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7 Staycation Ideas to Help You Chill Out & Keep Your Mind Fit

If you simply can’t go on a “real” travel vacation, you might be inclined to enjoy these staycation ideas.

What is a staycation? Well, it simply means to take a vacation for your self at home or nearby. You’re not going to be traveling more than a day away with any of these staycation ideas I’m about to share with you.

These staycation ideas are perfect for those of us who are responsible for our farms, pets and livestock. Also, community responsibilities. During busy seasons, it’s hard to get away. Or, maybe you don’t have the money to take a big vacation right now.

It’s ok! You don’t have to do a lot of traveling to relax with these staycation ideas. Actually, many people find traveling long distances to be more stressful than just staying near home (me included!). So, I’m going to give you some ways to relax at home or not very far from home. Not more than 2 hours away or so. 

Because when there’s a will to take some time for yourself, there’s a way. If you feel you simply can’t leave home to travel for whatever reason, you need to consider some of these ideas. I believe we all need to take some time and enjoy what we want to enjoy.

And the good news is, there are lots of ways to enjoy your staycation or cheap weekend getaways in the way you want to and when you want to.

In this post, I will uncover:

  • Some great staycation ideas to help you plan yours. 
  • Great ways to relax at home or near home without much drive time or travel.
  • Some examples of cheap weekend getaways that my family loves. 

You don’t have to take the whole weekend. Even day trips are super fun and you’ll be back in time to do chores at the end of the day. But I am here to recommend that you do SOMETHING fun and relaxing regularly to overcome overwhelm and maintain mindful fitness and happiness. 

Read more on why you NEED vacations away from the farm and how to take one. 

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Staycation Ideas

Stay at Local Bed & Breakfasts

If you’re looking for some time away and a nice indoor place to stay, the quietness of a local bed & breakfast is the way to go. And sometimes there’s some super fun things to do at these bed & breakfasts. 

The owners of these bed & breakfasts care about you and that you come to stay at their business and visit their community. The creativity you’ll find in their amenities are also fun to explore. Some have horseback riding. There could be some guided tours. And sometimes they will cook for you! The possibilities are endless. 

Do some searches for bed & breakfasts in the town you want to explore on your staycation. What’s even better is when you can visit an area that has multiple little towns with lots of wonderful things to see and do. 

Because, they are there. Trust me. 

Visit Local Small Town Gems

Rural Communities and Small Towns Are Not Dead. They are very much alive. In fact, the best gems and things to do on a staycation are found in small towns. That small town, rural feel is heartfelt and feel-good. You can meet the nicest people just by visiting local places and visiting small backyard businesses. 

Staycation ideas for small town gems:

And More! Rural and small town America is FULL of wonderful places, people and things to visit. Not just in the towns, but out in nature as well. 

Spend More Time with Nature

We are surrounded by beautiful nature everywhere. But we hardly have time to stop and enjoy it.

Plan your staycation ideas around spending time outdoors. Not just hiking, biking or passing through. REALLY spending time enjoying the quiet and surrealness of nature. 

Tie up a hammock and close your eyes. Just use your ears to hear the sounds. 

Canoe down a river slowly. Put time away. Just enjoy the time that you have to spend and clear your mind. 

Finally, reading books while you’re in your hammock or down in the water can just add to the relaxation. Here are a couple of books I just love and recommend all the time:

Uninvited by Lysa Terkherst

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

Camping/Cooking Out Doors

Enjoy nature more at night as well. Camping is so fun and makes wonderful memories along with cheap weekend getaways. Along with camping, cook meals over an open fire. 

There’s nothing more isolated than setting up a tent in the middle of nowhere. 

And this section is short because camping is what you make it. If you’re scared to camp, then don’t. You have to go into sleeping outdoors in a tent among wild animals and other things…with an open mind. 

Here’s some supplies for camping if you don’t have them already:

Camping Lantern

First Aid Kit

Sleeping Cot

Camping Tent

staycation ideas

Cabins/Fishing at the Lake

I have so many wonderful memories with my family at the lake 30 minutes from home. We would go for the day but sometimes overnight and we’d stay at the camper or in a cabin. 

Fishing and enjoying the water at the lake is a great getaway for just a day if you have to get back. Or just relaxing by the water. Water can relieve so much stress. 

Here’s some other ways to relieve stress that you may have in your life. 

