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23 Gift Ideas for Home Canners On Your List

Looking for new gift ideas for home canners?

The gift ideas for home canners gift guide is sure to have something for that special someone on your list. Whether they are the beginner, hobby canner or advanced canner, I think you’ll be able to find SOMETHING that your favorite canning friend or family member doesn’t have. 

I’ve included practical, useful equipment and tools to help the home canner increase practice and knowledge while saving money and time. 

So, in this guide, you’ll find:

  • Gift ideas for home canners on your list 
  • Some ideas for Canning Holiday Gifts
  • Equipment for Safely Preserving Food at Home

Let’s jump right into the guide. We’ll start with some gifts for the beginning home canner. 

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Gift Ideas for Home Canners

For the Beginner

1. Ball Blue Book

This amazing book contains tutorials for beginning canners as well as some really great recipes. I also started out with the So Easy to Preserve Book, which is another great one. 

2. Jars

Obviously, jars are important for the canning process. But purchasing the RIGHT jars are more vital to canning success. I love Ball Canning Jars but also use Kerr Canning Jars. Either brand of jar will work great.

3. Lids/Bands

To be used along with the jars. You need good quality lids and bands. Most often, these two items are packaged together. Be sure to get the correct size for either wide mouth or regular mouth jars.

4. Waterbath Kit

Most new canners learn by the waterbath method for tomato products, jams, jellies and pickles. This kit comes with everything you’ll need to get started with waterbath canning. It’s the EXACT kit I started with and still use to this day. 

5. Customized Labels

Labeling all products is so important. That’s why I say labels are a great gift for canners of any level. Make them more special by designing and customizing them to fit your favorite canner. 

6. Cheese Cloth

This may seem silly, but I use a LOT of cheese cloth in different recipes to strain liquid. Great for making products you want to be smooth without chunks, such as ketchup, jams, tomato juice, etc. And it seems like I run out of it a lot, too.

So, I am including it in this gift guide because it’s a gift I would want to receive as a canner. 

Gift Ideas for Home Canners

For the Hobbyist

7. Pressure Canner

Pressure canning is the next step up. If you’re favorite canner has been canning a while using waterbath, they might be ready for the task of pressure canning. 

This is the pressure canner I’ve always used and love!

8. Canning Coffee Mug

If your canning friend is also into getting their day started with coffee, you’re in luck. There’s so many cute coffee mugs with cute canning-related quotes on them. This one says: Grab Your Balls! It’s Canning Season!:

Check out this Awesome Mug

9. Canning Tees

There’s also a large collection of canning t-shirts and canning wear available everywhere. Here’s one to get you started. It says: “Ping!”

Check it out here

10. Kitchen Digital Scale

This is something I don’t really have in my kitchen that I feel I need to have. Sometimes recipes call for the weight of the ingredient and therefore a scale would come in handy.

This scale is one I would purchase because it looks very simple to use. 

11. Head Space Measurement Tool

Correct head space from the top of the jar rim is critical during canning. Every home canner needs a head space measuring tool.

Sometimes these tools get lost. Sometimes little hands get a hold of it and use it as a toy. It never hurts to have more than one because the canner will always need this cool tool.

This particular head space tool is also a spatula for removing air bubbles. 

12. Lid Rack for Sterilizing

Canning in clean lids and jars is super important for long-term food safety. This lid rack will keep lids from touching other things while sterilizing and warming them. 

13. Food Processor/Food Mill

Food mills and Tomato presses really speed up the time it takes to prepare produce for recipes. Here is the exact one I’ve used for years. They are amazing. 

14. Customized Cutting Board

Every home cook needs a cutting board. Every canner needs a cutting board to cut up veggies. Make your gift extra special by customizing it. They will cherish this gift for years to come. 

15. New Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives go dull so soon, it seems. Here’s a nice set of knives to give that the home canner will need eventually. 

16. Cooling Rack for Jars

Set up this cooling rack to set hot jars on after processing. It will protect your counter tops as you listen for the ping sound of lids sealing onto the jars. 

17. Thermometer

Always handy to check temperatures of candy, jellies, and other products. Here’s a good one to check out.

Gift Ideas for Home Canners

For The Advanced Home Canner

18. Deluxe Package of Spices

No one can ever have too many spices for recipes. This package contains all the most popular spices and seasonings for all types of delicious canning recipes. 

19. Personal Assistant/Kitchen Helper

Give the gift of helping. If you want to help your home canner, simply make a gift certificate for the service you will be providing.

Whether it be help in the kitchen, baby sitting, or cutting up veggies for them, I can guarantee that your canner friend or family member will appreciate this gift to help with time. 

20. Timer

Another great time management gift is a new timer. Canners who wish to time multiple pots or canners sometimes can’t because of the lack of another timer.

Accuracy is the key to preserving food safely. So, a good trusty extra timer will come in handy during the busy canning season. 

21. Giant Pot for Batch Cooking

You can’t have enough of these either. Another giant pot will allow for larger batches cooking at one time. Or maybe even another recipe to help save time. 

22. Customized Oven Mitts

Canners use oven mitts when handling hot pots or canning jars. And they can never have too many. Make this gift even more special by customizing it.

23. Customized Apron

Canners use aprons to protect clothing from spills. Customize the apron with their name or something that they are going to love. Make it theirs. 

Gift Ideas for Home Canners

Canning for Gift Giving

One more amazing gift idea for the hobby or advanced home canner is a list or box filled with top canning recipes. If your favorite home canner is interested in canning ideas for Christmas gifts in the future, this would be a very great idea that I think they would love. I mean…I know I always adore getting new recipes to try. 

Here are a few of my favorite preserved food items at home that I put into gift baskets to give as gifts:

I will continue to grow this list as I add new recipes. Canned items make great gifts, too. 

And I hope you’ve found at least one or more gift ideas for home canners in your life who you may have thought owned everything already. What are your best gift ideas for canners that you didn’t see on the list that I could add? Please leave in the comments!

~ Much Love ~


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