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17+ Simple Meal Ideas You Can Enjoy With Just One Hand

Are you in need of some simple meal ideas you can enjoy with just one hand while the other hand is busy?

Simple Meal Ideas? You can take that any way you want. Out here on the farm, it always seems like that is a need of ours. We don’t always have time to stop and enjoy a sit down meal while we’re in the middle of planting, harvest, working the cow chute or whatever it is we’re doing.

Instead of going hungry, there’s a much better way! Introducing: Handheld meals!

Now, these are more than just pizza, a ham sandwich and cookies. ANYONE can think of those things for handheld meals. Today, I’m sharing handheld meal ideas with REAL food in them. Protein and nutrients busy people need to keep going until they are finished with whatever it is they’re doing.

In this post, I’m going to share:

– 17+ simple meal ideas you can enjoy with just one hand,
Simple handheld field meals that are easy and freezable make ahead meals,
– Easy and cheap ways to keep make ahead one hand meals warm for hours.

Also, these are meals that anyone can throw together for themselves even when they have no one to do it for them. I’ll explain more. But, let’s dig right in to some ideas that kind of like sandwiches – Only MUCH better.

simple meal ideas you can enjoy with just one hand

Handheld Meals in a Bun or Bread

Like a sandwich…only prettier. That’s the just of these simple meal ideas you can enjoy with just one hand. And the beauty of them is that you can make them any way you’d like.

Remember that these are only ideas. I will link to a few recipes to help you but there’s dozens of quality recipes to enjoy as well.


Also known as Pizza Bread. Fill with your favorite pizza toppings and bake. Yum!


A personal favorite of mine. I have a great recipe that I make plenty and freeze. We love these in the spring during planting.

My bierocks consist of hamburger, cabbage mix, cheese and taco seasoning all wrapped up in a dough and baked. Yum! I’m hungry just thinking about them.

Brats or Hot Dogs

Simple, yet you’ll feel like you’re at a BBQ. These are easy to heat up or grill, put them in the bun, wrap them up and then heat them up before you’re ready to go.

Piggies in the Blanket

Hot dogs or brats enclosed in dough and baked. Yes, these are for adults, too. I love them and they make a nice treat.


If you love burgers, take some of them to the field. They make great handheld meals! Here’s my recipe for some great grilled burgers:

Hot Ham & Cheese

A spin on the classic. Add in butter, garlic and Italian seasoning, then heat up until the cheese is melted.

Spaghetti Hoagies

Butter and garlic powder some hoagie buns, fill with spaghetti, top with mozzarella cheese and toast again.


Take some pizza doe, fill with taco filling, close and bake. Similar to a quesadilla or burrito, except with pizza dough.

Pepperoni Pizza Croissants

Slice a croissant. Add cheese, lunch meat of your choice and pepperoni. Wrap in foil and freeze. Then, throw them into the oven to heat up for 40 minutes. The pepperoni grease is like it’s own condiment.

How to Make Hand Held Meals in a Bread or Bun Simpler

simple meal ideas you can enjoy with just one hand
Pizza Dough

I’ve already given away some hacks to make these hand held meals easier. But I’ll list out some more here.

The first thing is to plan out your meals for a month! Or longer if you need to. Then, stock up on ingredients. Ruralites don’t always have time to get to the grocery store and for that reason, I share lots of links to products you can order online that will come right to your door.

Also, make everything as easy as possible for you. It’s ok to order pre-made bread dough or pizza dough if it’s going to save you time. We all stress about time and not having enough of it. Making meals ahead of time and freezing them to enjoy later is a great way to help make sure we’re getting meals in during busy times on the go.

No, I’m not done! I have more. Let’s discuss some meal ideas in a tortilla now.

Handheld meals in a Tortilla

Wraps – Salsa Pork or cheesy chicken. Super easy! Just cook the meat in the crock pot and add in veggies and cheese. Wrap in tortillas. You can freeze these or enjoy them fresh.

Burritos – Also, so simple! Similar to wraps. The possibilities are endless. Beef & bean, chicken & cheese, etc…I could go on and on. Breakfast burritos with egg, meat and cheese are also delicious.

– Quesadillas – I make these for my family all the time when we’re in a hurry. Take one tortilla, sprinkle with meat and cheese. Melt in the oven and then add the other tortilla for the top. Top with sour cream, guac, etc. Cut into quarters to make them easier to hold with one hand.

How to Make Hand held meals in a tortilla easier

simple meal ideas you can enjoy with just one hand
Mama Lupe is a tortilla that I use for every tortilla meal I make!

First of all, meals in a tortilla require tortillas! 🙂 So, make sure you have plenty available. Of course, you can make your own but to save time, you can purchase them. I really like the Mama Lupe tortillas.

Another great thing about handheld tortilla meals is that you can make everything ahead of time. Make the filling ahead of time and freeze it separately. Then, thaw it the day before and keep it refrigerated. Fill enough tortillas with the filling for the number of days you think you’re going to need them – Up to two weeks.

Then, wrap them up for later. Refrigerate them until you’re ready to use them. Then, heat them up before you leave and you’re good to go.

Drinkable Meals

Simple Meal Ideas You Can Enjoy With Just One Hand
In this thermos, you can put in different foods for some more variety in your meal.

No, I don’t mean alcoholic drinks. I’m talking about healthy meals in the form of a drink! Here’s a couple of ideas for you:

– Soups – Butternut squash soup or tomato goes great with any of the above fancy sandwiches or tortilla meals. You don’t need a spoon to eat this type of smooth soup because it’s just that: Smooth! And you’re getting your veggies in.

– Protein shakes or smoothies – I love making smoothies with fruits and vegetables. My current favorite is really easy: A handful of greens, one banana, one cup of orange juice, a handful of blueberries and a scoop of protein powder. Mix it all together and put it in a cup for later.

Even my daughter loves these liquid items for breakfast or in her school lunch. It just makes it so simple but good for you at the same time.

Simple Meal Ideas to Save So Much Time

Why do I love and promote making these simple meal ideas you can enjoy with just one hand? Because I live and breathe it every season! You see, on our farm, it’s just my husband and me.

We don’t have anyone to cook for us when we are harvesting, planting or running the kids around. We have me. And I am working right along side my husband. We still have to eat.

Furthermore, since it is only us, we don’t ever want to take the time to stop and eat. That’s not a very healthy way to be if you’re working for 12 hours and are dying for some food. You should eat when you’re hungry.

These simple handheld meals can be game changers. They are meals that can be made ahead of time and even frozen and reheated. I’ll talk about how to keep them warm in the next section. With these homemade meals, you can also control what you eat and how you eat.

Keeping One-Hand Meals Warm

simple meal ideas you can enjoy with just one hand
Reynolds wrap is the tin foil of choice for me for keeping things nice and toasty warm until I’m ready to enjoy them.

What’s the best way to keep your handhelds warm? There’s a multitude of ways but here’s the best ones I’ve found.

Pyrex or insulated lunch boxes/thermos are also great. They are just bulky so they may not be for you. I’ve linked to a good one that we have above for you to check out.

Wrapping them individually in tin foil also works well for keeping food items warm.

simple meal ideas you can enjoy with just one hand

Field Meals Made Simple

I hope you enjoyed this short but sweet list of simple meal ideas you can enjoy with just one hand. They make excellent one hand meals for hardworking farm equipment operators or busy moms on the go.

To make this even more simple, I’ve created a quick one-hand meal prep check list that you can snag and print for yourself to keep you organized and accountable when you’re on the go. I had to go jump on the combine so I will add it for you when it is created.