The best staycation tips I can give you is that you must unplug in order to relax. I can also tell you that it takes around a day or so to break your mind away from daily life schedule. 

To speed up that process, it’s truly important unplug from everything you left behind. Put your phones away. Use actual cameras for picture taking. You’ll want to take those photos to preserve your memories!

Plan Your Staycation Ideas Around Local Events & Hometown Celebrations

Every little town around has some sort of event that brings people home. These celebrations are unique to the community heritage and creativity of the members who plan them. Plus, they make cheap weekend getaways.

At these local events, you can find:

  • Entertainment
  • Music
  • Parades
  • Contests
  • & More

Endless fun activities to reduce stress for the whole family. But also friendships and relationships are made. Great conversations to be had. 

To be quite honest, we are human beings and not made to be isolated souls. If you really can’t be alone ever and need people around you, this might be a great staycation for you. 

The staycation ideas you choose have to be what works for you and truly helps you unwind. And meeting your vital needs. 

For more about vital needs, go here

Spend Time on Your Hobbies

Another vital need for happiness you may not spend enough time on is DOING something that makes you happy. Hobbies that make you happy.

I hear people say all the time: “I wish I could do more of “this thing” but I just don’t have the time.

So, here’s my advice: Why not plan your staycation AROUND your hobby or vital need. Not only with ways to relax at home with your hobbies, but take your hobbies with you to a livestock show or some other kind of show where you can meet people who have similar interest. 

Staycation ideas must be planned around what makes you happy and what helps you relax and clear your mindset. 

Let’s talk about the planning process for these staycation ideas next.

staycation ideas

Planning a Staycation

So, I’ve given you some mini staycation ideas for families. Now to choose what to do. 

Some factors that might go into how you plan: 

  • Time
  • Money
  • Busy Seasons
  • Knowledge of the Area
  • Your Responsibilities

There’s ALWAYS a will and a way to getaway with any of these staycation ideas I’ve mentioned above. You must make the time and save the money for cheap weekend getaways in between busy seasons. Luckily, country staycation ideas don’t require a large amount of money other than travel and food. 

Here’s some ways to become frugal and save more money. 

Also, don’t plan to do TOO much. It’s important to plan for some things to do with these staycation ideas to relax and also time for ways to relax your mind. The success of your staycation ideas is reliant on your choice for how to relax yourself. Now, back to those vital needs. 

Take an Actual Nap/Catch Up On Vital Needs

When we’re busy, our vital needs that help us function at our best subside. If we aren’t meeting our vital needs, our time off can help us catch up.

For example, sleep is a vital need for me and I know I definitely don’t get enough on a day-to-day. Between getting up early to work on my businesses, exercise and then keeping up with the girls and the farm all day, I’m getting about 5-6 hours of sleep a night. 

When I crash, I crash hard. And I tell my little girls that mommy is grumpy sometimes because she’s not getting enough sleep. I’ll be a happier mommy if I get sleep. I’m a happier person when I get what I need. 

And, really. Aren’t we all happier when our needs are met? Happiness is virtue and you’ll find yourself to be more happy just by meeting a few vital needs. So, I plan my staycation ideas around some time to sleep. Among other things, but I definitely stay away from planning too much. 

Read more about happiness here

Staycation No-No’s

In order to clear your mind and make the most of your staycation, please please please put technology away. Except for a camera. You’ll want to take pictures and preserve the memories. 

But, really. Get rid of the phone. As the daughter of a business owner, the most annoying thing I grew up with was my dad getting phone calls while we were trying to enjoy family time on a staycation. Enjoy your company. Enjoy your family. And enjoy the quiet that comes with a rural staycation. 

Everything can wait until you get home. 

Believe me – It’s for your own good. 

Have a Relaxing Staycation

Don’t worry about things at home or at the farm. They will be just fine. This is the anxiety you need to release from. If ways to relax at home just won’t work, you need to get away with these family staycation ideas.

If you can automate a lot of feed and watering systems for animals and find a good caretaker, you’re set. Everything will be just fine. I have more tips for leaving the farm below. But this also goes double for leaving a business. Business owners have a hard time getting away and releasing. 

But you must in order for the staycation ideas to really work well for you. The best staycation tips I can give you is to enjoy yourself and embrace the beauty of the gorgeous world we live in rural and small town America. 


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