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7 Things Perfect People Do To Fit It All In

7 things perfect people do it fit it all in

First of all, keep in mind you never know the whole story but it basically boils down to 7 things perfect people do to fit it all in.

We’ve all seen the people with perfect lives on social media, the ones who seem to have it all together. The ones that workout, successfully raising their children, cooking healthy home-cooked meals, with a clean home in the background while making a living.

In this episode you will find:

  • The systems I have in place that help me throughout the day
  • Why having a team is so important
  • How learning to say no will help you accomplish your goals

Whenever you see these perfect lives portrayed you may ask yourself, why does everyone have a perfect life? How to live a perfect life? Is it possible to live a perfect life? In this episode we’re diving into the answers of those questions with 7 things perfect people do to fit it all in and live the perfect imaged life. You may even think that my life is perfect but I’ll be spilling the beans on that too.

7 things perfect people do it fit it all in

1) Things Perfect People Do: They have a system

There are aspects of their life that are automated, they have systems in place, and/or a daily routine. Whether that’s in their business or home, those systems help them keep up with #allthethings.

For example, many of the podcasters I listen to have a morning routine that helps them get their day going. It can be meditation, practicing gratitude, a workout, a walk.

I know it can be difficult finding the time at first but it’s like I tell my students, one hour is 4% of your day. You can totally do this!

2) They have a team

No one is carrying the load 100% on their own. It’s just not happening.

So whatever it is that you don’t like, outsource it. This can be a meal planning service, lawn maintenance company, housekeepers, photographers, babysitters, employees, etc.

Take me for example, I hired Jenn. When I initially hired her I wasn’t sure what I needed her for yet, I just knew that I had too much going on to do it by myself. So now she writes the show notes for the podcast and has been a lifesaver! So she came up with a system that works well for her and the podcast, which wasn’t my strong suit, so it worked well.

Another example is Jenn, she has a team too. She has a sitter for her son twice a week and a housekeeper that comes every other week as well.

Where I can get up super early before the kids to work, it works better for her for her son to go to the sitter so she can have that quiet time during the day to work and create. If I need someone to watch the girls then I can utilize family, it’s whatever “team” is going to work for you.

3) They practice self care

Another one of the 7 things perfect people do is take extra special care of themselves. Self-care means that you make appointments with yourself and you don’t break those appointments.

For me that’s napping. I have to have a nap, mostly in the afternoons when my youngest takes her nap. My oldest, Mylee, struggled with this at first wanting me to spend that time with her but we quickly learned that I’m a happier mom if I can get a nap in. So we’ve crafted self-care for all of us as this quiet time in the afternoons. My youngest and I take a nap while my oldest watches a movie or does a learning game on the iPad. Another form of self-care is the fitness classes I teach in the mornings. I’ve made that time a priority in my life as well. Whatever self-care looks like to you be sure you stick with it.

4) Make great use of your time

Wasting time is the worst, right? Be sure you’re spending your time wisely with positive people in your life. Cut out the distractions as much as you can, turn off the push notifications on your social media accounts, and learn to say no to the things and people that don’t serve you. Schedule out your time.

7 Things Perfect People Do to Fit it All In

I use a planner called the Living Well Planner and it has a section of four goals, as well as an hourly section where I plan out my day. Once your day is planned you’re going to have to say no.

This is one of my favorite of the 7 things perfect people do. Order the same planner I use here:

7 Things Perfect People Do to Fit it All In
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If you’re working and your children or spouse comes in they’re going to need to be patient. They need to understand that you’re working and you’ll be with them as soon as you’re finished. If you stop what you’re doing in its tracks it’s so much harder to pick up where you left off, and if you’re anything like me you’ll probably forget where you were. So focus on the task at hand, be intentional with your time.

5) Learn to say no

I’ve already mentioned this a couple times throughout this episode but I thought it deserved its own spot it’s that important. It’s one of the hardest of the 7 things perfect people do…at least for me.

People who get it all done have learned to say no to the wrong things and yes to the right things. They have made priorities in their life and they say yes and no according to those priorities.

So if your goal is to cook great crock pot meals three times a week for your family and there’s a crock pot class you can take, then that aligns with your priorities which means it’s a “yes.” If you’re wanting to lose 20 lbs then saying “yes” may look like hiring a personal trainer or going to the gym. So prioritize then learn to say no to the things, or people, that don’t align with your priorities.

6) Engage in a life of service

This can be something that you are passionate about or a cause that you want to provide for people or animals who are in need. What can you do to serve that audience? Do you want to serve God or your higher power in some way?

Take it from me, someone who has been there, done that. If you focus on service and you focus on giving all of your struggles and your powerless ventures to God you will find that so much more time opens up to you.

7) They understand they’re not perfect

They get it, they have overcome the guilt, and the overwhelm of being perfect and they are okay not being perfect. They’re okay with using all of the above steps, the systems, the teams, the self-care, making great use of their time, and focusing on their best. They understand all of that. They knew their focus and made it where they can accomplish it.

For me, that’s this business and the podcast. I am four episodes ahead on the podcast because I worked my tail off over Christmas break while my husband was home to record episodes like crazy. It takes at least an hour to edit, upload, and then send them to Jenn. I record the intros and outros to each one, put it all together, export it, and it all takes precious time. So my solution is to work ahead and to batch so I can focus my time later on when I don’t have the help on other things. So if you have a temporary team member then utilize them wisely that will best serve your priorities so you won’t need them later.

7 things perfect people do it fit it all in

Things Perfect People Do

I know so many people struggle with setting big goals and then try to do everything themselves. They burn themselves out working day and night on those goals but that kind of lifestyle just isn’t sustainable. You need to have time for self-care, you need to set-up a team, use your systems. It’s going to take some time to figure out what will work best for you but it’s worth it.

A good system is not going to happen instantaneously. It’s going to be based on trial and error until you find a system that works well for you. It’s taken me three years to figure out the best system for the podcast and that’s just one example. Find ways that you can stay focused on your big goals by using some of these 7 things perfect people do because they are the ones that are making it work in your eyes. But focus on your own journey, take the time to test out different systems until you figure out what works best for you.

I want you to know from the bottom of my heart that there’s plenty I don’t do, things that get pushed aside, so I don’t “do it all” either. The secret to being perfect is you becoming and gaining what you want in your life to be happy.

We’re not put on this earth to do it all alone.

We were put on this earth with God as our light and Jesus as our light and your higher power as your lights. We were put on this earth to work together and help one another, being support systems to each other.

So instead of asking yourself “what does a perfect life look like,” ask yourself “what does your ideal life look like?” Then create priorities around that life and start making those happen.

As always if you enjoyed this episode about the 7 things perfect people do, we would love it if you could take a screenshot or photo and tag me on Instagram @mindy_farmfitliving or leave a review on iTunes. It would really help us out. Hope y’all have a great week!