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23 Amazing Gifts for the Home Baker in Your Life

Are you in need of some amazing gifts for the home baker in your life? You just may not know what those are just yet.

I am here to the rescue. As a fellow lifelong Ruralite, I have several home bakers in my family and so I’m always looking for amazing gifts for the home baker! Each of them have a piece of inspiration with this new gift guide I’m about to share with you.

So, you see, I didn’t have to put a ton of thought into these amazing gifts for the home baker because I’ve grown up quietly watching some of the best home bakers do their thing. I’ve seen what they use, what they wish they had and, best of all, how they share their completed gifts with me and others around them.

In this gift guide, I will share with you:

– The 23 amazing gifts for the home baker in your life.
Simple tools for home bakers they wished they had but they may not yet own.
– Resources and keepsakes created from the heart.

Believe me. This gift guide is sure to please. After reading this, you’ll know just what to give your favorite home baker. Let’s dive in.

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23 Amazing Gifts for the Home Baker In Your Life

Fabulous Baker Charm Bracelet

Give the awesome baker in your life a gift that he/she can wear and treasure while baking. The charms on this bracelet are perfect for bakers with sensitive skin because they are made from zinc alloy metal, which is lead and nickel free.

Grab this bracelet here.

Best of all, the box this bracelet arrives in is gift ready. It’s cute and all you need to do is put a gift tag on it and go.

Amazing Gifts for the Home Baker in your life

Personalized Apron

It’s the apron that is perfect for baking any time of the year. Now, every baker can bake with confidence and style.

Personalize the apron for your favorite baker. It’s a one piece adjustable tie apron with no hardware. And it’s also one size fits most.

Don’t forget about the men who bake.
Or the little bakers in training.

Amazing Gifts for the Home Baker in your life

Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan

For the baker who loves brownies with edges. You can have your brownie – and your edge, too. Introducing the Baker’s edge brownie pan. Check this out because it’s cool.

This amazing pan adds two chewy edges to every single brownie. Yes. Every single one from this pan will have edges. Whoa.

Better yet, there’s no adjustments to be made because this pan fits standard box mixes. Also, there’s only one continuous chamber so the delicious brownie batter can be spread easily through the pan. It’s also non stick and made in America with heavy gauge cast aluminum.

Fun 3-Piece Spatula Set

If the baker in your life is fun, playful and colorful, you need to get them this set of brightly colored spatulas. It’s going to fit perfectly in their kitchen and bring a smile to their face when they open it.

These fun spatulas make great unique and fun gifts for anyone who bakes for any occasion.

They are guaranteed excellent quality that won’t melt (heat resistant to 450 degrees F.) or fade. Easy to clean, non stick and they have bamboo handles. The silicone spatula heads are flexible to get into corners but they are very heavy duty. The print on the heads is professionally formed into the head so it won’t rub off. Ever.

Your baker will enjoy them for years to come and think of you every time they go to use these spatulas.

Amazing Gifts for the Home Baker in your life

Wilton Non-Stick Mini Loaf Pan

Here’s one of my favorite pans in the entire world. I got it as a gift and I’m telling you – It’s a winner.

I use my mini loaf pan for baking just about anything and everything. Brownies. Cookie bars. Corn bread. Apple bread. Banana bread. You name it. This is a fool proof pan that whomever you give it to will love you for.

It’s so easy to clean because it’s made of steel with a non-stick coating. It’s also diswasher safe, making it very convenient. There’s a limited 10-year warranty. I’ve had mine for three years and I’m definitely not going back to any other.

Amazing Gifts for the Home Baker in your life

Amazing Woman Pie Plate

If you have a grandma or mom who bakes, this is the gift you need to buy her. It’s one of the most heartfelt and amazing gifts for the home baker I have seen.

Check it out here.

It measures 10 1/2 inches in diameter and has a decorative scalloped edge. It’s also made of ceramic, making it oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

But the real winner is that it’s so beautiful and says all the right things. It is a keepsake that anyone would treasure forever and ever. But I can guarantee you that it will be used for baking by any avid home baker.

Wilton’s 3-Tier Baker’s Cooling Rack

Amazing Gifts for the Home Baker in your life

Do you know of someone who has a problem with too little counter space? Not enough room to put a cooling wrack or pan? Or both?

This is a 2-in-one deal. It allows bakers to organize their space and reclaim counter space!

It’s a sturdy 3-tier design that is great for baking sheets, pizza pans and stones and muffin tins. It can accommodate multiple pans at a time, instantly freeing up counter or table space.

It’s also adjustable. You can use it for organization for all types of things. Plus, it’s easy to assemble and use, compact and lightweight and it also stores easy.

In a world where we all dream of minimizing our spaces – This would be such a proper gift to accompany that. What I love about it most is that it Wilton’s brilliant design and you can place baking sheets on them directly from the oven. No wasted time or space. Gotta love that!

Get a closer look at this cooling rack here.

Wooden Spatulas

Do you ever just pick up a spatula and wish it had some writing on it? Well, here you go.

