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How to Make Money Selling Dandelions with a Dandelion Farm in Spring

Ever wonder if you can make money selling dandelions with a dandelion farm?

You might think I’m crazy introducing ways of starting to make money selling dandelions. But sometimes you just have to look around at your dandelion farm and think outside the box a little bit. If you’re outdoors and you look around, you’re more than likely going to see dandelions growing in early spring through summer. 

I see dandelions EVERYWHERE and I don’t even have flower farms. And it’s often that yellow and green bouquet I get from my children the first of spring. 

But I’ll be honest. I used to despise dandelions. My own memories of dandelions go back to childhood. The need for a perfect yard resulted in us kids going out and digging up dandelions (roots and all) as our main chores. And throwing them away.

Knowing what I know now, we were throwing money away! Who knew that there’s ways to make money selling dandelions? Medicinally, nutritionally, beauty and more. Locally and wholesale.I’m going to introduce you to some of these markets today so that you can dabble, too. This might be your best backyard business option yet! In this post, I’m going to introduce: 

  • Different Ways You Can make money selling dandelions.
  • How you can use the popular question: “Can you eat dandelions in your yard?” to your advantage.
  • How to use dandelion in different ways to attract different markets to make money. 

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Disclosure: Throughout this post, I’m promoting the use of marketing and using unsprayed healthy dandelions. If you know dandelions have been sprayed, it’s not a good idea to follow through with any of these business ideas. 

Selling Wholesale for Bouquets 

 Depending on popular colors needed and in certain season, there may be a need for both fresh and dried dandelions in floral shops and with wedding planners.  

 With local all the rage, there could be a need for “dandelion farmers” in this space. How easy is it to grow something that NATURALLY GROWS in your yard or pastures? There could really be opportunity for business here. 

 But you need to ask around first. Talk to different people who work with flowers. More than likely, the floriculturalist or floral designer or interior decorator is looking for someone just like you. They don’t have the time to gather their own and they are willing to pay for the best, most colorful and fullest dandelions and greens.   

 And there’s even room for you to be creative and to sell dandelion bouquets, jewelry and crafts as well.  

Dandelion Jelly

Here’s a creative way to eat dandelions that is gaining more and more popularity! It really tastes like a sweet and floral honey and is delicious on fresh bread.  

A super quick recipe: 

Here’s how to Make the Dandelion Jelly:

  1.  Remove green from flowers. 
  2.  Pour boiling water over the petals and let it steep for 2 hours. 
  3.  Strain through a cheese cloth.  
  4.  Mix ingredients and dandelion “tea” into a large pot and bring to a boil. 
  5.  Fill hot half-pint jars leaving 1/4 inch headspace.  
  6.  Process 10 minutes using waterbath (if altitude is less than 6000 ft elevation). 

 For further reading about waterbath canning, go here 

Dandelion Wine

 I have not made dandelion wine but I have heard songs of it’s praises from others who have. Which makes it awful tempting to try it out to see if it’s a hit in a local market. 

 If you have lots of friends who are into wine, it may not be a bad idea to try.

Dandelion Salve

 If you’re already into making salves or even lip balms, you can use dandelions as an ingredient with beeswax and coconut oil! There’s lots of recipes out there for making your own products to sell.  

Here’s one from Montana Homesteader 


 Next, if you’re into the health and fitness space, you might consider juicing with dandelion. Dandelion has great nutritional benefits that would work in great with any juice recipe.  

 If you’re juicing for others or are already selling recipes, you might want to consider adding in dandelion.  

Rented Space for Beekeepers

 Dandelions are one of the “first food” in the spring for honeybees. If you don’t have bees but want to help them out, you might consider renting a space to a beekeeper to place some hives near your dandelions.  

 I know many livestock/hay producers who do this with alfalfa. Why not do it with dandelions?  

 And bees are going to help the dandelions stay beautiful and vibrant longer. So, you might as well try to get in on some of these other markets because if you have bees, you’re going to have plenty of dandelions.  

