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4 Reasons to Make Money from Wherever You Are

Looking for reasons to make money from wherever you are?

I’m about to give you 4 reasons to make money that you need to know about. What do I mean? Well, from your land, from your home, basically wherever you’re at, if you have a skill or service to share with others, you can do it from wherever you are.

In this post, I’m hoping to give you all you need in order to feel confident and comfortable and starting out. Because I know in the beginning I was very scared to start my own business, but I’m so truly glad that I did. So I’m going to share a little bit more about that also.

There’s typically four reasons you might want to start a business that I want to talk about today. And you really need to think about these before you make your decision, because it can really make or break the lengthiness of your business. When you have a really strong why behind you, you won’t get burnout, it’ll be, it’ll be the driver and whatever you choose to do.

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reasons to make money


Okay. So number one is you might want to start a business because it’s going to give you the freedom.

You know, starting a business from wherever you are, gives you freedom and flexibility to live life, the way that you want. And that is kind of the, just of my platform here at Farmville living and rural women inspired podcast, that I believe that we all have the freedom to live and work the way we want to, without the worry, fear and overwhelm. You know, I used to work a job and after I had my second kiddo, I started staying home with her. I still felt the need to provide for the family to help bring in income.

And so starting the business that I started has helped me to kind of set up my life to where I don’t need. I don’t have to miss anything of my kiddos, but I’m still bringing in good income for our family. So it’s, that is kind of the driver behind that.

I’ve always wanted the freedom to be a mom, be a wife, be there for friends and family, but still bring home the bacon. Cause you could say, so that is the first reason.

Make an Income for Your Family

Number two could be, you just want to make an income. You need income. We all do. No matter how far off, no off grid, we are, no matter how self-sufficient we are, we always need some kind of income coming in. So maybe that’s what you need. Maybe you need just need an income. I will say, that’s not the strongest. For why you should start a business. Because once you hit that income, you might feel so comfortable that your business may take a back seat. So you always want to have a stronger why than just making money, just because, or you will reach that point where you feel comfortable with how much you made.

And there are much stronger wise than making an income. I mean, making an income to me is just an extra perk of, of starting a business. Okay. Number three and four might be two of the stronger reasons why, okay.

Meeting a Need in Your Community

Number three is maybe you have a need in your community or your family and you want to help meet it. And so say that there’s a need for, for eggs and your community. Well, that would be a perfect opportunity. If you have chickens, you can provide eggs to people in your community.

That’s just an example of meeting a need in your community. As long as that need is there, you won’t have any trouble making sales.

The Desire to Help Others

The last number four is the desire to help others. All right, if you, and that this might be one of the stronger why’s, as I mentioned, if you always have a desire to help others, to help more people, there’s always going to be people to help with your service.

And so it’s a really, really strong why that’s going to help you to keep going, even past the point where you’re comfortable with money, because there’s a mindset in there to where if you feel comfortable with how much you’re making and you don’t really have a desire to help people, then your business could go by the wayside. So you always want to have a strong desire to truly help others, help your customers, get what they need. And so, for example, with my garden business, with my veggie business, and we also have, we also sell eggs and honey and all that, we have a really strong desire to get people, the product, the food that they need, that they can’t grow or produce themselves. And so that right there kind of keeps us going. It keeps us even when the going gets tough, we always find a way to get what we get, what our customers want.

reasons to make money

Wrap Up & Resources

So I’m going to provide you a free worksheet if you’re really, really strongly considering starting a business, print this off or download it and you can fill it in and just save it on the computer if you want, but it’s going to be basically a starter “WHY” sheet.

This “Why” resource is going to help you identify your why for starting that business and kind of what you’re thinking of starting and why it would be beneficial to others. It’s going to help you answer the right questions for starting the right business for you. You can find it here.

So if you need some ideas for businesses, I do have a post and podcast called 23 backyard business ideas, and that’s going to help you get started with this. And maybe there’s some business ideas on there that you’re already doing. And so that can help you kind of decide what you want to start. Remember, you should always identify, need how it’s going to help other people, how it’s going to give you more freedom to live the life you want to live. And then finally, if it’s going to bring in income for you, because that is still important, but it shouldn’t be number one.

So I hope that you did get some value from this and that it’s going to help you think about your own endeavors over the next several weeks. So friend, thank you so much for listening. If you know of somebody who needs to hear this, who wants to hear the series, go ahead and share this episode with them and tell them to subscribe. We’re on pretty much all of the platforms, the rural women inspired podcast. If you have an iPhone or an iTunes account, you can go over to, I guess it’s apple podcasts. Now you can go over there and find us rural women inspired podcast. You can subscribe to the show and never miss a single episode.