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5 Reasons to Shop Local this Holiday Season

Are you going to find reasons to shop local this holiday season?

Shop small to support backyard businesses and family businesses who work hard every day. They cater to their community and to their employees. So, why not support them?

Because every little bit counts to keep businesses in our rural areas. Every little bit. Have you supported a small local business lately? 

When you support small business you’re supporting a dream. There are also numerous other economic benefits of buying local.

So, you may be from a rural community like me or from a larger area. Doesn’t matter. There are small local businesses in every community. Big or small, when you support small business, you are keeping your hard earned money in your community. It’s a difference between shopping local vs shopping corporate. 

Do you prefer shopping the malls and chain stores in your area for the holidays? Can I change your mind about shopping local instead? Consider visiting the shop, home, or online store of a local entrepreneur. The benefits of supporting local business is right here. I’m going to lay it all out on the table for you. 

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What Small Businesses Have to Offer

Entrepreneurs are ready to sell their homegrown, handmade, and distribution items. The options may be fewer, but it’s a very good place to start. In most cases, quality will trump quantity each and every time.

And who knows? You might find the perfect gift you were looking for all along.

A lady makes and sells pet clothes and accessories. Other options include: Direct sales associates, such as Scentsy, 31, and Mary Kay. Locally grown eats, such as raw honey, flavored popcorn and meats are my personal favorites.

No matter your tastes, entrepreneurs need support, too. And the creativity of entrepreneurs just blow my mind when I see what they have to offer.

Now, let’s dive into the 5 reasons to shop local this holiday season. The first reason has a lot to do with building up your rural community. 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means that, at no additional cost to you, I may get a commission if you click the link and make a purchase. Thanks for your support in this way!

Reasons to shop local

1. Community Vitality

The first of these reasons to support small businesses is because doing so helps your community. How?

When you buy their product, it obviously helps their business. In turn, a growing business improves the community. When you have strong businesses, you have strong leaders in the community who make the decisions.

Strong leaders and volunteers make the decisions for the direction of the community events and improvements, thus, shaping the community into the success it will be in the future.

So, when you shop local, you’re helping those businesses to strengthen their communities. This helps their families. This is as local as it can get. 

2. Local is Local

Local stores are just those that are in close proximity to you. And they have amazing gems for gifts in them that you can’t get anywhere else. Hand made crafts, baked goods, homegrown goodies are just a few options you can find at local stores in your town. 

I also enjoy visiting other towns nearby to shop their stores. Still local. I’m supporting small family owned businesses to find unique gifts I want to give.  There’s nothing wrong with supporting a local business outside your immediate community if they have the product or gift you’ve been looking for.

So, it’s really all about what type of gift you’re looking for. Different shops may specialize in different gift items. I personally love home grown products, such as honey products, jams & jellies, and wheat crafts. 

Because it’s just the personal touches that take peoples’ breath away. You want to find gifts for your family and friends that really speaks to them. That they will either want to use or keep for a long time. 

And you can find these unique beauties in local family owned stores. 

shop local

3. Different Creative Gifts

So, I enjoy gift giving. But I can’t stand to give the same gifts each year. I just have to switch things up. 

And that’s the beauty of shopping local. There’s always something new in the store each year. Some kind of new inspiration from the business owner. It’s all right there and ready on display for the holiday season. 

Therefore, when you shop local, there are so many unique gift choices to consider. Because every entrepreneur has different ideas and values. These ideas and values speak to their customers and draws them in to look around. 

You just never know what to expect when you walk into their store.

I love walking into a local store and talking with the entrepreneur about their items. How they made them. What they are used for. And from there, a relationship is built. 

4. Building Relationships

Local entrepreneurs appreciate you coming and looking at their items for sale. I mean, why wouldn’t they? It’s their business. 

But not only their business. It’s their passion for what they do. It’s right there for you to fall in love with and purchase to give to others. And I love getting to know these business owners when I shop local. 

I feel like I get to know them when I spend time in their shop. I enjoy hearing about the history and the future goals of their business. And they are searching for something from me. They want to know more about me so they can better serve me as their customer. 

So, I enjoy them telling me how their products can help me or the person I’m buying for. These conversations not only help me as their customer or them in their business. But it also helps their communities. Because if they keep offering the right products, people will continue to keep coming back again and again. 

So, the relationships and need for certain products for gifts keeps me coming back to shop with them. And the kids love going as well. 

5. Santa Shops Local, too

How many of your kids just love holiday shopping? Well, they might like it a little more if Santa is there! 

Sometimes he shows up. You see, many local shops come together during the holidays. As a group, they plan and host open house sessions for the community members, like you and me. These open houses may be one day or multiple days depending on their audience and customers. 

They have refreshments for their customers to draw them in. Good refreshments that customers can eat with one hand while they shop. Here are a few more perks to open houses:

  • Price Deals on certain desired products. 
  • Giveaways & Guessing Games
  • Santa Clause

Open houses with great price deals and Santa Clause is a great way to shop local and enjoy the holidays together as a family.

And when Santa is there for the little ones, the shopping experience is just more enjoyable! Perfect timing, big guy.

Why You May Not Be Shopping Local

Now, I’ve given you 5 reasons why you should shop local. And there are so many more reasons to shop local. But why aren’t you? 

