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Goals for April

Spring has sprung, finally! It is almost April with means sunny days and green grass. I have some major goals for April that I want to tackle.

Here are my 5 goals for April:

1. Start Vlogging! This is the goal for April I am most excited to tackle this month. Vlogging is just like blogging except it is through video uploaded to youtube. I plan to talk about all things going on with the farm, fitness goals, and homesteading with kids. It will be a supplement to this blog and I’m so excited to take on a brand new audience.


2. I would love to take better photos. Thanks to my blogging mentors, I know what to do but still need some practice time. I plan to dedicate the month of April to practicing my photo-taking skills.

3. Since I am “Farm FIT Mama”, you would think I would have more posts related to fitness. The truth is, I’ve been teaching my fitness classes twice a week and that is basically it. I lift a lot of things on the farm, but capturing pictures or videos of what I do is difficult. This month, I will attempt ways to capture more footage of exercises and things I do to stay fit.

Rugged Maniac

Rugged Maniac 2014

4. April is spring and it is time to open up the house and fill it with the clean air. I love deep cleaning this time of year with the new seasonal scents. I don’t have a lot of time to devote to spring cleaning, so what I will do is tackle one room at a time throughout the month. My goal is to have it complete by May 1.

5. April is a time for new beginnings and happiness. It is a time to throw the negativity aside and express positivity in yourself and everyone around you. Positive thoughts and words are what I will share in April to everyone around me.

5 Goals For April  ~Much Love~

Farm Fit Mama