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How to Stay Sane Living In This Crazy World

You can stay sane living in this crazy world! There’s a lot going on and they can distract you from the things you need to do.

It’s so hard to stay sane living in this crazy world. Especially when the crazy world starts knocking at your front door.

I want to start this out and be real with you. You deserve the freedom to live and work the way you want to without the fear, worry and overwhelm of life. That’s what I want to start this out with because things have been real lately. This crazy world that we’re living in has started to really affect this life we are striving to live. It has started to affect our homes, where we work. And so I just wanted to open with that because what I’m telling you today is so important.

You deserve to have freedom. You deserve to fight for this freedom. And there may be times where you need to make some tough choices or decisions. I want you to know that you’re not alone. And today, I’m here to encourage you and inspire you to figure out what you want in order to live your best life.

And today I am going to share:

  • My own experience with feeling alone and stuck when something I have no control over happened,
  • How I have overcame this feeling to free my mind and work through things

Listen to the Podcast Episode:

So for the sponsor today, for today’s episode, I want to steer you over to the show notes over at Farm fit type in crazy world into the search bar. And this show notes page will pop up. And you’ll have access to everything that I’ve discussed today, all the links that I’m going to share with you the resources, and you’ll be hopefully able to be guided and to the right direction for what you’re looking for today, you’ll be able to have links to join my social media and connect with me there also connect with others. And also you can join my weekly email list where you can connect with me through email as well. So there’s, there’s always ways for that, I never want you to feel like you’re alone in this world. I’ve felt like this. So many times, just know that there’s always ways that you can reach out and connect with me or connect with someone who is going through the same thing as you. I have to be honest with you, my social media groups are just coming alive. I’ve kind of been on a social media hiatus for a long time now. Just working through some things. And so feel free if you want to join my Facebook group, my Instagram, anything like that I have, I have links in the show notes, please feel free to join one of those groups and start up a conversation. If you do have something that you want to talk to somebody about, please feel free to start a conversation in there. It would be nice if someone other than me or my mom would start conversations, it would be a nice change. So please don’t be shy. Feel free to hop on in and connect with all of us. And we will we are more than happy to to have that those conversations in order to help you find freedom and in the world that you’re living.

My Own Experience

feeling like you don’t have any control over your world where you live, because that’s a horrible feeling. And I have to be honest, I have felt this way over the past several months. Actually, the past couple years, I felt this way. So I want you to know that you’re not alone in that feeling. We all feel this way. Every once in a while. I’m also going to share some ways to overcome this so that you can find fulfilment, I’m going to share with you some of the things that I do, or have learned to do in order to get through this and, and find peace with all of this so that you can make good decisions. And I’m going to share how to always be connected to someone who can help you make decisions you need help with, there is always someone out there in this world, even though you you may feel alone. In this crazy world, there is always someone out there that you can connect with, whether it be a person, or God, in my case a lot. And so I’m gonna share with you how I do that as well.

