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Healthy and Productive Ways to Be When You are Stuck at Home

Are you looking for healthy and productive ways to be when you are stuck at home?

When you’re stuck at home for whatever reason, you might be inclined to look for healthy and productive ways to be when you are stuck at home.

Whether it’s due to weather, illness or fear, sometimes we have to stay home to protect ourselves and others.

We kind of get thrown into this. So I wanted to come to you today to talk about something good. I wanted to bring a little light into you a world of uncertainty and maybe darkness you might be facing. Maybe you worry, maybe boredom and I really wanted to bring you something useful for today – that is what I hope to bring you today.

Sometimes we have to teach our kids at home. Go here to join my Farm to You Home School Facebook Group. Some of us will be working from home. I enjoy doing some gardening inside or playing with the kiddos.

In this post, I will share:

– Some tips for staying healthy and sane while being stuck at home.
– Options for productivity if you can’t find it.
– Some good things about having to stay at home.

I truly believe and kind of a a weird way that there is going to be some really good things that come out of a quarantine experience. I wanted to share those with you too because I think that there it’s really important to think about them in the light of so much uncertainty.

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You might be really worried about your future. I just want, I just want to share some good things that I think will come out of this experience, but first of all I have a couple of things. This episode is sponsored by my brand new hot off the press stay at home bundle. Yes. It’s list checklist games to play with the kids. Just things to do at home, ways that you can keep track of, of your inventory if you need to get some more items. Such as toilet paper seems to be a big item that a lot of people are wanting so that is all going to be in that bundle. You can get it over in the show notes.

Tips for Staying Healthy While Stuck At Home

Let’s talk about some healthy tips. Some ways to stay healthy while at home.

1. The first one is to practice good hygiene. So sanitized, regularly, bathed regularly. Keep your house clean, keep carpets picked up and vacuumed. You know, anything that you can do – even the outside door knobs.

2. The second thing you want to do to stay healthy is to eat a good diet. Just because you’re going to stay home doesn’t mean you could lay around on the couch and eat junk food all day. Nope. My family and I did that for the first couple of days and we all felt like crap. It’s a very easy habit to get into because junk food tastes good and we get addicted to it. So I want to encourage you to eat healthy food, vegetables, fruits, lean meats, uh, limit the junk.

3. Drink lots of water. Stay hydrated as much as you can.

4. And finally, exercise at home. Getting up and moving around is huge. If you’re starting to feel restless, maybe you just need to go for a little jog or do some stretches. Keep your body moving and you’ll be feeling a lot better.

All right, so those are the, the four main ways to practice your physical health. For mental health, I just want to recommend that you do things that make you happy. Work on some hobbies that you haven’t done in a while. Put a puzzle together. Turn off the TV, play a game with your family, you know, limit the tech they use of technology, you know. Take naps – get caught up on that sleep.

I believe that there’s going to be some really good things that come out of this time. I just wanted to mention how important it is to keep your mental health in check as well.

It’s all about How You React To It

So, I’ve worked from home and built businesses for the past three years. I’m going to share with you my all my tips for being productive at home. A lot of people can be distracted at home. Honestly, it took me a while to really find some things that would work for me to be productive. And finally it was just me wanting to actually have a purpose and really accomplish something that gave me the drive to do so.

So yes, with my family being at home during the Coronavirus Quarantine, I was very, very distracted. But this week I feel a little bit better. I was kind of easy on myself last week and allowed myself to take a little time to figure out exactly what is going on and how to approach things.

So how are we supposed to process it while we’re thinking about a million other things? Well, if you just need some time to process it, just get off of everything and just sit down and think.

You’re going to have to approach this time at home as a blessing or as a curse. You’re either going to love it or hate it. It’s going to ruin your life or it will be the best thing ever.

You see, it really does depend on how you react to it. Because again, we can’t control what always happens to us. But we can control how we react to what happens to us.

Great Ways to Be Productive While Stuck At Home

So I’m here today to help you to give you some tips about being more productive. I want you to actually be doing something with your life while at home. Because it is truly possible.

