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Fresh Crisp Buttercrunch Lettuce

Every year about this time, I get really hungry for some fresh Buttercrunch lettuce. It’s a good thing lettuce is ready now!

Fresh crisp Buttercrunch Lettuce is my favorite variety of lettuce to plant and eat. It has a sweet taste that goes great with anything you eat it with or put it on. Plus, it yields a beautiful bright green color and it usually regrows back after the first cutting so you can eat it longer.

fresh crisp Buttercrunch Lettuce

I planted this lettuce the week after St. Patrick’s Day, so about the middle of March. It has had around 50 days to grow and mature into beautiful bright green and crisp lettuce. It’s amazing what such a small seed can produce when growing seasons are just right.

Since it has been cool and rainy this spring, the lettuce has flourished as well as some of my other spring crops: radishes, potatoes, onions, and spinach. Today, I am cutting lettuce to make yummy wilted lettuce for supper.

Harvesting fresh crisp Buttercrunch lettuce is as easy as it is to grow fresh crisp Buttercrunch lettuce. And the results are purely delicious!

Harvesting fresh, crisp, Buttercrunch lettuce is the easy part.

First, you need to collect a pair of sharp kitchen scissors and a large bowl.

Fresh Crisp Buttercrunch Lettuce

Next grab a stalk of the lettuce and your scissors. I like to cut the entire stalk about an inch from the ground to stimulate regrowth.

fresh crisp Buttercrunch LettuceThe best thing about this lettuce is the second and third cuttings! Almost as delicious as the first!

When the lettuce is in your bowl, you are ready to take it inside and get to washing! This task is a bit more difficult than simply cutting. It does become tedious trying to pick every little fleck of dirt off a lettuce leaf.

Washing fresh crisp Buttercrunch lettuce is a whole lot easier with a good salad spinner. I usually rinse the lettuce once with the strainer insert and then spin the lettuce three times, draining the water each time.

fresh crisp Buttercrunch LettuceFresh crisp Buttercrunch lettuce is the healthy and crunchy delicious Spring tradition we keep turning to year after year. It is so easy to grow and even easier to harvest.

What is your favorite veggie to harvest or preserve?



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Monday 8th of June 2015

[…] Fresh Crisp Buttercrunch Lettuce […]

Miss Angie

Friday 5th of June 2015

Yum! I love different lettuces!

Carrie Chance

Friday 5th of June 2015

I did buttercrunch last year and it was SO good. This year I am super excited about my tomatoes. I'm so eagerly waiting for them. I can't seem to get enough lately

Taylor Lanier

Friday 5th of June 2015

This looks so delicious!!! You've inspired me. I may need to start a mini garden at my apartment.

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