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Amazing Books to Read Guaranteed to Change Your Life

Are you looking for some amazing books to read in order to make a change in your life?

Over the past several years, the following list of personal development books and professional books to read have been in my ear and on my Kindle. They are the books that I’ve taken with me through my anxiety and depression struggle that has helped me break through and find success. 

Listen here about my struggle with anxiety. 

I’m sharing this list of amazing books to read with you to help you break through struggles of whatever you’re facing. 

Don’t have time to read? Me neither! The following I have been able to take with me anywhere and listen via audiobook. And when I say anywhere…I really do mean ANYWHERE! The garden. The cow pasture. On my commute to town. In the tractor hauling hay. 

Wherever you choose to take them, audiobooks are life changing. There’s a couple of different memberships you can join that will allow you to listen to audio books. The one I listen to is Audible. 

Join Audible Here and Get Your First Book Free!

For any books I want to read that I can’t get on Audible, I also have this Kindle that I can read at night while the kids sleep. You can get one for yourself here!

Let’s dive into the list, shall we? 

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Personal Development Books

Farm Books

Professional Development

Entertaining Books

Growing List of Amazing Books to Read

Over time, I will be growing my list of amazing books to read for personal and professional development. I believe strongly that no one ever stops learning. 

These are all books that have helped me through so many struggles and barriers. I wholeheartedly recommend these books to you because I believe they can help you, too. 

~ Much Love ~