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Why Everyone Needs A Painfully Honest Friend.

“Be honest,” she said. “You can tell me anything,” she said.

My friend Chris is painfully honest. It’s a great thing. I think sometimes we as caring human beings fear to express how something or a situation really is. Chris is definitely a caring human being, but she is definitely not afraid to tell anyone what she thinks. What a blessing characteristic to possess!

Honesty is sometimes painful for a sensitive person like me. While the truth really does hurt, it is necessary.

This is why everyone needs a painfully honest friend.

1. It’s ok to have a wake-up call every once in a while to get your mind back on track. Chris does this without even trying. The other day, she wrote me a note to “Febreeze Your Coat”.

2. They can take over an uncomfortable conversation, so just sit back and let them go! They will try to resolve any issue.

3. When you need advice, they are always there to give it. They will give their honest opinion always. But, they usually have the best intentions for their friends.

The truth hurts, indeed, but it’s still a good thing to have someone in your life not afraid to dish it honestly. I’m definitely thanking my painfully honest friend today for always letting me know just how it is. But also for listening and believing in what I can achieve. In return, I take everything she says, analyze it in my mind, and use or leave what I believe to be the best advice I can receive. Most of the time, I use it.

My painfully honest friend Chris is today’s #40Thanks. The #40Thanks challenge is my attempt during Lent to thank those that have walked with me through my life journey and through them, I’ve received messages from God.

Much Love,

Farm Fit Mama