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How to stay humbled when your jealous muscle is flexed

Jealous much?

Jealous feelings can consume anyone. That annoying feeling when you hate what someone has because you either don’t want them to have it or you want it. 

Who doesn’t?

It’s too easy to be consumed with jealousy when that muscle is flexed.

Maybe your neighbor has taller vegetables than yours. Or, maybe your competition is moving forward at a faster pace than you because you are being smarter about the choices you make.

Your jealousy muscles do not help you to achieve anything. They only hurt your productivity. They consume your visions and your thoughts to the point where you block out the success and only think about the negatives.

Retract those jealous muscles.

Easier said than done, right? It’s all about what’s in your head.

Because I truly believe that your mind controls everything you do. The truth is that you really don’t have a jealous muscle in your body. It’s all in your head.

But still, that mindset is like a muscle. It can be strong when flexed. And it can consume you in ways you wish it wouldn’t. You have to learn to control your jealous mind and you can.

Here’s a short list of ways to stay humbled and happy when your jealous muscle is flexed.

Count your blessings

You have many things in your life that makes you the person you are. Stop thinking so much about the things you want. Try to set back, take a deep breath and think about the things you have.

I have my husband, beautiful daughter, a gorgeous place in the country, and air in my lungs.

Learn from the successful people in your industry

How to stay humble when your jealous muscle is flexed

Watch the successful people in the industry you wish to join. They were in your shoes once. Really, they were.

How did they make it big? What are their production, selection, and marketing strategies?

Set your own goals

What exactly are your goals? Do you have short, medium and long term goals written down where you can see them?

Goals are so important because they are the roadmap to your future.

Have you ever gone on a vacation to a new place without a map? How hard is it to navigate somewhere you’ve never been without a gps system or a road map to follow?

Your short term goals are goals you want to achieve in a very short amount of time. I’m thinking less than one year. These goals are stepping stones towards the bigger picture.

Mid-term goals are those you’d want to achieve in less than five years. They build off of your short term goals.

Long-term goals are the big picture. Set these so high that it takes five-ten years to achieve them. Slow and steady wins the race.

Don’t just have these goals. Write them down and keep them with you. Check yourselves on a daily basis to stay accountable.

Make contacts but don’t make waves

Remember the successful people in your industry? Don’t just watch them. Talk to them.

Follow them on social media. Leave intelligent and helpful comments on their posts and pictures.

Ask them how you can learn from them or better yet, work with them.

But, don’t ask to become them.

5.  Make it your own. 


Not quite there, yet?

Believe me, you are doing it right. Slow and steady wins the race, my friend. Do what you have to do to survive and take baby steps towards those goals.

Don’t let those jealous muscles flex any longer. Retract and move towards the finish.

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~ Much Love ~