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How to Maintain Healthy Summer Skin

Do you find it hard to maintain healthy summer skin after it’s been exposed to the sun?

Maintain healthy summer skin like never before just by practicing a few daily habits with a few amazing products.

Because why wouldn’t you want the best for your skin? I know I do. That’s why I use Herbalife skin products and have been a loyal customer/distributor for 5 years now.

Herbalife has an entire line up of great skin products. While I don’t use the entire skin line, there are a few skin products I can’t live without. I use these products to protect, replenish and rejuvenate my skin after a long day out in the sun doing farm work or playing in the swimming pool with my kids.

I’ve Always Been A Sun Bunny

Meaning, I’ve practically lived and worked outdoors my entire life. Growing up on the farm and in a small town, I was outside a lot and still am. Helping in the garden and in the field as well as holding a summer job as a lifeguard kept me enjoying the hot summer sun and very occasional sunburn.

In my teenage years, I was obsessed with getting the perfect tan. Having a beautiful tan each summer hid my acne-prone skin a little bit. If I knew now what I knew then, I would have maintained my skin a lot differently.

Yes, there have been times over the years when I didn’t protect my skin the way I should have. Now, I’m seeing the light and working harder to keep my skin feeling it’s best. I wear sun screen as much as I can. I also clean my face every day and rejuvenate my pores every week.

Because why wouldn’t I want to feel comfortable in my skin? As the owner of oily and acne-prone skin, I know how important feeling comfortable in your skin really means. I’ve tried every product brand on the market since I was 10 years old. Five years ago, I was introduced to Herbalife. I’ve never looked back.

So, here are the wonderful products from Herbalife I love using to maintain healthy summer skin.

maintain healthy summer skin

Herbal Aloe Sunscreen

To protect your skin from the sun, you need to apply an excellent sunscreen. This is an excellent sunscreen for all ages. My entire family uses this sunscreen, including my little ones. They’ve never been sunburned yet.

It is light, creamy and it smells amazing on and off your skin. It also MOISTURIZES! How awesome is that?

The SPF amount is 30, which isn’t unbelievably high.  But, it is recommended to reapply after 40 minutes. But that’s ok, because the delicious smell of this sunscreen will make you want to eat it. It smells so good. I look forward to reapplying.

I think it’s important to reapply no matter what sunscreen you use just to be safe. But not all sunscreens remind anyone of that right on the tube.

So, protect your precious skin. Protect your skin from the sun drying out and sunburning. Because sunburns are not fun, right? And dry crackly skin from the sun can be a devastating blow to getting amazing summer skin.


So, I have extremely sensitive skin. Very few products actually keep my skin from breaking out.

I’ve found the answer and now you can as well. So, refresh the pores in your skin by cleansing them with an awesome face wash.

I wash my face with the Polishing Citrus Cleanser at least once per day.

Within the cleanser are tiny green silky polishing jojoba beads that exfoliates, soothes and softens the skin gently. This face wash is actually great for all skin types: Normal to dry skin.

Not only does it clean skin, but it moisturizes as well! This is perfect after being out in the sun. Moisturizing is key to maintaining healthy looking summer skin. After washing and replenishing your skin, rejuvenate with the cooling refining mask.


Cooling Refining Mint Clay Mask

That’s right. It’s so rejuvenating. This Cooling Refining Mint Clay Mask is one of my favorite products from the Herbalife SKIN line.

I can’t say enough great things about the mask. I love it. It’s like going to a spa and pampering my skin once a week in the comfort of my home.

And it smells amazing because it’s infused with rosemary and spearmint. It’s made up of bentonite clay and removes dirt from the pores while absorbing excess oil.

Dermatologists have actually tested the mask and have concluded the appearance of the skin pores really do improve after just one use. I believe it because I can feel it. I can feel my healthy pores opening to receive the benefits of moisturizers. It’s the final step to maintain healthy summer skin.
maintain healthy summer skin

Why I love Herbalife

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been with Herbalife for 5 years strong. So, here are 5 reasons I love it:

  1. Doctors – Every product has been formulated by professionals in the health industry. So, I trust the products, especially skin products.
  2. Lifestyle – There is a product for every age and every lifestyle.
  3. Safe – The products are safe for all ages. My kids use several products, including multivitamins and skin products. There are a few products unsafe for pregnancy, but it can be replaced by another safer product.
  4. Affordable – If you do the math, these products are really more affordable than buying the same sort of product from a store.
  5. Available – I love the availability of the products. All I have to do is jump online and order.

How You, Too, Can Have Healthy Summer Skin

Here’s how to get what I use without the hassle. Or, you could shop around and find products you want to try. It’s honestly so easy.

First, go to Go Herbalife to make an account of your own. Then, you can search for products and see what other amazing Herbalife products on there, too.

To find the skin line up, just look at the list on the left hand side until you find Outer Nutrition. Just underneath that headline is Herbalife SKIN. Click on the link to Herbalife SKIN for a list of all the wonderful Herbalife products formulated by worldly renown and recommended by doctors and dermatologists.

To achieve the best skin possible, you must maintain healthy summer skin. The way to do it is to simply acquire the best of the best.

maintain healthy summer skin

Take Care of Your Skin

Because it’s the only skin you’ll ever have. Take the best care you possibly can. There’s no better feeling than fresh, clean skin to enjoy each and every day. Taking care of it is how you maintain healthy summer skin.

Keep your skin healthy by protecting it from the sun daily. Refresh and rejuvenate your facial skin by cleaning and masking regularly. Maintain healthy summer skin by simply taking the time to care for it each and every day. I’d love to know if you’ve tried these amazing skin products! Then, please let me know if you have also seen results.

~ Much Love ~

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