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5 Ways to Stress Less When Living the Simple Life

Are you looking for a simple life where you can stress less. 

You can’t avoid stress. The circle of life requires it.

Don’t ask me why. I’d love to be able to explain why stress exists. The problems we face never ever go away. 

The truth is that when we think our problems are gone, new and different problems to stress about arises. This is why it’s part of the circle of life.

In this post, I’m going to give you:

  • 5 ways to stress less and live happy.
  • The keys to enjoying the simple life…and the stress that comes with it.

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Here are just 5 things you could be stressing about about:

  1. Starting a new venture – As my farmstead continues to grow, I continue to add new ventures. It’s exciting to be adding something new. But what if my plan doesn’t work?
  2. When a venture fails I’ve made it through some rough times. I haven’t failed completely. As I look back on rocky roads well traveled, I did feel like I was failing. Miserably.

    Check out how I overcame failure here

  3. Upcoming event I am a lifelong learner. I love attending events and gaining new knowledge. However, anticipating leaving the farmstead for days is stressful.

    Here’s how we prepare for Vacations

  4. Missing an important item  I lose things constantly. And of course, it’s always the most important items. Trying to keep a space organized will help with this. But, I get it. Life happens and sometimes space becomes cluttered.Slow down and retrace your steps. And what you find along the way may humble you.

    Here’s how I keep track of important receipts

  5. An animal becomes sick As I gain knowledge and skill, I am improving in the care of my animals. I know what symptoms to look for now. I know what NOT to do. It takes time and knowledge to achieve this point.

    Here’s how to tell if your goat is sick

5 Ways to Stress Less when Living the Simple Life

Now, here are 5 ways to stress less. 

  1. Laugh More – Listen or watch something funny. Find a friend to talk to who can help you laugh for a while.
  2. Learn from mistakes – Why do you feel you are failing? What has not worked for you?How can you make it better?
  3. Find Peace with your Stress – Is your stressed caused by something you have no control over? You have to find peace. Pray. This will pass. Stay on the path to success. Finding something better will help you make peace with whatever is stressing you.
  4. Reorganize your plan –  You need a plan to achieve your goals.Some of your plan may not work.That’s ok.Just because part of the plan fails doesn’t mean your plan is useless. Don’t throw in the towel just yet.Reorganize the steps of the plan. Insert new ideas that would work and discard failures. It’s just a plan restructure.
  5. Recharge your mind – Sometimes just gaining a little bit of rest helps me to recover from stress and feel better about life.A little bit of rest also rejuvenates my mind. An alert mind helps me focus on what needs to be done next.

I listen to audiobooks via AUDIBLE. Click here to get your first book. 

I LOVE this book by Mark Manson. It has adult content but so many good tips for stressing less. 

5 ways to stress less and enjoy the simple life

None of us are free from the stresses life throws at us. 

It’s important to know how to deal with stress. That you can deal with stress.

Also, each of us deals with stress a little bit differently based on our personality. Be open and understanding with yourself.

Take it easy. Pause and take a breath. Get your mind back on the right track to the success you deserve.

~ Much Love ~


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