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Finding Focus in 2018

Are you interested in finding focus in 2018?

The word focus is my word for this year. I’m going to be focused on four main things this year:

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Farm
  • Community

Let’s dive right in and start finding focus in 2018!

Listen to the Podcast Episode:

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finding focus in 2018

Celebrations from 2017

  • Over 10,000 downloads!
  • Lots of great interviews and connections made.
  • More and more people are finding out about the podcast. 

Finding Focus in 2018

I’m finding focus in 2018 via four main ways:

  • Faith – Joining the church
  • Family – Being more present. Present with others, especially my kids.
  • Farm – Better Record Keeping and Management
  • Community – Both offline and online. But I’ll be more focused on you this year. 

How I’m Focusing on YOU

Watch out for more:

  • Giveaways
  • Better Content that you Want via Video
  • My Facebook Community – Join Here

finding focus in 2018

The Future of the Podcast

I will continue to stay consistent in recording episodes to release every week. I plan to strive to have a guest interview every week. The next 6 weeks will be guest interviews for sure.

Check out the podcast page here.

Thank you for Listening!

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