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Setting Your Goals for Next Year and Crushing Them

We’ve all been there. Setting your goals for next year and then a couple of weeks later you give up on it, feeling like a failure.

Not this time! I’m giving you my tips on setting your goals for next year and crushing them.

I’ve always been a goal setter. My husband and I work together now to set goals for ourselves and for our family. I’m going to talk about what works for me when it comes to not only setting, but achieving your goals. 

In this episode:
  • You’ll learn my big, scary goals for 2019.
  • 10 steps to planning and crushing your goals
  • Setting your goals for next year.

setting your goals for next year

Steps to Goal Setting

Step 1: Brain dump.

Sit down with a pen and paper or a dry erase board and write down all the goals you have for 2019. Make these goals as big as you want, understanding they may change throughout the process. But give them all out, write everything down, especially the goals that scare you. 

Step 2: Non-negotiables

This step is what my friend Amy Porterfield calls non-negotiables. The things in your life you’re going to say no to in order to work towards your goals.

For me, this year my “no” was commercial goats. With 70 does, 2 young girls, and a husband that sometimes isn’t home, it was way too stressful last year during kidding season. I was in the barn all hours of the night when the girls needed me. I knew that wasn’t something I wanted anymore.

It was scary making that decision. I had to trust that someone would be interested in them as a group. It took about a month but I was able to find someone to take the whole group of my does. We’re now down to six does and focusing on show quality goats instead of commercial. 

Here’s how I decide what my “no’s” are going to be. I make a list of all the things I don’t like doing. Then I sit down with that list and pray over it, thinking hard about the things I can cross off. That’s it!

Step 3: Plan out your year

Now for those of you who aren’t planners then this may seem like a daunting task so instead of planning out the year, plan out the first six months, January to June. Or break it down into quarters, so that it is three months at a time. Whatever you’re comfortable with is where I want you to start. Don’t get overwhelmed and just not do it.

Step 4: Pick your big three

At the beginning of each month pick three goals you want to achieve that month. You can also pick out smaller goals that you need to achieve that month to get closer to the big, scary goal. Then plan your month around ensuring those goals are achievable. 

Step 5: Plan for fun

This may seem silly but it’s necessary. As rural women it can be hard to find good friends, especially in close proximity.

However, it’s important an effort to connect with people. Not on social media but person to person. It can be lonely living the rural lifestyle or being a stay at home mom, so I think friendships are so important for our mental health. 

Step 6: Plan for health and fitness

I know we work hard on our farms but what our body needs is 30 minutes of consistent exercise with an elevated heart rate. Whether it’s cardio or weightlifting, a consistent 30 minute workout is going to make all the difference.

I’ve actually started running again recently with a group which helps me stay accountable. Maybe that’s just what you need, too. Check out your local gyms and see if they offer classes or see if you can find a partner to do it with. 

Step 7: Plan financial goals

Be sure to track your income and expenses in order to stay on top of your financial goals. 

Step 8: Monthly motto

This is something that I personally like about the Living Well Planner that I use. Each month has its own motto or mantra. I include this motto when I’m  meditating as well. I have two for January, the first is ‘you are living the life you want to live,’ and the second is ‘I’m in control.’ 

I’ve also chosen a word for 2019 and that is: CREATE. Which I will explain more on in an upcoming episode. 

Step 9: How are you going to ensure you show up?

You need to put a plan in place to make yourself show up and be held accountable to your goals. My big, scary goal for next year is to do more live videos so I can connect with my audience but in order for me to ensure that I show up I had to plan them. So that’s what I did, I’ve mapped out a schedule for when I’m going to do these live videos. 

Step 10: Take 5 small steps a day to reach your big goal

Listen carefully, do not get overwhelmed here. If five is too many, then bring it down to three, or one, whatever you can handle but breaking down your big goals into small ones makes it more achievable. So if I want to clean the kitchen on Friday then my to-do list will consist of: 

  • do the dishes
  • wipe down the counters 
  • organize pots and pans 
  • clean out refrigerator
  • wipe down cabinets

This gives me bite size pieces to accomplish the bigger goal. Say I accomplish those five things in the morning, then I feel better because I’ve already accomplished a big goal and I can choose to add another small five steps or I can choose to take the rest of the day “off” so to speak. This is going to have a positive impact on your mood because you’re going to be accomplishing your goals in a way that isn’t overwhelming or anxiety inducing.

I know planning big goals can be a little daunting at first but I hope that my tips on how to plan your goals for next year will help you crush them! I would love to see your brain dumps and your maps for next year, find me on Instagram @mindy_farmfitliving and tag me in your posts and stories using the hashtag #ruralwomeninspiredpodcast.