Okay, so let’s start this episode with kind of talking about my own experience on when I decided I needed to come up with a way to stay sane living in this crazy world. So actually, when I first started living out in the country after being fairly accessible to people. I then found myself living in the country but also working in a county that was not in the same county where I lived. So I was traveling back and forth. And to be honest, it was a big shift for me. I felt very alone. And I had lots of anxiety and was too afraid to make decisions for myself because I didn’t want to make the wrong one. In a sense of the word, I did not have the freedom. My mind wasn’t free. Like, I had the freedom to do things I wanted to do. But I didn’t feel like I did, like my mind was was caught in that sense of it. And I really did feel very alone. And this was early on in my journey. I didn’t feel like I had a purpose. And it got especially worse when I started having my when I started being a mom and, and then later when I started staying home, after I had my second daughter, five years ago, I started staying home and it like escalated, of course, because when I quit my job to stay home, then so I was feeling very anxious and very alone the way a lot of stay at home moms feel from what I am told by other stay at home moms, and I did not like the feeling I wanted to feel something different. I wanted to find a purpose I wanted to I wanted to feel proud of myself. And at the same time it was summer. And and I think the first experience that started to kind of change. Everything around for me was when I was dropping off my daughter at her Bible school, her preschool bible school class, and I ran, I almost ran into the pastor, he was coming around the corner, and I almost ran right into him. And that man reminds me so much of my grandpa, father that I lost when I was 17 years old. He and I were really close. And this pastor pastor Ziegler reminds me so much of him, I took one look, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was like my grandpa was right there. And he looked at me, he was talking to me, I almost got so emotional right there. But thanks to that moment, also, because it helped bring me back to church back to my faith. You know, I have always said I’d have had faith but but after I think it was that moment that I really started to take faith on as a journey. And more than just a word that I’m I started to, more or less live in the word faith than just saying that I have faith. So that was kind of the first, the first shift in to faith. And actually, I started feeling God’s presence more. And I actually felt God’s presence whenever I was around pastors Ziegler after that, that first moment, and then after that, and I still do to this day, of course, I started reading the Bible. And through the day, I would ask God, I was, I would ask Jesus certain questions about decisions that I would have to make. Through the day, I started to feel his presence. And through that journey, just that daily journey. I didn’t feel as alone after that, because I felt like each day I was getting closer to Jesus, like, he was my friend who was always there with me. And through all these years, five years, this is how I get through my days now. It’s kind of evolved into a daily, a daily routine for me, I get up in the morning, and I have an app, I use the abide app, to and their meditations on a certain Bible verse. And so that’s what I how I start my morning, I do devotions. And then throughout the day, I talked to Jesus, I talked to God My father and asked him to give me some advice to show me things. Show me how I can get through this mess that my family is involved in. And you know what? Yesterday Monday morning, I got up feeling very anxious because there was something that had hit our family hard on Friday, some news that was going to impact our freedom. And, and we were told we had a tough decision to make. And I skimmed through it boiled through it all through the weekend, couldn’t come up with anything on my own. Monday morning, I woke up, and I should have done this. I should have done this Saturday and Sunday. But I woke up and I I used my Abide app, I meditated. And I asked God to help. Please help. Please help me figure this out. Please show me something that’s going to help me figure out this problem, at least one step towards the problem. And he did by two o’clock I had an answer. And I had tasks to do. I got them done. And now we just wait to see what happens. We pray and we wait to see what happens. But I can tell you this morning when I woke up to Tuesday morning, I felt 100 times better, my head was clear, I didn’t feel anxious. I feel like, you know, whatever, I felt like I put it in God’s hands. And whatever happens now is what it’s going to be. And that’s the way God works is that he, he throws things at you like that, or when something when something gets thrown at you like that, that you cannot control, or you feel like you cannot control, you give it to God, and he helps you, he helps walk you through it, because because he knows he knows all the answers, and he will give you what is meant to be. That’s what I believe, because that’s what he’s told me all these years. So it really did happen Tuesday by or Monday by 2pm, I was able to do complete some tasks towards solving this issue that my family and I that my family is faced with. So we will see what happens there. But I just want to share that with you that my experience, my experience with this has led up clear to yesterday. Because yesterday, I felt horrible about it all I was feeling so anxious. I just wanted to cry. And so I just sat down and I cried and I asked and I prayed. And he delivered. At least I hope so. So this is how I get through my days now, I believe that when God feels we are ready for our great journey to purpose, then he walks through it with us. That’s how I want to live every day. And when there’s something that threatens freedoms, he helps us to resources that helps us break free again. He’s also helped me to learn to say no, because I always ask him first.

