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How to Give Back When You Have Little to Give

I know what you’re thinking. “How can I give back?”

Me too. I feel the same way.

As a single steady income family, sometimes I feel like sometimes we just don’t have enough – Especially around the holidays. My time and money is spread so thin this time of year. Actually, all year long, I feel like I could pull out my hair. Even while hustling a few side businesses in between taking care of my two little girls. 

I know exactly what you’re thinking right now. Those bills do not stop coming in. There’s just never enough money to part with. How can I even start giving what I have to someone in need when I feel like I need it myself?

And then there’s the aspect of never enough time. Don’t even get me started on this topic. Although I’m a “work from home” mom, it seems like my time is so limited. There’s never enough hours. It dissolves into thin air around these parts.

The truth of the matter is this…We all have 24 hours in one day to spend however we’d like. We all have the same amount of time each and every day. How we choose to spend that time on what we want to do is the key to balance in life. 

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So, in this post, I’m going to share:

  • 3 Ways to Give Back when you have little time and money to give. 
  • Why choosing to give back to the community is so important
  • And how choosing the volunteer ideas that you are passionate about can help ignite a spark and cause a ripple effect for others to give as well.

Let’s start with time. Time is the most delicate gem we could ever obtain.  Using a minute of your time to help someone else this holiday season can really make all the difference.

How to give back when you have so little to give

Here are 3 ways to give back when you feel like you have little to give: 

  1. Volunteer Your Time

    Bell Ringers. Santa’s elf. Food bank volunteer. Visit the local nursing home or elderly shut ins.

    There are dozens of ways to volunteer in your community. Local organizations need special volunteers like you to give back.

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    Check out some of the organizations in your community to see how you can help. All it takes is a little of your time.

  2. Donate Money or Items

    Whether you’re donating money or time, each is precious in it’s own right.

    Pick something you are good at or an organization you love. Love to bake? Bake cookies for a group who could use some extra love.

    Donate a meal for a family or even toys for the kids in need. Donations can be anonymous or given personally by you or the organization you represent.

    It sure doesn’t have to feel like much. Any little bit can help those in need so much.

  3. Teach What You Know

    Do you have a passion for the holidays and teaching? Partner with another organization to provide classes or workshops for all ages.

    What about tips for budgeting during the holidays? Or even homemade gift making classes.

    My personal favorite are cookie baking and decorating classes. Yum!

    You could offer a small fee to cover your expenses for the supplies. It would be a great idea to know how much to plan for attendance and expenses.

Before You Do…Be

Recently, I’ve uncovered some helpful advice about how to choose what you do. Don’t just do something. 

Do what you are. 

It all starts with you you are at your core. You’ll be more passionate and caring about that particular group of people you’re helping. 

For instance, if “Mary” is super passionate about hunger and starvation in her community, she might choose to donate food or help in the local kitchen. Because she’s the type of person who genuinely cares to her core about the topic of hunger. 

Or if “Susie” loves animals and pets, she might choose to donate to the local humane society or search for volunteer animal shelter opportunities.

It all comes down to what you love. What your drive is in life really is at your core level. You’ll be more likely to be urged to do more and to give more if that opportunity is what you’re passionate about. 

And if you’re passionate, you’ll inspire others as well. 

Make it a family affair

Teaching the rest of your family to give back is so rewarding. Word of warning: They may grumble at the idea of helping others. 

Or, they will jump right into helping with your volunteer opportunity with open arms. I hope it’s the latter. And it will be if you show your passion for it and involve them in it.

Allow the whole family to join in on giving back. It especially teaches the kids how important it is to serve and teach others.

You may not know it but you are secretly giving back to your family as well by teaching them to give back.

You think you have so little to give. 

But you have so much more. You have skills and passions to share with others. Give a portion of your time and energy to those who need it. Becoming a community volunteer is so rewarding. 

Also, think about what your community needs really are. You have to become passionate to your core about this volunteer opportunity you’re wanting to pursue. Maybe take a little walk in their shoes. 

Then, do a little research and you might find that you have more to provide to the people of your community than you think. 

Soak in the benefits of giving back to your community, no matter how little you may be giving. Remember this: It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving. And giving from our core and our state of who we are that makes us feel amazing and alive. 

There are so many ways to give back to the community where you live. How will you give back this holiday season? 

~ Much Love ~


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Wednesday 2nd of December 2015

I love this post. My family and I are picking one charity or organization to contribute to throughout next year and I am so excited to get going on it. I really want my kids to grow up with the realization of the world we live in. Thank you for the tips!

Mindy Young @ Farm Fit Living

Wednesday 2nd of December 2015

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, Ashley! I'm so glad you liked it. I can't wait to see what you and your family chose for your charity. Giving back is so important and there's no better time to do it than during the holidays. For you, committing to a whole year of giving back is exceptional! :)

Deborah Nielson

Wednesday 2nd of December 2015

I love your suggestions about ways to help at Christmas that don't need a lot of money. Time is so very precious, thank you for the great reminder. I love the idea of learning how to not be busy -- acts of kindness only take a moment and can really mean the world to the one receiving it.

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