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June 2016 Rural Photo Shoot

The June 2016 rural photo shoot was done in perfect time.

June 2016 rural photo shoot is the first of many monthly photo shoots of my family and I. It is my own challenge to dress my girls up and creatively snap some great memories I can keep many years into the future.

This is my own challenge for my family that I will share with you each month. It all began with an idea to take updated pictures of the girls for their daddy as a Father’s Day gift.

I enjoyed this so much I decided to do it every single month! Understand I have no formal training in photography. But, I have studied it and practiced from time to time. I also know my little girls. I know what features I want to capture before they move into the next stage of their growth and development.

It’s a challenge for myself to keep up with pictures of my girls as they grow and change. I’m also hoping to upgrade my own creative photography hobby skills. I want to challenge you to start making some monthly memories with your family.

At the time of the June 2016 rural photo shoot, Mylee is almost 3 years old and Maci is 2 months. In May, I did take some one month pictures of Maci. But, Mylee was having a difficult transition with her new sister. She was very uncooperative so I didn’t bother including her into the pictures.

Things are better now between them. My two girls love each other as you can see. When they are apart, they miss each other. When they see each other again, they embrace each other with smiles, giggles and kisses.

June 2016 Rural Photo Shoot

At only two months into their relationship as sisters, I’m so excited to capture their growing love for each other.

This month, I took all the pictures myself with my Canon Rebel T5i. I will take the majority of the pictures in this challenge. I admit I enjoyed capturing these moments so much myself. I also think I will grow in my photography skills the more practiced I become.

I dressed the girls casually in matching Big Sister/Little Sister shirts, jeans and boots. Props used include solid colored blankets, a rocking chair, Mylee’s Allis-Chalmers peddle tractor and the trees of our front yard.

I took about 100 different pictures during this shoot. I’m sharing the best ones with you today, so enjoy!

Here’s a little bit about my girls. I’m sure you are dying to know more about them as you admire their sweet faces.


Mylee is 3 years old on June 21, 2016. I can’t believe it. She is so incredibly smart, beautiful and helpful. She loves helping with farm chores and also with her baby sister.

June 2016 Photo Shoot

I wanted to capture Mylee’s incredible playful blue eyes. As well as her love for the farm and her Allis-Chalmers peddle tractor.

Doesn’t she look adorable on the little tractor? Daddy’s tractors are fun to ride, but this little one is just her size.

June 2016 Rural Photo Shoot

Mylee loves to be very active day by day. She’s a very fast runner and is learning to swim. She is also into playing with her little farm set complete with cows.

She’s a professional big sister all ready and always knows what her baby sister wants and needs.


Maci is three months old on June 28, 2016. She loves to look at everything in this great big world. And she loves to watch her big sister with her big blue eyes.

You can just tell she can’t wait to tag along with her big sister soon. But, for now, she just hangs out. She can hold her head up but can’t sit up yet.

June 2016 Photo Shoot

Maci is beginning to develop her personality. She’s a very laid back and content baby who goes with the flow.

She also has the biggest smile when she wants to. I was trying to capture that smile along with her sparkling dark blue eyes.

I wasn’t able capture the smile during the June 2016 rural photo shoot. She was so intrigued by the camera that I did manage to capture her pretty blues quite well.

June 2016 Rural Photo Shoot

After our June 2016 rural photo shoot at home, we went into town for some lunch. Then, we went to the local splash pad for some water fun. I got a few more pictures of Mylee playing there in the water.

Mylee had so much fun and even made a new friend! A splash pad is a great addition to any community.

June 2016 rural photo shoot

Stay tuned for July 2016

I’m not sure what captured adventures the July 2016 photo shoot will bring. It may possibly be in another state! But, I can’t wait to schedule it.

If you have any ideas on poses, outfits, or props for future photo shoots, I’d love to hear them. Just post them down below in the comments.

~ Much Love ~


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Sandy Segur

Thursday 16th of June 2016

What a beautiful photo shoot.

Mindy Young @ Farm Fit Living

Wednesday 22nd of June 2016

Thank you, Sandy. Watch for a new one every month. Next month will be at a vineyard and farm in Washington State. My cousin is getting married there and we are all traveling from Kansas to the state for the first time. So excited!

Mindy Young

Sunday 19th of June 2016

Thank you, Sandy.

Jackie Schnedler

Wednesday 15th of June 2016

Love the last one in water/splash pad. It looks like it belongs in a greeting card of encouragement.

Mindy Young @ Farm Fit Living

Wednesday 22nd of June 2016

Thanks, Jackie! I was having fun with my camera. I wish she was looking at me. :)

Mindy Young

Sunday 19th of June 2016

I never thought of it that way, Jackie! It does!

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