I know not everyone shops local because local small family owned businesses fail every year. The failed businesses just can’t bring in the revenue needed to stay in business. All the more reason to shop local, don’t you think? 

So, why are you shopping away from home? Why are you going to Wal Mart or other big chain stores for your Christmas Shopping? 

  • Budget
  • Bulk items
  • Store Hours
  • Convenience 

Is it really cheaper to shop at a chain like Wal Mart? Who are you really supporting when you shop there versus your local small business? These are all questions to ask yourself before you travel to your nearest chain store when you could have gotten it right here at home. 

But maybe you really needed more of that same item and your local small business didn’t carry enough. Could be the local store’s hours from 9-5 didn’t meet your schedule. Well, this is where that relationship could really come in handy. Why not talk to the owner about changing hours for holiday shopping? 

Finally, is it really more convenient to travel and support a chain versus a local business? For me, the nearest Wal Mart is 20 minutes away. The nearest small business is 10 minutes. It really depends on what you need, how much you need, when you can get it and the price of the items. Right? 

shop local

Why You Should Shop Local

So, let’s break it down to the good stuff. We know the pros of shopping local. And we now know why many people do not shop local. 

Now, here’s why everyone should shop local. Relationships. And friendships. Community. That’s what it boils down to. 

The holiday season should not always be about you. Think of the small local businesses this holiday season. Think of the hard work they put in to preparing their products for their customers. 

And think of their families. And how your business in their shops will keep the rural communities alive. 

It’s really simple. And I can tell you from experience that those business owners will remember. My family gives back to people who have supported their business. Whether it’s buying back an animal to butcher at the county fair livestock sale or voting in a local election, my family remembers who supported them. And they give back. 

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On the other hand, Wal Mart could care less if you shop with them. They won’t remember you from Adam. And if they are asked to support a local community, you have to pull strings through corporate offices and big bosses. All that work for nothing. I have yet to see Wal Mart supporting the local county fair 4-H’ers. 

However, your local business owners will remember who their loyal customers are. And they will continue to support the present and future of the community.  So, why not support them this holiday season? 

How to Support Small Local Businesses

Even if only one time, there are many ways to support your small local business this holiday season. 

  • Small Business Saturday – What is Small Business Saturday?  The Saturday after Thanksgiving is Small Business Saturday. Go into your local businesses and check out the great deals they have to offer.
  • Visit Holiday Open Houses – Initially, go in for the treats. And then look around the store to see something you might like. Socialize and form new relationships.
  • Buy just one thing – Every little bit supports the small business owner. Find something in the store to buy.
  • Advertise for them – If you hear of someone needing a certain gift, put a plug in for a certain local business. You will find yourself doing this naturally if you love the products and the business themselves. You’ll have a passion and it will shine through when you tell people about the business.
  • Visit their online Store  I would hope these local businesses have a way to purchase products online. Anyone can sell things online these days. It only takes a little bit of work to get a store set up. You can also look for small businesses’ local online shopping websites on Etsy or Pinterest

If Online Shopping is your jam, Check out my gift guide’s page here. 

So, there are numerous ways to support these local businesses. So, will you? It’s your choice. Take action. 

Reasons to Shop Local

It’s Your Money. 

You choose where to spend your money. Why not spend it wisely by choosing to shop local? 

I’ve given you the 5 reasons to shop local. I truly believe it’s an important part of the holiday season. Many small businesses really count on extra income from the holiday shopping season to “make it.” If they aren’t supported, these businesses will not make it for very long. 

But ultimately, it’s your money. You earned it and I won’t tell you how to spend it. So, you choose where and how to spend your hard earned money. And I just hope you choose to spend it in your local community. Build relationships and get to know the people who are selling items they worked hard to create. 

Because they will remember you the next time you come into their store. And if you support them, these creative business people will be able to continue making more of those unique gifts you’re looking for many years from now. Their stores can stay open because you chose to shop local. 

“Are You Shopping Local This Holiday Season?”

~ Much Love ~






Thursday 28th of December 2017


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Nicole Osburn

Tuesday 29th of November 2016

I love shopping local and helping our community when possible! I have to admit I have been avoiding the malls like the plague. It's just all those people in one small place give's me anxiety. I have been doing most of my shopping online. Our community has less and less non traditional shops so I may have to hit up some craft fairs to find exactly what I need and support some local talent. :)


Tuesday 29th of November 2016

I love shopping local .It's the best way to support the local economy and get fresh stuff

Adelheid Bethanny

Monday 28th of November 2016

I love this post! Buying local products and sustainable markets are very trending right now. I try my best to change my life style and not by mass produced items. Supporting local markets this holiday is a great way to give back and give to other we love!

The Travel Ninjas

Monday 28th of November 2016

We agree. Shopping local has so many benefits. We travel a lot and are currently in Vietnam. You post made us think about how our shopping habits are different at home in the US or when we travel. At home the big chains are so tempting, but when we're in a different country we only shop at little local shops because they're cool in all the ways you described. There are big malls here with all the big international brands but we wouldn't think of going there. Most Americans travellers we see here act the same. It's just funny how people are so much more likely to "shop local" when they're half way across the globe.

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