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23 Gift Ideas for Farmers Who Have Everything

Are you struggling to determine gift ideas for the farmer in your life who claims he/she has everything already?

Gift ideas for farmers can be a very daunting task. If you ask my farmer husband what he would like for Christmas, he would say things like: 

More Land
More Cattle
Perfect Weather
“I don’t need anything”

He tells me he already has everything he needs. Because if he needs something, he just goes to get it. Land, cattle and great weather are not things he can just go get whenever he wants. 

Those things are just a little bit out of my price range. And that last bullet point is just not going to work for me…I’m a giving person. So, this is why I find it extremely difficult to actually figure out a gift for my farmer. 

But I really thought long and hard about cool gift ideas my farmer and even myself as a farmer, would absolutely love. The items that would help farmers save money, time and gain knowledge in their every day life. 

Please note that these items are not generally gender specific. There are plenty of women farmers out there like myself that would love any of these gifts as well. So, these are gifts that any farmer, man or woman, would love. 

So, in this post, I will include:

23 Gift Ideas to help the farmer save money and make time for other things. 
Gifts for the farmer who has everything…or says they do. 
Answers to what to buy a farmer for his birthday…or her birthday. Or Christmas gift ideas. Or just because. 

Let’s jump right into the guide with something warm and useful. 

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gift ideas for farmers

1. Heavy Chore Coat

Gift Ideas for farmers
Carhartt Chore Coat

Winter is cold no matter where you are. And farmers aren’t cooped up inside all winter. In fact, many farmers actually enjoy being out in the cold. They wouldn’t be in their line of work if they didn’t enjoy it just a little bit.

But, like it or not, farmers need to keep warm while in the elements. And how is that chore coat looking? A big ragged? Maybe it’s time for a new one.

So, this Heavy chore coat would be a great idea. I love the Carhartt brand. My farmer and I have no trouble going outside into the cold when we’re bundled up. And after examining the winter wear while organizing and decluttering, I’m deciding it may be time for a new one. 

2. Nice Mud Boots

El Cheapo rubber mud boots will not last forever. There’s a lot better quality out there. Get your farmer some boots that will last longer through the mud of late winter.

I have a pair of Arctic Sport Muck boots that I highly recommend. I’ve had the same pair for several years now and they haven’t failed me yet. Keeps my feet warm and dry every time I wear them.

And unless something better comes along…I won’t recommend or buy anything else. Sizes are very comparable to regular boot sizes. 

3. A Short Get Away From The Farm

What your farmer could really use is some time away from the farm. So, give your farmer a night, day, or weekend away from the farm. Because there’s nothing better than a vacation. And it’s totally doable.

You know your farmer best. Would he/ she like to see a movie? Eat out at a certain restaurant? A bundle of gift certificates with a variety of different options make great gift ideas. Or just an all expense paid trip to see something your farmer has always wanted to see. 

So, how can you help your farmer handle the time away? Here’s a list of things you won’t want to forget while planning a get away: 

  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • A Responsible Farm Caretaker
  • Travel

If you’re farmer seems stressed, maybe a get away could be a great option for gift ideas. How can the farmer resist this if you’ve taken care of everything to make it happen? A little really goes a long way. After some time away to relax and de-stress, your farmer will be motivated and ready to enjoy farming once again. 

4. New Gloves

Those farmer hands will stay warmer this cold winter with some new gloves. Insulated gloves make great gift ideas. And no farmer can have too many pairs of matching gloves. 

Especially with two little girls running around the house. It seems like neither Matt nor I can ever find a pair of matching gloves these days. 

And who has time to search for gloves that match? When there’s work to do, gloves need to be ready to go as well. 

Check out these gloves, made especially for farmers! 

5. Warm Socks

No farmer can have enough socks. Socks get lost or destroyed, so they are always a good go-to gift item. But, not just any socks. Good socks.

I go with these super warm and thick Dickies socks. My farmer LOVES them. I also have a few pairs of my own. They are amazing and my feet always stay toasty warm with Dickies and Muck Boots while feeding animals during the cold winter.

Warm Up Your Feet With Some Dickies

6. Tractor, Farm Equipment or Cow Calendar

Every year, my farmer looks forward to opening up his antique tractor calendar. He loves looking through the tractors and turning the page each month for a new one.

Antique Tractor Calendars

Maybe your farmer isn’t into antique tractors? What is your farmer really into? There’s probably a calendar for it. Because there’s a calendar for EVERYTHING!

If you’re looking for something specific, there’s a calendar for it. Is your farmer into pretty cows? 

Cow Calendars

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Design your own! Use your own photos that you’ve taken from the farm that you know your farmer would enjoy looking at all year long. 

7. Weather Radio

I really love our weather radio. It is extremely accurate and I count on it to warn me if there’s a storm coming. It allows me to gain some knowledge and to prepare for what’s coming. 

And in Kansas…you never know what’s coming. 

If there’s a storm coming, your farmer will have time to take cover and be safe. They can be plugged in or run on batteries out in the field. 

Weather Storm Radio

8. Thermos for Hot or Cold Drinks

So, my farmer loves to carry a good drink. He is a pop-a-holic. In fact, he cannot function in the morning without it. He’s literally a zombie.

And if he had his own thermos for his pop, he wouldn’t take cups and glasses from the kitchen with him to the field to be lost in the tractor. So, I think a thermos or tumbler is in order. 