Selling Medicinal Herbs

 If you’re in to using dandelions for medicinal purposes, you might be interesting in this very niche market.  

I know there is a wholesale market. And not just for dandelions but for other medicinal herbs as a whole. If you’re into growing herbs, this might be for you. 

But, how do find that market? There’s another great book I want to share with you about growing medicinal herbs for profit.  


 One word of advice…you need to find the right restaurants. More high-end, fancier restaurants. Local restaurants that use garnish already. Health food restaurants.  

 But are you just selling “dandelions?” Here’s what you’re really selling them: 

  •  Heads and greens for garnish for fancy dishes 
  •  Roots for teas and extra health ingredients 
  •  Salad Greens 
  •  Certain ready-made products (depending on the rules of the restaurants) 

 If you have connections to these restaurants already, you’re going to have a better chance of getting your dandelions and products in. But it doesn’t hurt to just call an owner or manager and tell them about the benefits of dandelions for their customers and their business. Just starting up a conversation and getting to know the person before trying to sell them anything can help a lot.

Dandelion Benefits

What are these benefits exactly? 

Well, did you know that dandelions actually contain some health benefits for you and me? Some of these include relief for urinary disorders, bone health, detox and skin care. That’s why it works great as food and in salves and lip products. 

Also, did you know that dandelion flowers and leaves are rich in vitamins, iron, and calcium. Which explains why it’s being used more and more in the culinary world. This is what you’ll need to know to market your dandelions and products to be sold. 

How to Market Dandelions and Products

The nutritional benefits I listed above are excellent points to highlight when marketing your product. If you’re marketing the flowers themselves, 

Different ways to use dandelion. The roots, greens and flowers can all be used. 

Harvesting at the right time at the peak time is also a key importance. This little business you start will be very seasonal as the dandelions will start to die off as weather gets hot. Try extending the season into Fall by drying fresh dandelions. The dried yellow flowers will look gorgeous in fall bouquets. 

What about Prices?

Ok, so prices highly depend on which market you’re dabbling. 

Both leaf and root command a higher price because of their difficulty in harvest. Bulk wholesale prices for leaf begin at $6.00 per pound, while root can sell for more than $3.80 per pound. If processed for manufacturing use, prices for leaf and root can be more than $4.50 per pound in tonnage. 

For products, such as salve, look for prices in stores and online. Price your product depending on the ingredients used and your expenses. 

One piece of advice I have is to throw these prices out to your customers. Tell them that this is market price and more than likely, they’ll be willing to pay that. But do be prepared to go up or down depending on what they are willing to pay. Prices are always negotiable but both parties must be ok with the final deal. 

The Problems with Selling Dandelions

 Dandelions get a bad rap. This is why you’ll need to really sell the benefits.  

 Products such as jelly and wine are deemed as unsafe food items to sell commercially unless made in a commercial kitchen. You may or may not have access to a commercial kitchen.  

 Finally, the dandelion growing cycle is seasonal. Like I mentioned, fresh live dandelions will die off as the weather gets hot and dry. But there are ways you can extend the season, such as drying the flowers and greens, making the powder and making salves and lip balms.  

 However you look at it, growing dandelions for profit is completely possible. Dandelion farming is becoming a thing more and more. So, take advantage of using what used to be known as an invasive weed and make it into a business! 

Make It a Great Backyard Business

Dandelions grow naturally in many many places around the world. More than likely, you have dandelions or some sort of similar herbal edible flower growing in your yard. 

Take advantage of opportunity. Find out all you can about dandelions. Become passionate and own what you grow. This is ultimately how you are going to be successful in your quest to make money selling dandelions. 

If this post is something that you took heart in, then take action now! Search around your markets to see if you can truly make money selling dandelions. Then, hone your skills and add some dandelion into your business plan. Talk to people and show your passion showing them how to use dandelion to better their lives and maybe their businesses. Sell it, friend. You’ve got this. 

~ Much Love ~