These are wooden spoons with laser-etched sentiment into the head and a silicone grip handle. It’s the perfect gift for the home baker. It is suggested that they are hand washed…just because of the wood.

But you shouldn’t hold that against them. That just makes them more valuable, in my opinion. They include:

All I Want for Christmas
Baking Memories Christmas
Christmas Calories Don’t Count
Food and Friendship
Love You More
Love, Laugh, Lick the Spoon
Mom’s Kitchen
Mr. and Mrs. The Perfect Mix

Cute, right? Here’s another adorable gift that is useful and sure to please.

Dusting Wand for the Finished product

Amazing Gifts for the Home Baker in your life

Do you ever try to sprinkle a little powdered sugar or colored sugar over the top of cookies or cupcakes…and you get way too much?

Here’s the solution to all of that. It’s really this simple. You need to get or give this dusting wand for just about any sort of dusting you can ever want or need to do!

This dusting wand is perfect for evenly flouring baking pans or sprinkling surfaces for rolling dough. It also works wonderfully for dusting of baked goods with cinnamon, powdered sugar, colored sugar, salt and other spices.

The duster itself has a solid side for neatly resting on the counter so you won’t spill any plus, it’s sized to fit in most flour containers for storage. It’s easy to use and is dishwasher safe.

This is the best kept secret, you guys. I’m definitely ordering some to give to my favorite home bakers. This is a complete game changer and they are going to be amazed.

Amazing Gifts for the Home Baker in your life

300 Cute Cupcake Tins

Do you ever get ready to bake cupcakes and realize that you don’t have any baking tins? It’s the worst!

I can guarantee you that this has happened to me on several occasions. I’m sure it has happened to nearly every home baker at least one time.

This is why baking tins make such a great gift idea. Here’s a nice collection of 300 tins to order when you need a gift for your favorite home baker.

These are fun because they are brightly colored with wow-able designs. Help your favorite home bakers dress up their cupcakes and muffins with some color for any festivity. These are also great for holding candies, nuts or any party snacks when you just need a simple container. Go ahead! Let loose and have fun!

Kitchen Aid Hand Mixer

Amazing Gifts for the Home Baker in your life

This is a gift idea that is near and dear to my heart. My great grandma gave me a new white kitchen aid hand mixer for every milestone birthday and occasion I ever had growing up. She always said, “Mindy, you can’t have too many of these.” And I believe her.

This is the mixer I grab when I need to mix something fast. It’s so easy to just plug in and fast to mix. It has 5 speeds so you can mix ingredients for a variety of recipes from slow to high creaming speed.

It’s also easy to store and keep clean. I’m telling you – This mixer is the one I turn to because it is sooo slick and easy. All accessories are dishwasher safe, but not the mixer (obviously). Plus, you’ll get a 1 year hassle-free replacement warranty.

Take my Grand Grandma’s advice – You need one of these little Kitchen Aid Hand Mixers on hand at all times. This is the gift that keeps on giving.

Amazing Gifts for the Home Baker in your life

Cello Bags with Twisty Ties

Here’s another fun gift idea for the home baker who loves to share baked items with everyone. Believe me – This is the ultimate way to keep getting those yummy baked treats.

These cello bags are made strong that is guaranteed to keep treats fresh and safe. It’s a kitchen must have for sure.

Not only that, but these bags come with 200 fun colored twisty ties to turn these plain clear bags into gift bags. There are 6 beautiful colors to choose from. Simple yet fun.

This is a unique gift that is sure to please.

Amazing Gifts for the Home Baker in your life

Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer

It’s all the rage right now in my world. Artisan breads.

This Artisan mixer from Kitchen Aid has a flat beater for dough, dough hook and wire whip included. I have also included this into my gift guide because it’s a renewed mixer.

This is a great program that takes used unwanted products, refurbishes them and sells them as renewed products. They’ve been inspected and tested to make sure it will work and look like a new product.

We do this all the time with our farm equipment and that’s why I am a huge fan of is. We can’t all afford to buy products new. But because of this renewed program, we can buy the products we want “like-new.”

Because of this, those of us who normally can’t afford a Kitchen Aid mixer can get one! That is awesome!

Of course, there is a 6 month warranty on this mixer and it has 10 speeds. It’s a really great mixer at an affordable price for anyone who is looking for a baking-type gift or for someone who is looking to get into baking.

9 inch Artisan Bread Baking Gift Set

Amazing Gifts for the Home Baker in your life

If you saved money on the mixer, you can afford another gift! Here’s a great addition to learning about artisan breads for the home baker who is interested in learning more.

Included is:

– 9 inch Banneton basket
– Basket Cover
– Dough Scrapers
– Bread Lame

The Banneton basket is handmade and the other tools are built to last. Best of all, you’ll get some artisan break coaching so that you can learn how to make your best loaves.

Check out this great gift set.

Amazing Gifts for the Home Baker in your life

Personalized Cake Dome

Everyone needs a cake dome. But does everyone have a personalized one?

Here’s a way you can add a personal touch to delicious creations. The personalization is included and makes the perfect gift.