You’re not just shutting down. No. There’s lots of things you can be doing that will make a difference.

1. First of all, make a daily plan. You can plan this out the night before. You can plan it with your family unit. Figure out what needs to be done and then make a schedule with the three most important things you feel like needs to be done.

2. Order online locally when you can. I know in our area there still many businesses are closed, however they’re opened. What I mean is that you can call in and order what you need. Pay them electronically somehow and then you can go in and pick up or they will deliver. I encourage you to try that.

3. And along with that, use technology to find answers to your questions. If you need to ask a friend, call them up or do a zoom call, do a face to face chat with them if you have phones that allow face time. So technology is great.

4. Include lots of play time along with your work. Again, we have all the hours in the day now! Well, unless you work from home and then you still have to work. But still you can take breaks in your day.

Think about this: How many breaks do you take during your regular normal day when you’re at your office? I mean, think about it.

So, use that time that you have that you used before and use it to play with your kids or do something fun that you’ve always wanted to do but never felt like you had the time. So those are a few productivity tips. I hope that they help you.

So, What’s the Good In All Of This?

Let’s talk about some more good things coming out from staying at home. Having my Great Grandma alive still until I was in my late twenties was a blessing. Whenever I had any question about history, I would always go and ask my Great Grandma. I loved talking to her. She would always tell me straight up: “You know it really didn’t affect us much because we were already poor.”

I know now that God gives us everything that we need. He provides us with green pastures, he leads us to still waters and I know now that that that is so true. This is why I think that any quarantine period or stay at home time is going to be really great for society.

Staying at Home Has Allowed us to slow down.

Being Stuck at Home has allowed us to spend more time together as a family. There’s been lots of family bonding going on here.

It has given me time back with my girl, with my older daughter that I didn’t have before. I worked a job where I worked nights and weekends when my older daughter was just a baby. Now I’m getting that time back with her and it’s such a blessing even though she’s six now, I always regretted not having that time with her when she was a baby. I felt like everybody else was raising her and I felt really bad about that and really guilty about it for a long time. But now I’m seeing this as a blessing from God. This is time that I can get back with her and that’s so great.

Technology is a wonderful thing.

Our kids can still learn at home. Technology is making this possible. Teachers are sending home packets. They use technology to connect with the kids and that is a blessing as well. So, technology is a wonderful thing.

Without technology, learning at home would be harder to do. I encourage you to appreciate the time that you do get at home to start really just stop and think and enjoy the quiet moments.

This is a time to get projects done.

Like I mentioned, when there’s a stay at home order for any reason, there’s a lot of people that are doing things that they normally don’t get to do. This is the time to cook more or do something great that you’ve always been wanting to do. Now is a great time to learn new skills while stuck at home.

Also tracking expenses. Make a budget to see how much you’re going to save during this time at home. We’re going to save a lot of gas during this time. Gas is probably our biggest expense. What’s your’s?

You can also give back during this time. Donate what you have that will help others. Check in with neighbors, check in with friends. Again, technology is great for that.

Support your local businesses

I know many storefronts are closed during a stay at home order. But, they are thinking outside the box. They’re still taking orders and finding new ways to still serve their valued customers while they are stuck at home.

Grow In Your Faith

We can grow in our faith during this time. We’ll keep living again.

I want you to focus on what you can control, which is to have faith. You can control whether you have faith that everything’s going to be fine and quit worrying that it’s not going to be fine. Keep living your life because we all know that God is in charge. We don’t have to be scared. He’s with us. He gives us rest. He is the only one that we can rely on through all of this.

For many years I struggled with this, but just a few years ago I found it to be true. Faith isn’t usually something that happens overnight, but your faith can grow during times like these.

What are some opportunities that you see for your family or your community? What are some good things that you see that can come out of this?

stuck at home

Wrap Up

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You know the message: You deserve to live and work the way you want to without the worry, without the fear and the overwhelm.

And that’s why I’m here today, my friend. To help and serve and teach you what I have learned to make your life a little bit easier and your time more manageable.

So my friend, thank you again so much for listening, especially while you’re stuck at home.