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5 Tips To Protect Scared Pets From Loud Noises

Every year, beloved pets are misplaced due to loud noises because owners failed to protect scared pets.

Protect scared pets from neighborly and festive loud booms and bangs. Or even a thunderstorm! Protecting fearful pets easier than it sounds and so important. Five tips are necessary to protect scared pets from running away from their homes and owners.

Because each and every year, animals are found or missing after they’ve ran away scared from a celebration or loud work occurring nearby. Pet owners will prevent runaways and keep pets feeling safe and secure with just a few simple steps.

If your pet is scared of things like fireworks, construction work, or any other situation with loud noises, you will want to consider one of these 5 tips to protect scared pets.

Protect Scared Pets

Provide a Contained Safe Space

Pets are part of the family, but they also have fight or flight reflexes. Scared pets will flee if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

This safe space is in the form of a kennel or locked building. Use any room in your home, shed, or barn. Use a space your pet is accustomed to for the sake of your pet feeling comfortable and safe.

Many pet owners are against locking up their pets. I argue that this is the safest way to keep your pets from fleeing. Keep the piece of mind knowing where your pet is because you take the initiative to keep them safe.

If you must have your pet with you, be sure your pet is on a leash. No pet is trusted to stay calm when loud noises are a possibility.

If your pet just can’t handle the noise, veterinary care can be taken to provide comfort to pets.

Using Medication to Calm Pets

Sometimes pets just can’t handle the surrounding noises. They become sick from fear.

There is medication out there to calm your pet from the anxiety of loud noises. Work with your veterinarian to determine the best available option for your pet. The objective is to make your pet feel comfortable and safe.

I’ve personally never had to medicate my pet due to fear. But, I know several other pet owners who medicate their pets during thunderstorms. Medicating your pet is just one option to help them cope with the loud noises around them.

Along with a safe place and comforting medication, you need to consider your pets’ favorite things to help make the time more worry-free.

Include Favorite Blankets & Toys

Does your pet have a favorite blankie or toy? It will help your pet to have their favorite things in the safe place for them.

Your pet will use the blanket to burrow. Or play with the toys to pass the time. More than likely, they will want to hide anyway. Pets will be happier in their safe place just by having a nice hiding spot.

Treats also make everything better. You need to have those handy, too. Finally, check your pet often to help them to know you are right around the corner.

Check Pets Often

Pet owners need to make some time to check on your pet. This isn’t an issue. I know you worry about your pets’ well-being. All good responsible pet owners think of their pets during times of noise and clammer.

However, you need to be strategic when you check on your pets. Remember, your pets are thinking about fleeing away from the loud noise and danger. Therefore, you need to be sure you carefully enter the safe place in a way they won’t have the chance to escape.

So, keep the door of the safe place closed for the sake of your pet being scared enough to try to retreat. Don’t ever put it past your pets that they wouldn’t try to get away. They will is they are scared enough.

Therefore, you need to be super careful when checking your pet. It’s necessary to be sure your pet is ok. Comfort your pet and let them know everything is going to be ok.

Hey, remember those treats? Yep, now would be a good time to give them some treats.

Provide Yummy Treats

Yum! My pets love all treats! And when you bring them a treat as you check on them, they can really feel a lot better.

Some of my dogs’ favorite treat include Milk Bones, Bacon treats, and Pupperonis.

And my cat Pippa loves any and all kitty treats. Whatever kind of pet you have, love on them often and give them their favorite treats to help keep them safe from loud scary noises.

protect scared pets

Non-Pets Are Affected, Too

Even though pets are the focus of this post, I want to touch on other types of animals. Believe it or not-pets are affected, too.

While pets are usually thought of first, don’t forget about wildlife and livestock. If you have a place to lock up livestock, use your gut feeling to decide if this is a good idea or not.

There’s not much you can do about wildlife. I mean, that’s why they call them wildlife. They can find themselves a hiding spot. The worst that can happen is if they run through and ruin fencing. You’ll need to double check fencing to be sure it’s all good and tight to prevent later runaways of your livestock or pets.

All of this is important to think about before a series of loud noises arises to protect your property and your animals. Because  your pets and animals depend on you to keep them comfortable, fed and safe.

Pets Depend on You

It’s up to you as their human friend and companion to keep them feeling safe. Provide a safe place for them that is comfortable with their favorite blankets, pillows and toys.

Check on pets often while they are in their safe place. Don’t forget to bring them yummy treats for their tummies and love on them to help them know you’re right around the corner.

Finally, consult your veterinarian for some helpful medication to help calm your pet if loud noises results in too much fear and anxiety. Protect scared pets and keep them from running away by helping them feel comfy, secure and safe.

How to you protect scared pets from loud noises and storms? 

~ Much Love ~

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