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15 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Hard To Buy Guy

You know him. The man who has absolutely everything. He doesn’t need anything for Christmas. Or ever.

Have you thought of stocking stuffer ideas for the hard to buy guy? 

My farmer is my hard-to-buy man. He has everything he needs.

So, he says.

Of course, I’m not playing by his rules.

stocking stuffer ideas for the hard to buy guy

I’ve developed a listing of 15 stocking stuffer ideas for the hard to buy guy. 

  1. Individualized Ink Pens – There’s always need for an ink pen to take a note. Make the pens special by personalizing it for whomever you’re buying for.
  2. Thermal Socks – Warm Socks are always a plus. Especially if your man is outdoors all Winter long.
  3. Toy Implement or Toy Vehicle – Does he have a favorite collectible item? Find a toy  version of it to stick into the stocking for him to pull out Christmas morning.
  4. Favorite Candy – You can’t go wrong with your man’s favorite treat. It may even sweeten him up a bit.
  5. Mini Flashlight – So he won’t ever be stuck in the dark.
  6. Pocket Knife – He can’t have enough pocket knives in his life. Here’s one for his other coat.
  7. Pliers – Same with the pocket knife. He can’t have just one pair.
  8. Lint Roller – To keep him looking sharp.
  9. Gift Card – To his favorite store. The store he goes to most often. Or even the restaurant he loves.
  10. Lottery Ticket – These are fun to scratch on Christmas Day. Find them at your local gas or convenience store.
  11. Pocket Note Pad – In the world of iPhones and iPads, there’s still a chance he will want to write a handwritten note.
  12. Mini Vehicle Garbage Can – For his candy wrappers and kleenexes.
  13. Mini Organizer for Vehicle – For receipts and important paperwork.
  14. Memorable Key Chain – Just a small one. And choose one that means something to the two of you.
  15. Personalized Thermos or Coffee Mug – To carry his favorite beverage. Hot or cold.

When in doubt of a gift for the “hard to buy” man, stuff a stocking for him with things he can use.

What Stocking Stuffer ideas do you have? 

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