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What to Find at Your Farmers Market in May

When your strolling around your local farmers market in May, you’ll find these fruits and vegetables at the marketplace.

If you are lucky and your market is year round, you may not be as excited as I am for the May markets. BUT, here in Kansas, most markets are going to start in May. Vendors take time off from regular farmers markets for various reasons that I explain in the October episode.

So, May is an exciting time. On the vendor side, there’s so much momentum to start the season again of loading up the goods, setting up the marketplace and seeing all of the great customers and friends made from previous years.

I started the “What to Find at Your Farmers Market” in June of last year but most markets will begin in May so I wanted to be sure and include this month too. Keep in mind that I’m in Northeast Kansas so you may have more, or less, items at your market but this will go over the main items. You can make delicious baked goods year round but what people love from the farmer’s market are the fresh fruits and vegetables.

While there’s not a ton of fruits and vegetables ready in May (at least here in Kansas), there’s other great items to find at your market place. Check out the episode below to listen.

Listen to ‘What to find at your local farmers market in May’

Check out these fresh fruits and vegetables you can find at your local marketplace.

Greens – Lettuces, spinaches, kale and herbs

Potted herbs – for those interested in growing their own herbs










Veggie plants


Farm fresh eggs

Handmade items

Baked goods

Jams and jellies

Baked goods


Dry rubs | Marinades | Sauces

Why the First Market of the Year is a Favorite

At the first Farmers Market of the year, there is a certain buzz that’s happening. Seeing the familiar faces of the marketers and customers, meeting new marketers and customers, the friendship and community around the market are what makes it such a special place. I hope you make the trip to your marketplace this spring and summer.

~ Much Love ~