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8 Tips for Keeping Toddlers Out of the Christmas Tree

Keeping toddlers out of the Christmas tree is easier said than done.

If you’re pulling your hair out keeping toddlers out of the Christmas tree this year, you’re in the right place. This is the exact info you need to keep your sanity…and your hair.

I know because I’m a mom of toddlers. And a cat. The tips I am about to share with are proven ways to deter your cute kiddo from all of the pretties on your Christmas tree.

In this post, I will share:

– 8 proven tips for keeping toddlers out of the Christmas tree.
– Ways that don’t require putting the tree away.
– Beautiful products that were created for this very chore of keeping your tree safe.

Let’s dive in.

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Keeping Toddlers Out of the Christmas Tree

Secure the Tree

First order of business with securing the tree is to get it up off the ground and out of reach of the toddler. Use a small table to set your tree up off the ground.

This is not enough. Of course, the toddler will try to get the tree. This could result in a crash in pulling the table over.

So, here’s where you really want to physically secure it. Literally wire it to the wall.

Use wire or something like bungee cords to tie with and tie the tree to a secure sturdy wall or entertainment center that can’t be pulled down. Be sure to keep the ornaments out of reach as well or tie them on so they can’t be pulled off.

Tell Them No

If you have a reasonable and obedient child, simply tell them no to touching the Christmas tree. With my girls, I laugh at this one.

Both of my toddlers are strong willed she-devils who smile and say “Oh, you said no? No means Yes. Watch This.” And then they go for it.

Nope. The word No doesn’t not phase my children.

But if you have different children than I do, this might work for you. Here’s some tips from some friends who do have obedient children.

#1: Sternly tell the child “No” the first time they touch the tree.
#2: Second warning is to pop the child on the hand with a stern No.
#3: Third warning is Time Out. You definitely need one of these time out chairs. Length of time is however old the child is.

Continue this discipline regiment until they respond (or don’t). Typically, the child will respond and eventually leave the tree alone.

You could also put something around the tree. Let’s talk about that next.

Use a Baby Gate

The first option is to use a baby gate. This is my preferred method of keeping toddlers out of the Christmas Tree.

Baby gates do a pretty good job of keeping toddlers out of anything and anywhere. That is, until they learn how to climb over it like my brother did when he was a toddler. Ah the memories.

But, honestly, a three-part baby gate around your bigger Christmas tree will work wonderfully. This is the one I use and recommend.

Use a Play Pen

The other option for enclosing the tree is to put it in a play pen. This would work for a smaller tree. Not so much a bigger tree.

So, if you have a small space and a smaller tree or if you just want to use a smaller tree during the toddler years, go for the play pen idea. It’s pretty easy to accomplish.

Plus, most toddlers don’t want to be confined in the play pen so chances are, they’re going to be staying away.

Stick with Non-Breakable Ornaments

Keep your Precious Moments and your memorable breakables tucked away for a few years.

It’s okay, Mom. You can get them out later.

For now, use plastic or felt non-breakable ornaments. Think Kid-Friendly ornaments. Put these down lower in range of the toddler.

If you must have your breakable ornaments on, put them up higher out of range.

Sharp Tree Needles

This is for you if you’re into getting a real tree year after year. Blue Spruce and Natural Pine tree needles are super sharp and pokey.

And one thing I’ve learned about toddlers is that they learn real fast what hurts and what doesn’t.

When my toddlers get around the oven and I say, “Hot,” it doesn’t take them long to back away. They won’t go near something if they know what hot feels like. They don’t like it and don’t want it.

That’s also why I say all my favorite snacks are “Spicy.” My toddlers hate spicy so I tell them everything is spicy and they want no part in it.

So, for a tree you could use “Ouch” or “Sharp.” Let them touch the needles and feel the pain. If it hurts them, they will stay out of it.

Give them Their Own Tree

This works great for independent strong-willed kids. They always want their own of everything.

Little mini trees are super cheap as well as shatter-proof decorations. Let them put it up themselves and decorate it. They will be so proud of their tree.

Take the Mystery Out of the Tree

Again, let them touch the tree. Let them be curious and don’t take anything away.

All kids want is to know. They are so curious and really take things apart with their brain. Which in turn leads to destroying the thing. I get it.

Also, they have very short attention spans. They will be very interested in something until they get it. Then, they are on to something else. I look at my kids’ toy room and know this to be true.

So, with the tree, just explore it with them. Answer their questions. Let them touch the ornaments.

After a while, they will get bored with the tree and be on to something else.

keeping toddlers out of the Christmas Tree

Enjoy Your Tree…And Your Toddler

Your toddler is only little for a little while. Although this time may be stressful, it will soon be over. Your toddler will soon be grown up.

I don’t mean to make you cry. It’s the truth.

So, find a way to enjoy the tree and the toddler years all in one. I hope these tips for keeping toddlers out of the Christmas tree will help you to have a Merry Christmas and a Beautiful Tree all through the season.