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9 Best Last Minute Gifts When You Need One In a Pinch

Are you in need of some last minute gifts?

As I was laying in bed this morning, I kept thinking about last minute gifts. I thought: “Hmm, I wonder if everyone has their shopping done. And I bet they’re freaking out because because they can’t order online now they have to go into a store.”

So I thought it would be nice to give you some last minute gift ideas to have your list all ready to go.

In this post, I’ll share:

– 9 Best last minute gifts in case you need one right now,
– These gift ideas will work well for every holiday,
– Some Inspiration to Shop your Local Communities.

That last one is the main one. The main thing that I wanted to express to you all is that now’s the time to shop local support your local stores because they may or may not be hurting this year due to the pandemic. And they really need our support now. So now’s the best time.

Also, I do want to say that you will not see me promoting gift cards. These are going to be meaningful gifts, although if none of these sound good to you, the gift card option or the cash option is always the way to the always the the way to go. If this person is like so terribly hard to shop for a meaningful card with a gift card to a local place or cash is always a winner. So keep that in mind.

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1. Gift Set

If you know this person and you know what their interests are, you can find a gift set in just about anything.

Maybe you could get them a gift set based on their interests. So maybe if they’re like a gardener, you could get them a garden gift set of some sort or go into the garden section of your local hardware store or garden store and just get a hodgepodge of items they might like and put it into a basket and call it a bundle.

And that is some that’s a really neat way to have a unique gift really quickly. And they will love it. I’ve done this with bakers. I’ve had baking gift sets, I’ve made beekeeper gifts that I’ve made book gift sets. And so you can’t really go wrong if you know kind of what their interests are. Maybe you could come up with, like a book. Bundle for the winner with several different books or reading list or something like that in it, and I think that that would be a really awesome gift as well. So just kind of use your imagination on this one and make it your own if you like, to create things on the fly. This is going to be perfect for you to create a perfect gift for somebody like that. So a gift set is number one.

One thing I will say about gift sets is if you’re watching your budget, you’re going to want to watch what you spend on this. You might want to head the dollar store or or make a budget of what you’re willing to spend on this because it does add up. So keep that in mind.

2. Board Game

If they like games and you’re going to be seeing them on Christmas, then maybe get them a board game for Christmas. And this can be there’s board games out there for anything and everything.

Our family really loves Monopoly. And there’s it seems like monopolies for every interest out there. It seems like nowadays we even have far more people at home, which I will link to in the show notes. So this is just ideas for sure. You can find board games in just about any store and any of your local stores, too.

3. Puzzles

I love puzzles and I would love to get a puzzle for Christmas. The winter season is coming up where we’re going to be inside more if the weather’s bad and we’re going to need something to do. And a puzzle is just a really good way to pass the time. It’s really therapeutic. And so if you have that special someone who enjoys a good puzzle, this is a really good option for them.

4. Movie/Snack Bundle

These are really great for the kids.

We do this for our nephews. We get them a movie with a snack and just bundle it all up and they just love it. And so this is a great idea for kids, teenagers or anyone who loves movie and snacktime.

But or maybe a subscription to like Disney plus or something like that. Whatever it is they like to watch, would be good to. So then paired up with their favorite snack that they like to enjoy while they’re watching a movie. Those are just some ideas. Take it and run with it.

5. Soft Warm Clothing

Get them something warm and soft to wear.

I love warm, soft pullovers and I tend to always get one. I really just love them. So that’s why I’m sharing that one today. But socks are always good in this category, even a pair of hat and gloves that are nice and soft and warm for going out. These are always really good ideas.

6. Kitchen Gadgets

We all have to eat and. Why not make it easier with some fun kitchen gadgets?

Check out the awesome chopper for slicing veggies. I think that this is a really cool tool and gift and so you can go get it.

But whatever you think that they might need for their kitchen, cutting boards, maybe some grilling supplies, maybe some seasonings, whatever it is you might think that they need, you know, you could even make a bundle on this one. But it seems like that is what my husband always his kitchen gadgets and seasonings and things like that to make really good food. So, again, take it and run with it.

7. Technology Gadgets

Number seven is something Tech for the techie person.

This little mike is what I use. It’s bluetooth and connects to my phone so I can have better audio when I record for social media posts.

But also keep in mind that this is just a starting point. It’s just an idea to where maybe something techie could be really good for the person you’re buying for, but the smart mike might not be right. However, you could go with the tech idea and keep searching for that perfect gift.

8. Online Learning Class or Course

If they’re into learning or they have a lot to learn, maybe get them a course or online class. I have a few courses on over on my website.

I own these courses and I’m the teacher. So if you are wanting to get somebody one as a gift, if you think they might like something like that, please contact me. You can email me. My email is [email protected] and I can get them enrolled. You can give them that as a gift as well.

With all that said, we are getting close to Christmas and so I’m going to include my new freebie. It’s a in the show notes. It’s a last minute Christmas checklist and it’s a little one sheet piece of paper that has like six different categories, or you can make your own in it. And basically it’s writing down all of your tasks, meal planning, all those sorts of things, gifts. You can use it to plan out your gifts you still need presents for. And basically, it’s when you’re overwhelmed like I am coming up to the end of the Christmas season, right up to Christmas Day, you might be feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out if you have everything that you need.

9. Something Edible

Finally, number nine is something edible. So when nothing else sounds right, the best thing to do is to get them their favorite snacks.

My mom always did this with my grandparents, both sides. My grandpa Howard would always get pecan sandies cookies or honey roasted peanuts. Those were his favorite.

And my other grandpa would always get gummy bears. He really loved them.

My grandma Cathy would get Swedish fish or she would get candy orange slices. And those were always their favorite. And that is what my mom would get them for Christmas every single year. So if you have somebody like that who has a favorite snack or favorite food, then give it to them for Christmas. I bet that they will love it.

There’s always a Gift Idea for Someone

And that, my friend, is a very quick last minute gift guide for you. Again, these are all ideas. Hopefully, they will give you the push you need to finish up that Christmas shopping.

Go into your local stores and try to find the similar gifts that you think that your favorite people would like.

If you love this episode and know of someone who needs to hear it, please feel free to share. Thank you for listening. Have a very merry Christmas and I will see you then. How in your dreams own your life and I’ll see you down the road by.


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