There are different ways the home baker can use this gift other than a cake or cookie platter:

– Use the dome as a punch bowl.
– A stand for just about anything.

It’s easy to use, but be careful – It’s made of glass. It is dishwasher safe and has a beautiful molded glass handle.

23 Amazing Gifts for the Home Baker in your life

11 Cookie in a Jar Mixes

If you have felt like you’re missing something, here it is. This is the one gift that you can’t go wrong with.

This is my go-to gift for anyone and everyone. My kids’ teachers. Church friends. The mail man.

With 11 to choose from, you have the flexibility and freedom to make at least one for everyone on your list. It’s convenient and you can easily batch make them if you want. To get my eBook with the recipes for free, enter your email below and it will be delivered promptly to your inbox. Did I mention it was free?

You could also easily give this ebook as a gift as well.

Recipe Notebook

Amazing Gifts for the Home Baker in your life

If you go to my mother in law’s house, you’ll find dozens and dozens of sticky notes and recipe cards attached to her refrigerator.

She is the best home baker I know and she is the inspiration for writing this gift guide with awesome gifts for home bakers. I really feel like she needs this gift right here.

The whisk taker recipe notebook. A way to keep recipes in just one place.

It’s a fun blank recipe book to record all their favorite recipes. Each journal page includes space to note:

– Recipe & Source
– Number served, prep and book times as well as oven temperature.
– Ingredients.
– Directions.
– Date and Star Rating.

So, I am getting this for her to keep all of her favorite recipes in one place as well as add in some new ones. Hopefully it will help her to clean off her fridge and make it look organized and clutter free. She can keep this notebook on top of the fridge for easy grabbing when she needs a recipe.

Daughter-in-law of the year – Yes, I am!

I’m a Baker Coffee Mug

Amazing Gifts for the Home Baker in your life

Here’s another gift for not only the home baker…but the person who loves to enjoy a warm beverage.

If you go to my grandma’s house, if she knows you are coming, she will have ready for you a cup of your favorite warm drink and a fresh baked cookie for dipping. Or, you don’t have to dip, but my family is all a bunch of dippers.

That is our super power. Dipping. So, this mug would be PERFECT for my grandma. I just feel like it would.

Your home baker will get to drink or dip from every day and think of you. It’s made from high quality ceramic, making it dishwasher and microwave safe. It’s satisfaction (and dipping) guaranteed. 🙂

Amazing Gifts for the Home Baker in your life

Kitchen Towels

Another gift for the kitchen. For the home baker with little kids who like to make messes. However, these towels are not for cleaning up messes – the other ones are.

The home baker needs some nice new display towels that shows everyone who comes into her/his kitchen that baking is done here with pride.

Here’s another cute one. You can find “Life is what you bake it” Here

Amazing Gifts for the Home Baker in your life

Weeknight Baking Book

This is a dream for the home baker who uses baking as a stress reliever. That, by the way, is not me.

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know that my stress is relieved with gardening. Not baking.

However, I know of several loved home bakers who are this way. Baking relieves their stress and they wish they had more time to commit to baking.

In the Weeknight Baking book, you’ll find dozens of delicious recipes to fit your busy schedule. This is the answer to the busy home baker’s cry for more baking time.

Amazing Gifts for the Home Baker in your life

Artisan Bread Lame

Do you ever look at beautiful artisan bread loaves and wonder how the imprint designs are made?

Well, this next gift is lame. It is a lame for designing bread. But this isn’t just any lame.

A lame has two types of blades – curved and straight. You can choose to make this lame have a curved or straight blade. You’ll get a high quality non-slip bladed lame, which is the key to making beautifully designed artisan loaves.

You can also change the blades. Fresh and sharp blades are critical for clean cuts in your dough. Quick and safe blade replacement is easy to do with this lame.

Choose this lame as a gift for your home baker – It’s built to last. See? It’s not lame at all!

Amazing Gifts for the Home Baker in your life

The Vintage Baker Book

Vintage is in. We all love old recipes that can stand the test of time.

Any home baker is going to love this collection of delicious recipes that were once blue-ribbon recipes inspired by baking pamphlets from the 1920s to the 1960s.

There are more than 50 cookie, pie, cake, and bar recipes in this book. And if you love history, there’s also informative head notes with each recipe telling how they were tweaked into the recipe they turned out to be. This book is truly a keepsake and a gem that must be shared.

Amazing Gifts for the Home Baker in your life

Fun Baking T-Shirts

There’s so many t-shirts out in the world that are for bakers! If your home baker doesn’t have one yet, maybe you should get one.

I’ve attached my favorite one (Game of Thrones fan, here) but you can shop around for more.

23 Amazing Gifts for the Home Baker

Amazing Gifts for the Home Baker

There you have it. There’s your 23 amazing gifts for the home baker in your life. I’ve given you plenty of options including:

– Keepsakes
– DIY Gifts
– Books
– Clothes & Accessories
Simple tools for home bakers they might not have already.

There’s definitely some amazing gifts for the home baker in this post. Please let me know in the comments which one you chose to give.