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How to Control Disgusting Ticks On Your Property Right Now

Do you need help trying to control disgusting ticks?

There’s many ways to control disgusting ticks!

When we first moved to our new farmstead, our new place was literally COVERED in ticks. We could just be sitting out in the yard and have a tick on us within minutes.

Gross, right?

Ugh. Ticks can cause so much damage to our bodies and our pets’ bodies. If you are seeing a lot of ticks on you, then you need these ways to take care of them once and for all.

In this post, I’ll share:

– Simple ways to control disgusting ticks right now,
– Products or supplies you might need in order to get rid of ticks sooner,
– Which animals are great about taking care of ticks.

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This is how my Grandma controls ticks. And snakes. But she swears by guineas for tick control.

Guinneas are just about the ugliest bird but they are useful for many different things and control many pests. One downfall of them is that they are noisy but pretty easy to care for.

But guinneas aren’t the only birds who control ticks!


Oh boy, do I love my chickens. I had no idea before that they were a tick control method. That was a complete surprise to me.

When chickens free range around, they have the ability to find ticks in the ground where they scratch – especially in areas with a lot of trees and brush. I’ll talk more about areas where ticks thrive in just a minute.

For now, let me mention ducks.


Runner Ducks and Muscovy Ducks are great for tick control, especially around ponds. If you have a pond with a lot of brush around, you could definitely have a tick problems.

Ducks love the water, so they will hang out on the pond and eat the ticks. Plus, they are fun to have around.


Turkeys are just cool. If you have a flock of turkeys, you will have less ticks. They love the brush to hide in where the ticks are also hanging out.

Using animals to control ticks demonstrates the circle of life. It is a natural process of pest management.

These next few ways are going to cover chemical and mechanical ways to control disgusting ticks.


I believe this was ultimately one of the best ways we have used to control disgusting ticks over the years we’ve lived on our farm. It’s a lot of work, but in the end it really works.

The thing is, ticks love places to hide. So, getting rid of all their favorite hiding spots can make a huge difference.

They love high brush and tall grass. You can get rid of the brush and keep the grass short where you might be getting a lot of ticks.

Garlic Barrier or Spray

Apparently, garlic deters ticks. It’s definitely worth a shot to try.

I’m a garlic grower myself and have noticed it does deter a lot of different pests. So, it’s definitely worth a try.

Go here to learn how to grow great garlic.

If you don’t want to grow your own garlic barrier, here’s a garlic spray to try. Just spray it around your property and see how it works for you.

There’s another product literally called garlic barrier that might be helpful to you.

Tick Tubes

Tick tubes are a wonderful safe option. If you have a lot of pets or animals around, you definitely don’t want them around any poison or pest control that might harm them.

Also, you need something that is tested and proven as well as simple to use with no mess involved.

So, tick tubes are just that. All you need to do is just place the tubes in the target areas in spring and summer before ticks get going.

Clear Brush

There’s a method called clear brush that is simple, easy and cheap.

Clear brushing is basically getting white cardboard sheets, covering them in vaseline and dragging them around through the trees or places where ticks are prevalent.

Brushing the area with vaseline could be a new method of choice for you.

Control those Ticks for Good!

I’ve mentioned several ways to control ticks before they start coming around. It’s important to get a handle on them and they can be quite destructive when they attach to our skin or our pets’.

Let me know in the comments if you have a different or other ways to control disgusting ticks. I hope this has helped you to develop your own plan.

Enjoy your time outside not worrying about tick bites!