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Why We Did Not Expose Our Infant To Halloween Haunts

We just celebrated another first for Mylee. She celebrated her first “active” Halloween.

As a two-year-old June baby, you might be wondering why we did not expose our infant to Halloween haunts. 

Why did we allow our sweet infant child to skip out on two Halloweens?

Throwback to Halloween 2013. This was our little four month old baby Mylee.

Why We Did Not Expose Our Infant To Halloween Haunts

We had her dressed up in a Halloween onesie and headed over to Grandma’s. I’m super glad we did not buy a Halloween costume for her because she fell asleep during the 15 minute drive.

And she stayed in and out of snoozies all evening. That was the first Halloween.

The second Halloween is literally drawing a blank to me. I remember Mylee was teething and cranky. I remember October being a month full of disappointment, which was my main inspiration for starting this blog.

So, we didn’t do much that Halloween night. We had a nice dinner just the three of us, opened some candy from Grandma, and went to bed.

This year, I have an adorable, independent and fun toddler. I was ready to dress her up this year to go trick or treating. We went shopping for a costume and she picked this one.

Why We Did Not Expose Our Infant To Halloween Haunts

A bumble bee! I taught her how to say buzzzz. I told her how bees make the honey we put on our biscuits.

She loved being a bumble bee and was stinging everyone with her cuteness.

The local college had a Scary Science Night and we decided to check it out. It was awesome.

Students from the colleges of Biology, Physics and Chemistry had different stations where they showed science experiments or let the kids pet animals. The Biology group had this awesome tortoise.

Mylee is feeding her some lettuce.

Why We Did Not Expose Our Infant To Halloween Haunts

They also had this cute soft Chinchilla. I need one of these I can pet all day. So incredibly soft.

There were also fun kids games and candy at each station.

I appreciated the College and the students putting this on for the kids in our community. Not only was it fun, but very educational.

Mylee trick or treated at two houses this year. Our neighbors asked if she could come and trick or treat. The second house was Grandpa and Grandma, where we ate supper.

I wondered if she would be shy, but she did amazing.

We will definitely trick or treat at more houses next year.

Waiting until Mylee was a toddler to celebrate Halloween worked fine for us. She will never ever wonder why she didn’t get to trick or treating the first two year of her life.

We still took things slow this year with two houses, but she was ready and willing to trick or treat this year.  Next year, we will have a list of places for her to trick or treat.

Why We Did Not Expose Our Infant to Halloween Haunts


What were your Halloween festivities this year?

~ Much Love ~



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