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23 Best Gifts for High School Graduates

Are you looking for the best gifts for high school graduates?

We all know that young people are the future of our rural communities. We want people to come back to our communities and some will. 

But I can also tell you first-hand that leaving the nest is important. Whether young people go to college or tech school or start on their own with a job, they need to be on their own. But first, they do need to reach the first big milestone: Graduating high school. 

If you’re like me and reach many young peoples’ lives, you’ll be invited to that many high school graduations. There’s the normal easy card and money gifts. But this post is highlighting gifts that are beyond that. These are the best gifts that will make high school graduates go far in life. 

In this post:

  • The best gifts for high school graduates that they will love.
  • Graduation gift ideas I searched for based upon what I used, loved and wished I had after high school.
  • Gifts for college bound students that are hot. And gifts for non-college bound students that will be helpful to their success.

Let’s jump right in to this list of practical graduation gift ideas! 

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best gifts for high school graduates

1. Tool Kit

Now that this young person is heading out into the world, they’ll be expected to fix things that break. And trust me. Things will break. 

This is a gift that I wish I would have gotten before heading to college. It’s a gift that I had to buy once I got there. The high school graduate may not fully understand this gift at first. 

But they will appreciate it many years down the road. 

2. 5 Ingredient College Cookbook

A lot of young people want to learn how to cook but maybe don’t know where to start. Each recipe in this cookbook takes 5 ingredients. This is still my kind of cookbook and I’m a grown woman with children to feed!

Anyways, this is an especially great gift for someone who is going to be on their own in an apartment or house and needs to feed themselves. Much better than Ramen Noodles every night. 

3. Colonel Popper Microwave Popcorn Popper

In my honest opinion, popcorn is an amazing midnight snack or comfort food. Who doesn’t love popcorn and movie nights with friends or even with your dog?

Plus, it’s cheap and super easy to make. 

This popcorn popper allows anyone to easily make popcorn. Plus, it’s storable and simple to clean as well. 

4. Amazing Birds Adult Coloring Book

The transition into adulthood can be stressful at times. And one of the top ways to de-stress is to doodle or color. 

Adult coloring books are all the rage these days because they make great de-stressers. When life happens, get out your coloring book and pretty colors. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the bricks fall from your shoulders.

I really like this one.

5. Personalized Fleece Blanket

A good popcorn and movie night calls for a fuzzy blanket. 

And a gift as special as a blanket needs to be personalized – A keepsake they’ll always remember. 

6. Laptop-Acer Spin 1  or MacBook

For an extra special graduate, a lap top always makes the ultimate gift. I’ve linked to one of the most popular and handy small lap tops in the world today that your graduate will appreciate.

Laptops make great gifts for college bound students.

7. Towels

Another item I had to go buy. Towels for after showers and drying the dishes I had to wash in my new apartment. 

I also needed towels for swimming and other uses. Believe me. Towels are needed. 

best gifts for high school graduates

8. Personalized Safety Devices

Sometimes the world can be scary. And you don’t want to be worried about your special graduate in their new world, so give the gift of safety. 

Safety devices are small and can be used with a key chain. Or, give the gift of pepper spray to carry as well. 

9. Single Serve Coffee Maker

The hard working young adult may need some caffeine or even just a warm drink to start their day.

With a single Serve Keurig coffee maker, there are more options than just coffee. I enjoy apple cider and hot cocoa with my Keurig. A sweet little single-serve mini keurig is perfect to give as a gift that will fit in any space.

10. First Aid Kit

What if your person needs a band aid on a Sunday afternoon when the clinic is closed? 

Ok, that may seem a bit over the top. And I’m definitely not that sort of parent but I do have a first aid kit in my home and vehicle for times such as these. 

You want your graduate to be safe from harm but sometimes harm will find them. Giving the gift of a first aid kit will help them to take care of the cuts and bruises life may bring. 

11. Noise Cancelling Headphones – AKG N60 NC

Sometimes we all need a lot of quiet in our life to just listen to music or an audiobook. 

Well, noise cancelling headphones are the hottest headphones on the market and make great graduation gift ideas.

12. Fitness Tracker

I love my fitness tracker and I wish I would have had one after high school. 

But they weren’t out yet. That’s how old I am. 

Now they are and they make great gifts. Any young person who values their health and just wants to see how far they walk each day would appreciate a fitness tracker. 

I have a Fitbit, which I love. But I also know many friends who have Apple trackers and Garmin trackers

13. Scooter

This is a fun gift to help late students get to class faster. Or maybe they just want to go for a stroll on the weekends. 

If you know your graduate will appreciate this, go for it!

14. Panasonic Handheld Video Camera

For making new memories. High school graduates are so excited for life away from home. Phones can only hold so much video. 

I have a Panasonic camera. It’s small and compact and holds a ton of memory so I never miss anything.

15. E-Manis Insulated Lunch Bag

Taking lunch to work or class? This insulated lunch bag will help keep cold things cold and hot things hot. 

Plus, there’s an immense amount of room for a smorgasbord if you wish. 

16. IPX7 Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth speakers

Wireless speakers for outdoors? Amazing!

These work great for entertaining friends and family on cool summer evenings. 

Best gifts for high school graduates

17. Canvas Laundry Bag

Ugh…Laundry. But it has to be done!

And a small laundry bag will help keep dirty laundry organized until ready to wash. 

18. Big Capacity Pencil/Pen Organizer

I know I’m always searching for a pen. But this organizer will help students or hard working young people keep their writing utensils organized. 

So, then THEY will be the ones giving pens to others like me always searching for one. 

19. Onson Backpack

A backpack with a USB port? Yes, Please! These backpacks make great gifts for college bound students!

Sometimes days on campus are LONG. And phones go dead. I wish I would have had this back pack when I was in college so I could charge my phone. 

20. Digital Voice Recorder

New friends’ numbers and addresses? The time of a big event or party? A study session? 

There’s a lot to think about and remember when life is so exciting. Never ever forget important details. Give the gift of this small, easy to use digital voice recorder. 

21. Sewing Aid Kit

You might think I’m crazy but I had one in college. And I used it a LOT. I should add that I had little to no experience or knowledge with sewing. I watched my grandma do it but that’s about it. 

The good thing is that there’s a great eBook on how to sew that comes with the kit. Repair all sorts of things for yourself and friends. Hey – Maybe you could even have a side hustle business sewing! The possibilities are endless. 

22. Exanco Flying Helicopter Alarm Clock

Never miss class or wake up late with this fun alarm clock. I mean, it’s a flying helicopter! How cool and different is that? 

Give the gift that’s worth waking up for. 

23. Away from Home Care Packages

Finally, here’s some amazing ideas for care packages.

You can also use them as inspiration for packages you can make yourself. Because a care pack from home is just the icing on the cake to a hard week of real life. 

Healthy snack pack

Candy Snack Pack

best gifts for high school graduates

Other Best Gifts for High School Graduates

I thought I’d mention a few more common everyday gift ideas. Money is always a great option to put away and use as needed. Also, gift cards and memberships make great gifts. 

So from this list, I hope I’ve given you some great ideas for useful graduation gift ideas. Gifts for college bound students or students who are ready to be on their own, start jobs and live their lives. 

If you have more ideas for best gifts for high school graduates, please comment below so other amazing readers can see them. 

~ Much Love ~


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