God Is My Daily Guide

Now I always ask God, is this a good idea? Is this going to honor you, and he helps me make that decision. And so now I don’t have to say no to everything. Because if it’s not what God wants, then I don’t do it. So faith is the number one way that I stay, stay sane in this crazy world, having faith and having Jesus as my best friend, there’s just no better friend, there’s no better father than our God. However, if you have a higher power, then I then I just want to express to you to just ask your higher power every day to sit down and talk to your higher power every day. And you know, be at the universe. And it’s, it will deliver the answers that you need. I know that sounds crazy. But to be honest, we are alone. Out here in this crazy world. At least we feel we feel alone out here a lot. And it starts to mess with us sometimes. But if we have a higher power that we believe in, that we believe that’s with us every day, then it really helps to overcome that alone feeling. So some ways to overcome the feeling alone is like I’ve mentioned to make Jesus your best friend, or the universe or the your higher power, whoever it may be. For me, it’s Jesus. Think of it like this. And this was crazy when I first thought about it. But you know what, I don’t care anymore. Because I am a lot happier person. But did you ever have an invisible best friend as a kid? I never did. But, and I know Jesus is alive and well. However, we don’t know. I don’t know what he looks like, but I feel him. I feel his presence with me every day. Here in my house. Working out on my farm. I feel him with me. He’s holding my hand when we’re going on a walk. And he’s my best friend. And I really don’t feel alone when I feel his presence near and when I don’t feel it. I need to ask. I need to say hey, where are you at? Come here, I need to talk to you. And that may seem crazy, but you never know until you try. That’s all I’m gonna say.

So that is a good way to overcome feeling alone. It’s it’s what helped has helped me another way of course to overcome feeling alone is to make some friends. Okay, if you don’t want that invisible friend, if you can’t, just can’t deal with it. If it just won’t happen for you, then you need something to talk to or someone you need. You need another person in your life to talk to you that’s going to listen to you or something. I mean, there’s a movie that comes to mind about a man stuck on an island with a volleyball. I mean, it’s it can be it can go that far. And I mean all of this does sound kind of crazy but but it’s not because everybody needs someone to talk to every everybody needs to let out all their steam. So find a friend in some way and make that connection with them. Whether it be God, Jesus, you can make that connection by, I did it by starting to read God’s word daily, you can use the Bible or devotional books, but take a little time each day to sit down and read His word and talk to him, tell him what’s going on. Tell him what’s on your mind. And you know what, in time you will be, you will feel better, and you will have resources, I can guarantee it, God gives us what you need.

Connect with Me

I’ve also set up a few ways that you can connect with me or connect with others. One option that you have is social media, Facebook, I have a Facebook group, I have a Facebook page, and the group, you can actually start up conversations with others and find like minded friends in there, I’ve done it for years and other groups, and you can definitely do it in mine. My group is pretty stagnant on conversation. But please feel free to jump in and start up that conversation. And then we’ll join in suit. There’s nothing wrong with that. Another way that you can connect with me is to join my email list, I send you an email every week. It’s different tips, tricks, resources, it could be the resources that you’re looking for, to find change in your world, or to find freedom in your world, you know, it could just be that thing that you’re looking for. So I’ll leave a link to join the email list in the show notes.

And I’ll even send you again, you can find the show notes over at foreign fit type in crazy world. This in the search bar, and the show notes page will pop up. Really this is a crazy world we’re living in right now. I don’t know what’s going to happen. But I do know that I do know that we aren’t alone in this. We all deserve the freedom to live and work the way we want to. And we don’t deserve the fear, overwhelm, and worry that comes with decisions we have to make that could jeopardize our freedoms, we do deserve to have resources that can help us to overcome or make the decisions for and I hope that today after this episode, you’re encouraged and inspired to figure out what you want in order to live your best life. I hope that the tips and tricks that I’ve shared with you today about learning to free your mind will help you to be able to make tough decisions like like what you’ll be faced with. So friends if you love this episode, please feel free to share it with someone who needs to hear it. Please head over to any of the podcast platforms type type in rural women inspired podcast, subscribe to the show if you haven’t already and leave us a five star review. I’d love to hear from you. I’d love to connect with you. In the shownotes again, you’ll find links and you’ll find links to joining my email list and my social media where you can connect with me and others going through the same trials that you are for and I hope that you’re having a good day and a good rest of the week. I’ll see you back next week for another episode. hone your dreams, own your life and I’ll see you down the road. Bye