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How to get rid of annoying little fruit gnats for good

Get rid of annoying little fruit gnats for good by knowing what they like and where they come from.

Do you want to know to get rid of annoying little fruit gnats for good? I sure did! There was a time we had a bad problem with them.

So, we started asking around and trying some different things. But there were some other things we learned as well about how to get rid of annoying little fruit gnats for good that I want to share with you. I think this knowledge would really help you to be successful and get your space back from these little fruit loving flies.

In this post, I will share:

– How to get rid of annoying little fruit gnats for good,
Common questions asked about fruit gnats,
DIY and Options for Traps to help you control fruit gnats in your home.

One question we kept asking: “Where are they all coming from?!?” Well, let’s start with that one.

How to Get Rid of Annoying Little Fruit Gnats

Where are All of These Fruit Gnats Coming From?

This is the main question I want answered. I truly believe that if you can get to the root of the problem, you can get rid of it. So, just like with rodents or anything else in your home, you need to know where the fruit gnats are getting in. Here’s a few of the most common ways:

1. Fruits & Vegetables – Fruit gnats absolutely love fresh fruits and some sweet veggies. And once inside, flies live on the fresh produce, laying hundreds of eggs on unripened fruits. Then, the larvae (baby gnats) use the produce as their primary source of nutrition.

2. The Great Outdoors – These gnats are so petite and tiny that they can actually fit through cracks and creases in your window sills and doors. They can also come up through a drain or any opening where they smell something sweet.

But once they are in, it’s what they like that will keep them in. Let’s talk about how we can use what they to trap them and send them back out. I’m including some home remedies for killing fruit gnats just in case.

DIY Fruit Gnat Traps

Apple Cider Vinegar with a few drops of dish soap – This option seems so dang easy. Everyone has ACV and Dish Soap in their home. And you can definitely create your very own trap as quickly as it would take you to find everything in your kitchen.

So, you’ll need a container, apple cider vinegar, sugar, dish soap, and water. First, mix two tablespoons of vinegar, one tablespoon of sugar, a few drops of dish soap, and half a cup of warm water into a container and mix until the sugar starts to dissolve.

Next, place the vinegar solution-filled container next to the areas where the fruit flies and gnats are frequently seen, such as the kitchen sink.

How does this work? The scent of vinegar and sugar will attract the flies into the container. When the fruit flies make contact with the vinegar solution, they won’t be able to escape due to the dish soap. Make sure to place several of these traps.

Leftover Red Wine – Have any stale wine left over that you aren’t going to drink? The gnats will! It’s very similar to the above apple cider vinegar trap. First, pour some wine into a container then place the container next to the problem area.

The goal of this remedy is to use the scent of the wine to attract the fruit flies into the container. You can also use beer and any other type of beverages that rely on fermentation. You may have greater success with beverages that have more of a fruity aromatic scent.

Mashed up banana slices and other rotten fruits – in a jar and cover the top with a plastic wrap.

Fruit flies love rotten fruits due to the smell of fermentation. Place a piece of rotten fruit into a container or bowl then cover the container with a plastic wrap. Poke a few tiny holes into the plastic wrap.

How does this work: The gnats will fly in and get trapped inside the container.

DIY Candle Trap – This fruit fly trap only requires a candle. When it gets dark, place a candle on a tray or bowl filled with water then set the tray next to the fly-infested area. Next, turn off the light.

How does this work? This homemade trap will kill the gnats in two ways. First, any fruit flies that get close to the candle flame will get theirs wings burnt and fall to their death.

Second, some flies may avoid the actual flame and instead go for the reflection in the water. They won’t be able to escape once they land in the water (adding a few squirts of dish soap will make it near-impossible).

Don’t want to make your own? You’re in luck. Here’s a short list of some fruit gnat and fruit fly traps you can purchase and use immediately.

Fruit Gnat Traps You Can Buy

If you don’t want to make your own, you can purchase commercial traps very conveniently. They are also affordable and easy-to-use.

Here are some of the most popular traps you can buy:

– Disposable Gnat and Fruit Fly Attractant – Simply twist the lid off to release a lovely scented liquid fruit insects will love.

– BEAPCO Fruit Fly Trap – Place these non toxic traps near the infested area and soon they will be filled with flies and gnats. Set up multiple traps to maximize the area. You can use them for 30 days and then throw them away.

– Fruit Fly Drain Treatment – This citronella based treatment is ready for you to simply pour down the drains of your kitchen or bathrooms.

How to Prevent Fruit Flies and Gnats

The best way to keep pesky fruit gnats out is to prevent them from coming in. Easier said than done, but here are the best ways I have found to try to keep them out for good. Keep in mind this is after you figure out the source of where they are coming in.

First, make sure you don’t leave food lying around. This includes dirty dishes. Try to get into the habit of cleaning dishes as soon as you’re done with your meal. Any leftovers lying around make attractive snacks for gnats.

Along with picking up, keep your trash and compost bins covered. Make sure the trash can lid is tightly sealed because if not, you’ll continue to attract the gnats into your home.

Also, get rid of damp or moist areas. Look for leaks in pipes or faucets as well as all the drains in your home.

Finally, check your bedding plants for poor-quality potting soil or damp soil that has been over watered. Some gnats are fungus gnats that show up in the soil. You can easily replace the soil with better potting soil.

How to Get Rid of Annoying Little Fruit Gnats

Other Things You Should Know About Fruit Gnats

The best way to get rid of annoying little fruit gnats is to learn all you can about them. And we definitely did that when we were trying to get rid of them. Here are some more things we found out that helped us get rid of annoying little fruit gnats.

First of all, fruit gnats reproduce QUICKLY. From egg to adult takes them about a week to mature and that’s why you should act quickly before the problem become too big.

Next, we learned that if we practice prevention strategies mentioned above, the gnats will go away on their own. But if we leave dirty dishes or trash lying around, here they come again. So, clean up after yourselves and use the traps above for control.

Finally, gnats are insects. Therefore, they love 75 – 80 degree F temperatures. If your home is that temperature, you’re sure to have gnats. If it’s colder than that, they shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

But, you shouldn’t be too careful. Use the prevention methods stated above to make sure they stay out. I hope you enjoyed this post! If you did, please leave me a comment.