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7 Ways to Deal with Anxiety

Are you in need of some ways to deal with anxiety in a healthy way?

I know so many of us are looking for ways to deal with anxiety. Many of us struggle with anxiety, I am no exception.

This is my story about ways to deal with anxiety and I hope it helps you too. There are various anxiety symptoms, ways to deal with anxiety, what is anxiety, and everything in between. This episode I’m letting you peak into my personal battle with anxiety.

In this episode you will find:

  • My triggers for anxiety
  • 7 Ways I deal with Anxiety
  • What podcasts I recommend

Listen to the Podcast:

7 ways to deal with anxiety


I know one of my biggest triggers is the feeling like there’s never enough time. I will sit down and overthink everything, even how long it takes me to feed the chickens.

This stems from someone always telling me, “you won’t have time,” “that’ll take too much time,” etc. I finally had to come to the conclusion that those thoughts, or people, are not the delegators of my time. God and I are. So I get to choose what I have time for and what I don’t.

The next trigger is money.

Whenever I think about a goal I want to achieve I immediately follow it with “well how much is it going to cost?”

I’ve always enjoyed showing livestock and now my daughter is starting to show livestock and it’s an expensive undertaking between the show animal, feed, equipment, show fees, travel expenses, etc. My head can start to race from it all. The way I’ve handled this is by knowing showing animals, being on the road with the kids, and all the work and money that goes into it is how we enjoy spending life. We’re making memories as a family and making new friends along the way as well. We would be spending money regardless of our hobby, whether it’s going to a theme park, or shopping, or racing. It all requires money. This is just how we enjoy it.

Another trigger is not feeling like I know enough

Sometimes I feel like I’m unqualified enough to do what I’m doing. I’m a market gardener and I’ve been doing this for 33 years so I educate others with what I know. There are times though that I look around and think: “I’m not qualified to be teaching this.”

Over time this has subsided some, especially as I have done this podcast and received the reviews on my work and knowledge. The feedback that I’ve helped someone has really helped me combat negative thoughts in this realm of my anxiety.

The last trigger I have is feeling like I’m a burden. This stems from how I was made to feel when I was growing up from people that were in my life that are no longer a part of it. I had to realize that this is my place too that I deserve to be here as much as anyone else.

7 ways to manage your anxiety

These are the ways I’m currently working to get anxiety relief. They don’t include meditation or professional help, although the latter may be changing in the next year. I felt the pull to finally do this episode because of the state in our agricultural industry. There are so many posts about divorces, drought, low crop prices, depression, and family troubles. So I wanted to take this time and share how I combat my anxiety.

Shut Down

This isn’t the best way to manage anxiety when you have kids but if you have someone that can manage the kids for a span of time then reach out to them. It’s good for the kids and you get the break you need. Whether that’s a nap or doing something that makes you happy.

Alone Time

This kind of goes hand in hand with shutting down but having moments of alone time is really good too. This works better when the kids are in school but even then with a toddler at home, it proves difficult to find that time to myself. I think it’s important for children to have that alone time too so that they can be creative in their own space.

Praying and Trusting in my faith

It took years of healing to start trusting in my faith again but after my second daughter was born my anxiety and postpartum depression was at it’s worse. I knew I couldn’t handle this on my own and my marriage was struggling and I just wasn’t the person or mother I wanted to be. So I started using the Bible App and eventually started attending church again. It’s now the #1 way I manage my stress and anxiety.


I’ve really taken to podcasts as another way to cope with my anxiety. Listening to other podcasts and having my own really helps me cope. Some of my favorites are “Do It Scared” with Ruth Soukup, “Rise” with Rachel Hollis, and “The Goal Digger Podcast” with Jenna Kutcher. They have really helped motivate and inspire me.

Go Outside

Obviously, we live in rural America, so I’ll go outside, turn on a podcast, work in my garden, pick produce, just get that fresh air. It really helps realign my thought process and hit that reset button.


This is so important for our health. I joined a running group that helps keep me consistent with my running. We meet twice a week and run about three miles. They’re a great group and have become great friends as well.


I started reading “Strap on a Pair” by Abby Walker. In the book, and I highly recommend it, she mentions an EMDR technique. It is a psychotherapy treatment that is growing in popularity. It’s original design was to alleviate stress from traumatic childhoods. It focuses on what your limiting beliefs are, why they exist, and how to change them. So I’m going to seek a professional to help me work through this even further, it’s time to take that step.


I hope this episode was helpful to you. I know how difficult struggling with anxiety can be but I hope these tips for overcoming anxiety and fear help you. Take the time and find the things in your life that will help you cope and manage your anxiety. The way you successfully manage it may look different than the way I manage it. Let me part with you with this last piece of advice, I hope that you own your dreams and live your life and I’ll see you down the road by friends.


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