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How to Toddler Proof Christmas Trees

Little one on the move? You need some tips to toddler proof Christmas trees in your home. 

Toddler proof Christmas trees

Are you missing ornaments from your Christmas Tree? Or maybe you’re worried about your most valuable keepsakes breaking.

Let me guess. You have a toddler in the house. Or maybe just a cat who acts like a toddler.

Nevertheless, little hands or paws are messing with your Christmas Tree.

If you’re a Christian like myself, you likely have a Christmas tree somewhere in your house. It’s displayed throughout the holiday season to display beautiful ornaments and decorations. We put our Christmas gifts to others underneath.

The bright lights. The breakable pretties. All of these are simply irresistible for a curious toddler (or cat) not to touch.


Who has time to constantly remind their little ones to keep their hands off the tree?

I know I don’t, plus, it’s totally not fun for me to keep harping at my toddler over and over again.

Here’s a great idea to toddlerize your Christmas Tree

My mother in law actually gave me this idea. It’s how she kept her own toddlers out of the Christmas Tree many years ago.

Toddlerize Your Christmas Tree

Set the tree a little bit higher

If you have high ceilings, you can do this with any size tree, otherwise you may have to switch to a shorter tree.

You can use your hope chest or medium size coffee table to set your tree on. Cover the table with a sheet, blanket, or table cloth of your choice.


Then, fluff and decorate your tree. Let your little one help! It will assist with much of their curiosity.

Finally, put the majority of the breakable ornaments out of reach in the middle half of the tree. Save the bottom half for non breakables.

This Does NOT keep the cat out of the tree

While this tip works great for toddlers, it does not work for cats. My cat still climbs the tree and knocks the ornaments out.

Naughty kitty.

toddlerize your Christmas Tree


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Try this with your little ones and let me know how it goes!

~ Much Love ~



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