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How to Capture Memorable Newborn Photographs

You’ve just brought your baby home. You really want to capture memorable newborn photographs. 

Capture memorable newborn photographs yourself without the need for a professional photographer.

The first 10 days I was back on the homestead with my newborn, the last thing I wanted to do was take her anywhere. Let alone a studio to take her pictures.

I wasn’t aware of any photographers who could come into my home. Actually, I never asked any.

To be quite honest, I was dead set on taking my own newborn’s first pictures in the comfort of my own home.

I have an interest in photography and take many pictures around my homestead and in nature. So, I felt comfortable capturing my own newborn’s pictures.

You might not be so comfortable in doing so. But, hiring a photographer may also not be in the cards for you.

It may be time for you to try a new skill. Starting with taking your newborn’s first photographs.

capture memorable newborn photographs

How to capture memorable newborn photographs


Within the first 10 days of life is prime time to capture memorable newborn photographs yourself. These 10 days, the infant is very sleepy during the prime light times.

This makes it extremely easy to place the newborn in any position you desire for a good pose.

Timing of natural lighting is also an important factor to recognize. If you’re taking indoor photos, you definitely want good natural sun light coming in.

Use this light to your advantage to add brightness and clarity to your photos.

With this in mind, set up your display to point and shoot away from the light. Shooting into the light will cause the photo to be too bright. You’ll also see a lot more shadows on your infant display.

Outfits & Props

Your baby received a ton of cute outfits, I’m sure. Choose outfits according to props you may have in your home.

For example, I chose a white onesie with butterflies, since the theme in my daughter’s nursery is a garden/butterfly theme. This gave me lots of options for placing of different props. I also had a cute butterfly blanket to use as my back drop.

You definitely want to choose outfits and props that do not interfere with your backdrop.

Displays & Backdrops

The backdrop can be any blanket or cover that interacts well with the outfit and props of your choosing. Get those creative juices flowing and have fun with this.

Rule of thumb: You want your baby to be the center of the photograph and the backdrop as the accessory.

I used the changing table for one of my displays, laid the butterfly blanket over the top, and positioned her in a way I could point and shoot through the bottom of the table. I wanted to capture her face up close for this shot.

I also used her toy box and a chair for displays for backdrops. You should definitely make sure the display is safe and comfortable for the baby.

The backdrop should only accent the subject of the photograph. Good natural lighting will make the infant pop even more.


This is the number one thing to know when taking photographs of any kind. Use the natural lighting to your advantage when taking photographs.

If you are taking pictures outdoors, the best lighting is the first hour of the day and the last hour of the day.

Indoors, you want to find a room with the lighting coming in through the window at a good angle. Place the display in accordance with the natural lighting.

You should be aware of too much light or too much shadow in your photos. Use your own judgement. You know what looks good. If you see too much lighting or too many shadows, you know you need to try out a different angle.

Choose Different Angles

This is the most fun part of taking your own photos. Trying out different angles. Don’t worry about how it looks at the time of the shoot. Just point and shoot.

Make it your own.  Take close up photos and whole body photos. How do you want to remember your infant in 18 years?

I want to remember her little blemishes. I want to remember the green eye burgers caused by clogged tear duct. Soon, it would all go away but it is a part of her life.

I don’t want to miss any part of her life. I want to remember every single moment.

capture memorable newborn photographs

Reasons to capture memorable newborn photographs yourself

I get it! You just gave birth. You’re in recovery. You may not be up for going into a studio to capture memorable newborn photographs.

You may not want a photographer coming into your home. This time with you and your baby is precious.

Cameras & Editing

You don’t have to have a fancy camera to capture memorable newborn photographs.

I have had many cameras in my days. I even use my iPhone 6 for many of the outdoor photos I take. Smartphones are great options for photos. I don’t know about other smartphones on the market, but the iPhone 6 takes very good quality shots and videos.

My current camera is a Canon T5i, which I received as a Christmas gift. It works great for still photos and videos.

Really, any camera in between will take what you need for good memorable photos.

My go-to photo editing software used to be Photoshop, but lately, I have taken to Picmonkey is just a lot of editing fun. I know of other people who use Canva for their editing software. Picmonkey and Canva have free versions and royalty versions. I use the royalty version with Picmonkey for many more options.

If you still don’t feel comfortable trying the tips I have given, it may be worth it to you to hire a professional.

Possible Options for a Professional Photographer

But maybe you don’t feel like your camera or picture-taking skills are good enough to capture your newborn’s first moments.

I never rule out professional work as an option. If you don’t feel comfortable photographing your newborn yourself, by all means hire a professional.

Professional photographers can have several different services and packages to meet your needs.

Some professionals are happy to come into your home to take your newborn photos. Another reason for hiring a professional is that you can be in the photos, too.

Every new mother is different, but one thing remains the same throughout. Newborn photos of the infant’s first moments are priceless. No matter if you do take them yourself or if you hire a professional.

Think about the type of photos you want hanging on your wall. Those are the memories that will last for years to come.

Capture those New and Special Memories

Practice these skills and tips to capture your newborn’s first moments. If you are nervous about doing so, you may want to hire a professional.

However, I challenge you to learn a new skill. Use the lighting, try different angles and play with your own back drops for photos you will love and cherish forever.

Will you try to photograph your newborn baby? 

~ Much Love ~