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5 Reasons You Need A Mentor

You need a mentor to help you succeed.

Establishing a mentor or two will make or break your goals.

Let me explain.

I Almost Failed Raising Goats

As I dove into farmsteading, I started a new business venture I knew nothing about. I had so many high end goals and ideas.

Here’s what I did learn without a mentor.

There is an extreme learning curve when it comes to raising small ruminants.

I joined some Facebook groups where I was posting questions about certain goats issues that would pop up. From there, I would receive 20-30 different opinions to try with my sick goat.

Talk about a headache. And heartache.

The ONLY positive about joining these groups was meeting Jane, my mentor. There are many more negatives than positives.

After I almost failed in goats, I was ready to throw in the towel, But then, last Winter, I started just messaging and talking to Jane, who lives just a few hours from me. Magical things started happening.

You Need A Mentor

The Turning Point

I messaged Jane via Facebook only whenever there was a problem. She is a blessing to my operation and to my sanity.

My goat experience became so much better. I learned so much from Jane. By acting at Jane’s advice, I was actually saving the goats. I was turning my program around.

Then, one day, one of my does dislocated her back knee joint. After messaging Jane, she informed me she didn’t know how to help me with this situation.

Did she leave me hanging?

Nope – She referred me to HER mentor Coni. Although Coni was two states away from me, she was so very willing to help me. She has many years of experience with raising goats plus, she’s a registered nurse.

Over the phone, Coni walked me through the process of popping my doe’s joint back into place. Then, she gave me a very short supply list of one pain killer, wrapping for the joint and athlete’s cream for the inflamation.

Coni was also wonderful in giving me the confidence I needed when I didn’t know if I had completed the task correctly. She put my mind at ease through the recovery process by just being an active listener.

Through all of this, I learned that one experienced person’s opinion is the golden ticket.

5 Reasons You Need A Mentor

Here’s 5 Reasons you need a mentor in any venture you are trying out:

  1. You get one successful person’s expertise – One person’s expert knowledge is 100% better than 20 people giving their own opinions.
  2. One on one assistance just for you – Jane is always on-call via Facebook messenger. I know when I message her, she will get back to me very soon. Coni is always available via text or phone. If I can’t get a hold of her, I can leave a message and she will reply shortly.
  3. Your mentor cares about you – This is the truth. The 20 people giving you their opinions on Facebook groups don’t care about you. That’s why they aren’t mentoring anyone. My mentors always take their own precious time to work through things with me. That’s how I know they care. I’m not paying them a dime and they’ve never asked.
  4. Your mentor been through the situation before – Both Jane and Coni have been raising goats for many years. They’ve been through numerous situations successfully. This is why I trust them to help me. It’s also how they have helped my goat operation immensely. But most importantly, how much I’ve learned from the two of them.
  5. You will see the numbers changing – The success is in the numbers. I’ve penciled it out and it works. After using mentor-ship with my operation, I’ve used less inputs but have gained more live animals in the end.Their service to me is priceless. But, most importantly, the success I’m seeing means my goat business is becoming a sustainable venture.

A Mentor Can Be Used For Any Adventure

I’ve used the analogy with my goat business. But, having a mentor for any venture is good.

Find a mentor to help you through parenthood. Or fixing a vehicle. Doesn’t matter what it is…there’s always someone out there willing to help you achieve.

Why do you think Facebook groups are so popular? Everyone is looking for a mentor. They are looking in the groups for advice. And getting 20 different answers on what they should do.

How can you help someone else achieve their goals by working one on one with them?

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How will you find success with your goals in the upcoming year?


~ Much Love ~





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