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Daddy’s Girl: Is Your Daughter One?

Is your princess a daddy’s girl?

Daddy’s girl is an understatement.

My daughter LOVES her daddy.

When I have to be away from them, I am at peace knowing that my little girl is under the watchful eye of her daddy.

Even when I’m home, I can truly feel the love between the two of them.

Five signs your little girl may be a daddy’s girl:

1. She copies certain gestures she has seen her daddy do before.

This can include eating, walking or talking with hands. She also repeats what he says, so he has to be careful!

2. She gets his favorite drink or snack and faithfully delivers it to him.

She knows just which one he like and she knows he much have one now.

3. She wants to wear his hat around the house.

She thinks a wardrobe is not complete without a hat on her head.

4. No screaming when Daddy puts her in the dreaded car seat.

That evil car seat.

Daddy has a way of making buckling up all ok.

5. Her eyes light up when the tractor starts up. 

She knows exactly what the tractor sounds like. She knows her Daddy is on the tractor and she is determined to ride.

Just like I did when I was a little girl riding the tractor with my daddy.


But, it wasn’t always this way.

The infant stage was rough for my husband.

The infant stage tested him to the max.

This stage is the FIRST stage in which daddies are deathly afraid of their daughters.

“She was so fragile,” he said.

Plus, she screamed for me all the time. She wanted to be in her mother’s arms constantly.

Times have changed and hearts grow fonder

Now, if you ask her who she wants to spend her Saturday morning with, it is always “Daddy.”

She loves running errands with her daddy on Saturday mornings.

I’m not the least bit jealous of their bond.

Daddy's Girl

I was a Daddy’s Girl

You see, I understand this bond because I too was a daddy’s girl.

As a small girl, I would always watch out the kitchen window as my daddy left for work.

Then, I would be there watching for him to come home later that evening. If I would have had my way, he would have always stayed home.

But, he worked hard for us and I cherished the time I got to spend with my daddy.

Therefore, I embrace the time Matt and Mylee get to spend together.

I see the joy on both of their faces when they come home from getting feed for the livestock or a trip to the farm store.

She goes with him to check cows in the pasture and he teaches her so much.


I love the bond between father and daughter. I’m anxious to watch it grow as she gets older.

~ Much Love ~



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