I found one from Under Armor. It’s 64 ounce and completely insulated, keeping drinks warm and cold. It also has a way to hang it on the fence or in the tractor! No more kicking bottles and cans around!

Under Armor Thermos

gift ideas for farmers

9. Valuable Photos or Collectibles That Mean Something

Family members, valued pets, and an aerial view of the farm are just a few ideas of valuable photos. 

Maybe your farmer has a collection in the shed or space. Add to it with a piece he/she doesn’t have yet. 

Collectible Farming Patent Prints

10. Good Quality Pocket Knife

Trying to cut something during an ice storm with a dull pocket knife is pretty much the worst. So, prepare your farmer for the elements with a nice sharp new pocket knife. Even if your farmer has a knife he/she likes already, it’s never a bad idea to have an extra one on hand. 

This pocket knife is one I would give my farmer as a gift. It flips open and closed for safety. Plus, it is incredibly sharp so you know it’s going to get the job done. 

Durable Swiss Army Knives

11. A Good Flashlight

There’s always a need for a great flashlight. It never hurts to have an extra flashlight on hand. 

So, depending on your farmer’s needs, there are different options for flashlights as gift ideas. You could go with the hands-free option. These are lights that you just wear on your head. I like this option when I’m helping a doe goat with her kids in the middle of the night. Because I need both hands for that. 

I also love wearing this flashlight when running in the dark. I know…very non farm related. But it works great! 

Or, choose a good flashlight with a handle. I certainly appreciate flashlights with handles because it’s pretty easy to tie them somewhere by the handle if you need to. Whatever your farmers’ needs are is the type of flashlight gift ideas you need. 

Hands-Free Flashlights

gift ideas

12. All-Weather Generator 

Be prepared when the electricity goes out. A good generator on hand is a great investment. 

Amazon has numerous types, styles and brands of generators with reviews. I’ve linked up to one so you have a starting spot. Stay on the link and shop around.


13. Solar Charger For iPhone/iPad

Don’t you hate it when you’re out in the field and your phone goes dead? 

This solar charger works great to charge up your phone and tablet completely anywhere. 

Solar Chargers

14. Portable Air Compressor 

We have one and wouldn’t be without it. It works great for taking it from field to field or farm to farm and air up tires. 

Always being prepared will help to save valuable time and get you back on the road in no time. 

Portable Air Compressor

15. Change Organizer 

Coins everywhere? Pennies add up, so save every single one. Here’s a great organizer for your change. 

Start Saving & Organizing Change

gift ideas for farmers

16. Heated Ice Scraper 

Save even more time in the mornings scraping ice and snow off the window. The cord plugs right into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle. 

Heated ice scraper

17. Keurig Beverage Maker 

This is one item we love having in our home and shop. Because coming in for a warm drink after working out in the cold really just hits the spot. 

And the Keurig makes delicious warm drinks in no time. If you’re not a coffee drinker, check out other flavors such as apple cider, tea and hot cocoa. 

Keurig Hot Drink Maker

18. “So God Made A Farmer” Sign 

There hasn’t been any poem about farmers than Paul Harvey’s “So God Made a Farmer.” Display it proudly in your home or shop where you can see it daily and know you’re appreciated. 

Show Your Pride and Appreciation for a Farmer

19. Warm Chore Coveralls

Is your farmer’s coveralls looking shabby? Keep your farmer warm and dry with some brand new coveralls or cover pants. There isn’t anything more important that staying warm on a cold day.

And we all know that even on cold days, farmers can be found outside.

Coverall Pants

gift ideas for farmers

20. Old Farmer’s Almanac 

Get ahead of your neighbors by following the advice of the Old Farmer’s Almanac. There are some very interesting predictions in this book. Estimate when the major snow storms will be, when the full moons will be and the best time of the week to plant the garden. 

Get The Knowledge You Need for Next Year

21. Mouse/Rat Control 

Those pesky rodents may be small but they can create a real BIG problem if not control. We have found three different ways to control them in our rural home, barns and shops. Links are provided to our favorite snap traps, bucket traps and sticky traps. 

Snap-E Mouse Traps

Tom Cat Sticky Traps

Bucket Traps

22. 4-in-1 Pliers 

All four of your most desired tools into one set of pliers. Never be without them again! This 4-in-1 tool can fit right in any plier holder. 

4-in-1 Pliers

23. CleverMade Clever Crates Storage Bin 

Is your storage room, farm room or tool room a clutter? Help your farmer to become more organized. Check out these awesome crates with pockets on the outside for the little things. 

Store and Organize Your Space Here

You Know Your Farmer Best

I know this list will help you to discover gift ideas for your farmer who already has everything. You can probably see some trends such as:

  • Time Saving 
  • Money Saving
  • Knowledge
  • Warmth and Safety

And if your farmer is like myself and my farmer, then this list will help you discover some great gift ideas. Use the list as a guide and go with your best knowledge of your farmer. Use your creativity to give the perfect gift. 

Because no one knows your farmer like you do. So, take the time to study your farmer. Determine the best gift ideas out there your farmer will be asking for time and time again. 

What are some of your best gift ideas for farmers? 


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Monday 14th of November 2016

Great ideas. My 23 year old granddaughter is a farmer. You gave me a couple great ideas for her. I love your website. I look forward to your postings.

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Thank you, Margaret! It means a lot to me to see your comment!

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