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Eat Green on St. Patrick’s Day

Don’t just wear green this St. Patrick’s Day. Eat green on St. Patrick’s Day, too. 

Eat green to fuel your bodies, while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and National Agriculture Week. 

It’s very fitting for St. Patrick’s Day to be during National Agriculture Week. Farmers strive to become more and more green in producing the food we all eat. Whether the production method is conventional or organic, new technologies are on the pike making production agriculture better for the environment.

As we enjoy some green foods grown on farms today, think about how each farm fresh healthy food ingredient is produced on a farm, garden, or ranch. Meanwhile, here are some green options for you to enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day. 



You can’t go wrong with a good green smoothie powered with nutrients. You have many options to make it your own. Just choose your favorite liquid, green veggie, fruit, protein, spice and sweetener.

Besides smoothies, another option is an old option I remember from pre-school. I know. I have a tip top memory, don’t I?

We ate green eggs and ham in pre-school. This is a great option for green colored snacks for kids. They will remember it forever and ever, just like I have. So, if you’re looking for green snacks for preschool, look no further!

It’s simple. All you have to do is add some green food coloring to the scrambled eggs and ham. The kids will love it and you will, too!

Once you and the kids are fueled up with green themed food recipes, it’s time to start the day.


Have you ever mixed shredded chicken with avocado for a healthier chicken salad. Add in some black pepper to taste as well as some fresh lemon juice for a zest. This chicken salad is an amazing with any bread or wrap.

Another way you can use avocado to color up lunch is in a delicious pasta salad. Pasta salad can be paired with a delicious steak or chicken breast.

Finally, wilted lettuce is a family favorite of ours. It works best to use farm fresh lettuce, but you can use store bought lettuce if you need to.

eat green

St. Patrick’s Day Snacks

There are many many options to eat green snacks. You can use your head to create new ones or check out Pinterest for some awesome ideas.

Veggie trays are always a great healthy option. You can add some green food coloring to your favorite dips or eat broccoli, celery, cucumbers with green guacamole.

I love pistachios for a snack. Pistachios are good for the heart and taste delicious.

For the kids, this is the cutest little snack they would really love.


Supper is always the meal we try to eat together as a family. Sometimes it’s difficult to

Stuffed peppers make an excellent supper choice because they are quick and easy to prepare.

For kids, try this yummy cheesy broccoli and shells recipe. Hey, did I mention I was going to try to grow broccoli in my garden for the first time this year?

There are many many more options for green food. I’ve only given you a few ideas to run with. Take my ideas and get creative.

Have fun trying out some green foods, while staying healthy and celebrating Agriculture and St. Patrick’s Day.

eat green

Agriculture & St. Patrick’s Day

No matter what green food you choose to eat on St. Patrick’s Day, it was grown or raised on a farm, in a garden, or on a tree with tender loving care.

As you enjoy your breakfast, lunch, supper, or snack, think about how the ingredients in your food choice was produced.

After all, it’s also National Ag Week. A celebration of agriculture and safe food production for all.

Chef Alli’s Irish Corn Beef Egg Rolls

Matt and I appeared on Chef Alli’s Farm Fresh Kitchen to talk about National Ag Week. Chef Alli’s show is on television out of a Topeka News Station called WIBW. We had a lot of fun on the show. Of course, Chef Alli cooked for us.

She made a different twist on a very traditional St. Patrick day food: Corn beef egg rolls. Boy, were they delicious! She used fresh beef brisket and cabbage as the main ingredients for the dish.

Corn beef and cabbage is an old Irish favorite. It’s a meal I always tried to avoid because I really wasn’t sure if I would ever like it.

After trying Alli’s, I wondered why I never  ate corned beef before. I’m definitely going to have to try Alli’s recipe using my own farm fresh recipes.

Enjoy the holidays this week. Here are some Agriculture Irish Blessings for you to enjoy while you eat green.

Bless those minding cattle,
And those minding sheep,
And those fishing the sea
While the rest of us sleep.

May the rains sweep gentle across your fields,
May the sun warm the land,
May every good seed you have planted bear fruit,
And late summer find you standing in fields of plenty.

May the frost never afflict your spuds.
May the leaves of your cabbage always be free from worms.
May the crows never pick your haystack.
If you inherit a donkey, may she be in foal.

How will you eat green on St. Patrick’s Day?

~ Much Love ~

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