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23 Unique Gifts for Goat Lovers On Your List

Are you looking for unique gifts for goat lovers in your life?

Unique gifts for goat owners and goat lovers are super fun to search for and buy. But most importantly, I’ve tried to promote very useful and unique gifts for goat lovers that I know. 

After raising goats since 2009, I’ve associated myself with almost every single type of goat person out there:

  • The Show Goat Person – The Goat Lover who Shows Goats.
  • Goat Enthusiast – Someone who lives and breathes goats. 
  • Pet Owner – The goat owner who treats goats as their babies and will never part with them. 
  • Goat Breeder –  Goat producer who thinks kidding season is like Christmas. 
  • Goat Rancher – The goat producer who has a large herd of goats – Mainly for grazing production.
  • Dairy Goater – Dairy Goat person
  • Human Kids Who Love Goats – Gifts for kids who love their goat projects. 
  • The Goats Themselves (They are a category all their own) – Because goats deserve Christmas presents, too. Right?

There’s some fabulous gifts out there for every goat person on your list at every level. Let’s jump right in to the list of unique gifts for goat lovers. I hope you find what you need or see something you didn’t think of. 

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Also, feel free to continue shopping even if you don’t find what you’re looking for using my affiliate links. 

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Unique Gifts for Goat lovers

Goat Pet Owner

1. Drench Gun – One of the most important tool every goat owner needs to have is a drench gun like this one. You just never know when your goat will be fall ill or wormy. You’ll want to act immediately. 

Read my tips on how to diagnose common illnesses in goats. 

2. Pygmy Goat Engraved Necklace – Take your pygmy pets with you wherever you go. Personalize with your name or your goat’s name on this necklace and wear it with pride! 

3. Goat Treats – Manna Pro is a great company with high quality goat products. So, you know these treats will not only be tasty, but healthy as well. 

Goat Enthusiast

4. Goat Lover Custom T-Shirts – There’s so many options to wear your love for goats. I’ve given you a start but feel free to search around for more.

5. “I Am Two Goats Past Normal” Coffee Mug Because aren’t we all? I feel like I need 50 of these mugs – one for each goat! But, we still love our goats and are proud to be called “goat people.” And what’s better than starting your day with a goat themed mug filled with the caffeine you need to keep up with your goats. 

If you love this design, check out the shirt!

6. Very Useful Tote Grocery BagWhether it’s groceries for you (or the goats) or goat supplies, this sturdy goat bag is awesome for storing and hauling. If this isn’t the bag you’re looking for…keep shopping because there are other goat-y styles and designs as well. 

unique gifts for goat lovers

Goat Breeder

7. Fecal Testing Kit – Because parasites are killer. And fecal testing costs with the vet can add up. This fecal testing kit is for the breeder who wants to start doing his/her own fecal tests at home.

Includes a quality bilateral microscope, multiple accessories and a complete step by step guide. Only use a goat deworming schedule for your goats. 

Read how to combat barber pole worms.

8. Copper Boluses for Goats – Goats NEED their copper. There’s no better way to be SURE they are getting it than to give these copper boluses.

So, why not give a great useful gift that your goat loving friend would be purchasing anyway? Or, maybe they’ve been itching to start bolusing but haven’t yet due to the cost. Here’s both the 100-ct. boluses and the bolus gun (just in case they don’t have one yet). 

9. Carhartt Full Swing Gear –  Carhartt gear makes amazing gifts for goat owners who are out in the elements. Many goat breeders kid out their goats from December – March when you never know what the weather is going to do or how cold it’s going to be.

So, help your favorite goat lover prepare be comfortable in the elements with work wear including: T-Shirts, Jeans, Pants, Jackets, Bibs, Socks, and Coveralls. 

Go Here to start Browsing Carhartt!

Please Refer to my Kidding Kit for More Possible Gift Items

Dairy Goater

10. Book: Raising Dairy Goats – A book that includes everything you need to know about raising dairy goats. 

11. The Whole Goat Handbook – This great book includes everything from milking goats, making dairy products and marketing them. 

12. Carhartt Comfortable hats – Dairy goat have to be milked…No matter the weather. Help your favorite dairy goat lover prepare for sitting through milking and choring with a warm hat to wear

Meat Goat Rancher

13. Raising Meat Goats for Profit – The rancher is always looking for more ways to build upon profit. And this book has lots of helpful info to integrate into any rancher’s operation. A great gift for anyone who desires to make money raising goats. 

14. Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Pak 6-Volt Battery-Operated-25-Mile-Range Electric Fence Charger – Keeping goats in is important. Electric fence is an option but the fence needs to be HOT.

This fence charger works great for that according to other people who have used it for goats. It will be well worth the investment that the rancher can use for years to come. 

15. Carhartt Comfortable Coats – Carhartt has a great catalog of heavy duty comfortable coats for the goat rancher who never knows when or how long they will be out in the cold elements. 

Unique Gifts for Goat Lovers

Human Kids Who Love Goats

16. Buffy Baby Goat Toy – Buffy is an adorable baby stuffed boer goat who’s always ready to play. A soft toy that is sure to be your kid’s new favorite snuggle toy. Would make a great stocking stuffer or “just because” toy. 

17. Three Billy Goats Gruff Book – For the child learning to read, this book is a classic. I remember reading this book as a young girl. It also has a great lesson – Don’t give up when something seems impossible. 

18. Carhartt for Kids – Not for goat kids…haha. But human kids who care for goats. Goats make great projects for kids.

The most important lessons learned is that no matter the weather, the goats need to be cared for. So, bundle up the kids in Carhartt so they stay warm while caring for their goats through the winter months. 

Gifts for Pet Goats

19. Cedar Wooden See Saw – We all know that goat kids love play time. Extend their fun with a Wooden See Saw that is going to survive the elements and the hooves. Cedar wood is very durable and will last through hours of play time. 

20. Goat Kid Diapers – You might thinking me crazy for including diapers! But, I noticed many people who were putting diapers on bottle babies in the house.

These diapers are made for dogs but can definitely be used for goat kids as well. For play time inside from the cold, these diapers are cloth and can be reused.

For the Goat Showmen

21. Ranch Decal for Vehicle or Trailer – This decal is for advertisement of your farm or ranch at goat shows. Customize it the way you want it to fit your brand perfectly and start getting people to recognize your goat operation.  

22. Weaver Pronged Goat Collar + Lead – No goat showman can have too many of these collar and leads.

And I have found these to be the best for showing goats – Especially bigger does and bucks. The goats will learn to respect the prong collar and behave in the ring. 

23. Carhartt Stylish & Comfortable Show Clothes – Stay warm and comfortable at Fall, Winter & Early Spring shows with show clothes that will get you noticed in the show ring.  

Unique Gifts for Goat Lovers

Don’t forget the goaties!

I hope I’ve included something in my list of goat lovers gift ideas that you can give to your favorite lover of goats. Again, if I missed something, you can definitely keep shopping to find what you are looking for. I wanted to keep my list short and include the gifts I felt were very doable and practical. 

Which of these unique gifts for goat lovers would you give to your favorite person? Leave us a comment!


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