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4 Free Christmas Activity Place Mats That Will Make Dinner Sensational

If you’re looking for some Free Christmas Activity Place Mats to decorate your table, here they are.

These free Christmas activity place mats will make your Holiday dinner sensational and memorable!

I remember many family Christmas dinners where we had a little something special to do while we waited to eat. Other dinners, we’d have a fully customized place setting or trinket with our name on it to take home.

When I was trying to decide what to create for you next, I thought of how much everyone loves activity place mats. I knew that would be the next great thing that many people would love. I hope you love it as well.

In this post, I’ll share:

– 4 free Christmas activity place mats that you can download and print today.
– Directions for printing them in high quality for your Christmas dinner table.
– What to do with activity place mats after they are printed.

With these fun place mats, every guest at your dinner table will be sharing and laughing together. Let’s go right into how you can get them.

free Christmas Activity place mats

Place Mats? What Are They Good For?

You can find a lot of good things about place mats. There’s some reasons you want to consider placing them as part of your Christmas Dinner table setting.

First of all, kids and even some adults can be very impatient. They want their dinner and they want it now. But if you set an activity place mat in front of them, it will give them something to occupy their minds while the meal is finishing up.

Second, these place mats are high quality and will look great as part of your table settings. They are very festive and you can even make them more festive by decorating them. I’ll get more into that later.

Also, everyone can take their place mats home with them as a memory from the day. It might even be a fun idea to get everyone to sign your place mat as a reminder in later years of who all was in attendance.

Finally, these cute place mats have several minutes of fun activities from games to coloring. Let’s break down the games next.

Christmas Place Mat Activity Games

My kids love playing games on other activity place mats so I definitely wanted to include some of their favorites.

The first one is a maze where the elf needs to find its bag of toys.

Then, there’s the word search. It features lots of festive Christmas words associated with the holiday.

Finally, you can’t have an activity place mat without the crossword puzzle. Use the clues to figure out across and down and insert the words letter by letter into the puzzle.

Yes, there’s just a few. But there’s more to do with these fun place mats! You can also color them! How amazing is that?

Coloring and Tracing Letters

Let the little ones get some fun practice in with writing their letters and coloring fun. There’s lots of white space in these place mats to draw their own creations.

But they can also trace the gray letters to practice their own letters. They won’t even know it’s practice because its so much fun! Don’t forget about the washable markers you’ll need to have out on the tables.

There’s also some little coloring spots where kids of all ages can practice coloring in the lines. If markers are too big, add some crayons or colored pencils to the mix.

How to Get 4 Free Christmas Activity Place Mats All In One

Have you been to my online shop? It’s called the Farm Fit Living Shop.

Get the printable Christmas activity place mats for Free.

In the shop, you can find all different types and kinds of digital printables and resources for you. It’s where I house my collections of creations I make for you, such as these 4 free Christmas activity place mats.

Then, simply click add to cart and you’ll be asked to sign in or create an account. Go through the check out. You will not have to pay anything at all because the sign up is free AND the coloring pages are free.

You’ll then receive an email with download instructions to use as you wish. Please note that these printable pages are for personal use only! You may not change them or sell them for monetary gain without a written consent from me, Mindy Young.

If you don’t want the entire set, you can simply download a few.

Download these 4 Free Christmas Activity Place Mats One At A Time

For these place mats, you can use 12×18 inch paper or shrink them down to 8 1/2 X 11 inches. You’ll likely want to stick with white paper so that coloring is easier and more fun.

free Christmas Activity place mats

Have a Very Merry Holiday!

I hope free Christmas activity place mats will help make your Christmas dinner more fun and festive for all of your guests. You can even give them as gifts or to the host of your Christmas dinner you’re attending.

Any way you choose, I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed making them. They’ll keep your table clean and your heart full.