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New Beginnings to Celebrate on Easter

Easter is the holiday for new beginnings to celebrate. 

New beginnings to celebrate are everywhere if you just stop and look around you. Celebrate Easter this year in such a way that you feel more alive. Like you have found a brand new beginning.

There are numerous ways to celebrate the Easter holiday. Local Easter egg hunts and the Easter Bunny are great for kids.

Celebrate a new life and new beginnings by going to church. Enjoy new life on a farm. Find some way to help you grow as a person.

Let me share with a little bit about my most valuable memories from Easter.

new beginnings to celebrate

New Beginnings of Life

I was raised in the Christian faith. Christians believe Easter is a time for new beginnings because Jesus rose from the dead to save us from our sins.

Attending church on Easter Sunday to celebrate new life and enjoying a meal afterwards is a normal tradition with Christians. My rural country church not only had the usual Sunday service, but also an early morning sunrise service. A delicious breakfast with egg casseroles and cinnamon rolls was enjoyed following the sunrise service.

After breakfast, my family and I would head home to do chores on our farm and to get ready for Sunday service held at the normal time.

We would also find our Easter Baskets from the Easter Bunny hidden throughout the house. He came every year and hid baskets of eggs for my siblings and I while we were at the sunrise service.

Easter Sunday was a morning for our Sunday bests. We dressed to the nines on Easter Sunday in dresses and suits either bought, homemade or hand me down.

At church, we celebrated new beginnings. A new resurrected life as a message that we can all live again.

new beginnings to celebrate

New babies to love

Spring is almost here and baby animals are starting new life on the farm.

On our farm, new baby calves, goat kids and lambs are running and jumping around.

This reminds me of one Easter when my siblings and I received two new baby lambs to bottle feed.

New responsibilities and a new love for those small wooly lambs.

It’s those kind of memories that stick out in your mind years later.

Those new beginnings prepared me for responsibility and animal care-taking for my own farm. It was the first seed planted into my life that would allow me to raise my own animals on my own land someday.

new beginnings to celebrate

New season of planting and bloom

I also enjoy preparing for planting new seeds into the ground to grow crops, vegetables, and flowers. Spring is a time to plant those seed and sometimes Easter is the day to do so.

By now, many of you have planted your vegetable seeds into your gardens. You’re anticipating new growth that will eventually provide healthy nourishment to your bodies.

Flowers, such as Easter Lillies, are in full bloom. Not only do they smell amazing, but they remind us that we can bloom where we are planted. We can all thrive and survive wherever we are if we prepare the foundation and nourish the seed that is planted for our enrichment.

Celebrate a season of new beginnings with new growth from just a tiny seed. You’d be surprised what can happen when that seed is nourished and cared for.

Celebrate a new season of growth this Easter. Not only in your gardens but in your personal life as well.

New Season of Growth

Planting the seed is just the beginning for personal growth.

The lessons of Easter tells us that we can celebrate a new life with new beginnings. So many of my own memories of new beginnings

How will you change one thing to better your life? New beginnings to celebrate can be so life changing.

Focus on one thing in your life you want to improve. This might involve a major change. Or you might just be adding a new hobby or venture into your life.

Professional development is just one way you can focus on your growth. What workshop, conference, or webinar can you attend to help you grow and learn?

You should never stop learning and growing in your life. Always look forward to new beginnings to celebrate.

Easter is an excellent time to reflect on the little things in life. To think about how you can change to become a better person.

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~ Much Love ~