be a part of.

The tips and tricks are just a bonus.

I know what you need and I’m here to help.

Here’s what you’re going to get when you join the challenge:

– Facebook Community where you’ll find accountability and celebrate your successes.

– Motivation from your new friends.

– Energy to achieve your goals.

– Mindset Skills to get you through the hard bumps in the road.

You’re going to gain so much more than this with this challenge. It’s not just a challenge where I tell you what to eat, how to eat it or how to move.

This is a challenge where you can succeed on your own terms. It’s a challenge that is going to set you up for success in LIFE.

To Win Anything, We must have the ambition to do so.

~ Laura ingalls wilder ~